Best Comics Publisher in India - Top 10 Indian Comic Book Publishers

The Indian comic is quite new and still somewhat diversified. Since the late 1960s, it has developed with adaptations of the Ramayana and the Mahābhārata, educational comics for children, comic strips and press cartoons, and finally adaptations of American superheroes. Despite the circulation of 100 million copies annually, comics in India are still largely dominated by American comics and local productions remain marginal.

The first Indian comic book author is Pran Kumar Sharma. In the early 1960s, in the newspaper Milap to Delhi he published the first Indian strip: Daabu. But this first experience was to remain unique in India in the 1960s, Indian newspapers publishing exclusively American and European strips in their pages. However, he created numerous strips during the 1970s, including the popular Chacha Chaudhary. Some of these strips are published in an album.

Below is the list of major Indian comics publishers. Please vote these comics books based on your preference, the comic book that made your childhood awesome.

1. Raj Comics

Raj Comics

Raj Comics is a Hindi language comics series published by Raja Pocket Books, Delhi. Raj Comics superstars are well-liked in India. Mainly Raj Comics is full of thrills and violence which teenagers love. The series of Raj comics Bankelal is comical unlike the rest of the series. Raj Comics' popular superhero Nagraj has strong fan following. From small children to older, they have been reading these comic books for the last several years. Like Marvel's superheroes, Nagraj too has a strong story from birth to becoming a superhero and he fights evil on the strength of his super powers.

2. Amar Chitra Katha

Amar Chitra Katha

Amar Chitra Katha, published by the Indian Book House, has been entertaining India since 1967, as well as teaching it ethics. The credit for starting these picture stories is given to Shri Anant Pai Ji. Mr. Dilip Kadam Ji, who has worked for Raj Comics and the late Mr. Pratap Mullick has also created art for Amar Chitra Katha. The main basis of Amar Chitra Katha was folk stories, history, mythological stories, biographies of great personalities, legends, etc. They have been translated into about 20 Indian and 10 foreign languages. Amar Chitra Katha dominated the country for almost 3 decades and still copies of these will be found in major book shops. In 2007 ACK Media took the rights to Amar Chitra Katha and in September 2008 they started a new website on Amar Chitra Katha. Amar Chitra Katha, which popularizes Indian comics and spreads the message through them to the common people, will always remain immortal.

3. Manoj Comics

Manoj Comics

Manoj Comics was once known for presenting the story of the king queen, dragon, fairies. It was a staunch opponent of Raj Comics and Diamond Comics. Along with Manoj Comics, Tulsi Comics has now been acquired by Raj Comics. All its characters are now intellectual property of Raj comics like Jambu, Angara etc. You will find Manoj and Tulsi comics on Raj Comics website or their mobile app.

4. Champak


Champak is a children's Hindi magazine which is fortnightly. The first edition of Champak was published in 1949. This magazine is published in 6 languages. This magazine is published by Delhi Press. Champak is a children's magazine, in which the characters of most of the stories are animals. Magical stories have no place in this magazine of Delhi Press located on Rani Jhansi Road of Jhandewalan area of New Delhi. Away from the fairy world, this magazine is also interested in printing stories related to animals as well as science. Its permanent cartoon column called 'Chiku' is a favorite character of all. In addition, a game called Champak Checkers is also published in it. Delhi Press presented a T-shirt to noted astronaut Kalpana Chawla on which Champak was written. After her death, her husband himself came to return this T-shirt to the Delhi Press.

5. Tinkle (Magazine)

Tinkle (Magazine)

Tinkle is an Indian monthly comic book magazine for school-age children published by India Book House. Both English and Hindi versions are published. The magazine has also been published in other local languages in India. Tinkle was founded and edited by Anant Pai, who has become nicknamed Uncle Pai by readers. He was also involved in the production of Amar Chitra Katha, the more popular Tinkle series. The first issue of the magazine was printed in 1980, and since then it has published more than 500 issues. The magazine includes comic books, illustrated educational packages, and short stories sent by readers. Tinkle's stories strive to be educational, but from a Western perspective their morale may be harder to understand. In addition to its readership, Tinkle has a large body of well-known supporters, including former Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Prime Minister of India. In addition to stories, the magazine usually has riddles (such as TTT - Tinkle Tricks & Treats), information about various animal species (Meet the "animal"), and articles on science and inventions.

