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We can define the game as an activity of psychical or physical order thought to entertain and unproductive in the short term. The game entails expenditure of energy and material means, without creating any new wealth.

Education usually starts when a baby is born and lasts a lifetime. Education can start from before the baby is born as many people do by playing music and reading to babies in the womb in the hope that he can teach their baby before birth.

History is a field of knowledge, as well as humanitarian science, which studies human (his activity, condition, outlook, social relations, organizations, and so on) in the past.

Animals are a large group of multicellular, eukaryotic, heterotrophic organisms, classified in biology as the kingdom of Animalia. Animals swallow food and the veg is inside the body.

A gadget is a device that has a purpose and a specific function. The gadgets usually have a more ingenious than the current design technology.

At the beginning of the 18th century the word literature was used to refer to a set of activities that used writing as a means of expression.

The medical research is one that aims to generate new knowledge that will help the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in humans.

Consumer goods are goods that are manufactured and traded for private consumption. Unlike capital goods or raw materials, consumables and supplies provided for the production process, consumer goods serve primarily the private consumption.