6. Diamond Comics

Diamond Comics

Diamond Comics Private Limited is a comics book distributor and publisher division based in India. As Diamond Comics, the most important factor that has given place to Chacha Chaudhary, the popular Indian comics character. Diamond Comics has been publishing several foreign characters in India such as Phantom, Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, Mandrake and James Bond in Hindi. Diamond Comics also continues to publish popular Indian cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma's popular characters such as Chacha Chaudhary, Billu, Pinky, Raman, Shrimati Ji and Soni-Sampat in Hindi-English and other Indian territorial languages. The main characters of Diamond Comics like Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu (Chacha's trusted assistant and great friend who came from planet Jupiter), Beeni (Chacha's wife), Rocket (Chacha's pet dog), Raka (A dangerous robber who by chance is immortal by drinking extracts of nectar and becomes a threat to the whole of mankind), Gobar Singh (a dacoit), Dhamaka Singh (Gobar's friend), Billu, Gabdu (Billu's smartest friend), JoJi (Billu's girlfriend), Bajrangi Pahalwan (Billu's neighbor enemy), Colonel Three Nat Three (Joji's father who dislikes Billu) and Pinky, Daadi Ma, Champu, Jhafat Ji (Pinky's Uncle), Kitkit (Pinky's pet squirrel) is very famous.

7. Lotpot


There is a lot of entertaining information for the young children in the Lotpot comic, there are instructive stories that give the young little ones a good learning along with the story. There is a treasure of General Knowledge in Lotpot. In order to make the children's mind sharp, Lotpot has also included games, puzzles on their website. Keeping in mind the activity of children, Lotpot has also given a section craft in which children will keep making homemade things. Along with this, comics have also been added to Lotpot's website such as: Motu Patlu, Natkhat Neetu, Deva, Sheikh Chilli and Minni.

8. Tulsi Comics

Tulsi Comics

Tulsi Comics was an Indian comics publisher company in the past 80's, 90's and early 2000's, which used to be part of Tulsi Pocket Books. In the days of its Tulsi Pocket Books, it used to be a popular Hindi fiction publishing company in India and had built up a wide readership of its novels, though Tulsi comics was at an ever-higher level due to its low-grade stories. Could not achieve success, as other companies like Diamond Comics, Raj Comics and Manoj Comics set their standards and because of this year closed the company until 2004. On the other hand, the other reason for the failure of Tulsi comics has been to present their own produced stories in 2-3 parts, and they do not complete most single issue stories either. At the same time, in the readers of those days, most of them belonged to the child class, their pocket money was also very limited, and almost to the contrary, the readership was losing its popularity among the classes. However, as one of the longest stories of all time, the comics of the Jambu series went on for many years. The main characters of the Tulsi Comics are - Angara, Tausi (a shape-shifting snake), Jambu (a super genius robot), Yosho, Yoga, Baaz, Mr India, Shalu-Kalu, Detective Bharat, Mahabali Aakash/Major Rajesh.

9. Indrajal Comics

Indrajal Comics

Indrajal Comics is a series of comic books that started publishing in 1964. Its publisher is The Times of India, Bennett, Coleman & Company. First published in 32 Phantom Stories by Lee Falca. King Feature Characters was also featured in this publishing house. These are the major books published by Indrajal Comics:- The Phantom - Lee Falk, Mandrake - Lee Falk, Flash Gordon, Bus Sawyer, Mike Nomad, Kerry Drake, Grath, Bahadur - Indian comic hero (Abit Surti). Last issue #805 was released on 16 April 1990 (Volume 27 Number 8: Dhara: The Jazz of Treachery). It was discontinued by publishers for the 27th year since its publication.

10. Madhu Muskan

Madhu Muskan

Madhu Muskan is a popular weekly children's magazine published in Hindi. Madhu Muskan comics was started in 1972 by the publisher Goverson. The comic was headquartered in Delhi. It was published fortnightly and then weekly. Main characters are:- Daddy Ji, Babloo, Popat-Chaupat, Sustram-Chustram, Bhootnath Aur Jaadui Tulika, Minni, Manglu Madari Aur Bandar Bihari, Dakoo Paan Singh, Filmi Reporter Kalamdas, Chandru, Jasoos Chakram and Chirkut (his dog), Bharat Kumar, Aakashveer Shaktimaan, Jasoos Dalda.

11. Nutan Comics

Nutan Comics

Nutan Comics was an Indian comics published by Nutan Pocket Books in the late 1970s and 1980s. Meghdoot, Bhootnath, Chutki etc. were the main characters in Nutan comics. In the Nutan Comics, Meghdoot is a character who has gone on a space exploration and has interesting stories of the civilizations he meets in the same journey. By the way, Fouladi Singh was also a similar character in Diamond Comics. The main difference between the two was that Meghdoot was on a full journey and Fauladi Singh was out of the earth for some reason only. Nutan comics have many characters full of fun and laughter, in which Chhutki's name comes at the top. Like the cartoonist Pran's lovely and bubbly Pinky, Chutki managed to make an identity in the world of Indian comics with her short but funny stories. Chhutki's character is that of a small naughty girl, who has always been depicted wearing red frocks with yellow big dots. According to the Indian character, she has been made strangely yellow-haired. Anyway, the character and her stories are very funny.

12. Balabhumi (Comic Magazine)

Balabhumi (Comic Magazine)

Balabhumi is a children's publication in Malayalam released by Mathrubhumi Publications, the sister organization of Mathrubhumi newspaper. The first version was released in 1996. Type kids entertainers Comics is contained in a laghupustakaman, stories, kuttikkavitakal, etc.

13. Balarama (Comics)

Balarama (Comics)

Balarama is the most popular children's publication in Malayalam. MM is the sister company of Malayala Manorama newspaper. Publications are the publishers of this weekly publication.

14. Chandamama Magazine for Children

Chandamama Magazine for Children

Chandamama is a popular monthly magazine focused on children and youth, in which stories based on Indian folk tales, mythological and historical events are published. The magazine was founded in 1947 by noted filmmaker B Nagi Reddy of South India, his friend Chakrapani became the editor of the magazine. Nagi Reddy's son Vishwanath edits it since 1975. In March 2007, Mumbai-based software company Geodesic acquired the magazine group. In July 2008, the group started providing old issues of the magazine in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on its website. Chandamama is a well-known children's magazine. It is a children's magazine but also a favorite read by adults. Chandamama started in Madras in Telugu and Tamil in July 1947 and is now available in 13 Indian languages and two editions in Singapore, Canada and the US. Another reason for making Chandamama beautiful is quality printing. Reddy and his brother bienkondareddi (who include some of the films, served as Cameraman) running under the bienke Chandamama printing is done from scratch. Reddy, who ran most efficiently bienkepres "Moon" was published in the beautifully. Nagira Reddy first started using many new types of molding machines in the country. In this way, Chakrapani has successfully adapted "Chandamama" with "hardware" to "software". It was in this press that Nagira Reddy was introduced to the original Chakrapani. Chakrapani came to work on publishing Telugu translations of Sarat's Bengali novels.

15. Lion Comics

Lion Comics

Lion Comics is an illustrated magazine in Tamil, published by Prakash Publisher. Mutha Comics, Horror Comics, Mini Lion Comics, Junior Lion are all supposed to be related graphic magazines because they publish all books. Most magazines are translated from American and European drawings. Characters like Irony, Mayawi, and Archie are famous. In the 1970s, 80s and early 90s, Tamil drawing was on the rise. It was later ruined by the advent of television and cable television. Lion Comics continues to publish their books even though other Tamil graphic editors have stopped. The books, however, are not formally received. Meanwhile, Lion will release a collection for 18 collectors of the popular XIII story. With about 800 pages, the price is set at INR 200. Although the book was published in 2009, it was delayed and was published in September 2010. They have been released in the same story in quality paper, starting at Rs 2650 in the year 2019.

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