Best Country to Live in | Top Countries in the World - List & Ranking

Best Country in The World - List of Beautiful Countries to Live in

It lists the countries of the world, gives an overview, the nations of the world. There are also independent states in it. (Which are internationally accredited and those who have been denied), are settled, the territories, and the fields of special rulers. According to such inclusion norms, this list does not consider the term 'country' and 'universal nation' synonymous. As is often used in ordinary colloquial. Please keep in mind that the word 'country' is considered to be the most restrictive meaning in any particular circumstance and in certain languages.

This list covers all areas that come under the jurisdiction of the given countries, i.e. area, aquatic region (which also includes aquatic internal area and aquatic areas from the site), specific economic zones, continental shelf, and airspace.

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Norway is a constitutional monarchy that uses a system of parliamentary government. Its parliament, Stortinget, has 169 members (previously 165, then added 4 people on 12 September 2005) who were chosen for a 4-year term.

2. Iceland


Iceland is a sovereign country located in the northwest corner of Europe, whose territory covers the homonymous island and some small islands and adjacent islets in the Atlantic Ocean, between the rest of Europe and Greenland. Its capital is Reykjavik. It has a population of about 350,000 inhabitants and an area of 103,000 km². Because of its location on the Mid - Atlantic Ridge, is a country with highly active volcanic and geological, a factor that greatly affects the landscape of Icelandic territory. The interior of the country consists of a plateau characterized by deserts, mountains, glaciers and glacial rivers that flow to the sea through the lowlands. Thanks to the effects of the Gulf Stream, it has a mild climate in relation to its latitude and provides a habitable environment.

3. Denmark - Kingdom of Denmark

Denmark<span> - Kingdom of Denmark</span>

The Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark, is a country ruler of northern Europe and Scandinavia, whose metropolitan territory is located in the south of Norway, from which it is separated by the North Sea, to the west of Sweden, the Øresundacting as a natural frontier, and in the north of Germany, the only country with which it shares a land border. Its capital is Copenhagen. Denmark covers an area of 42924 km2, making it the smallest state in Scandinavia, but total area of 2210579 km2 including the Faroe Islands and Greenland. It had a population of 5.75 million in 2016. A mostly flat country, its territory is composed of agricultural areas and sandy coasts.

4. Switzerland - Swiss Confederation

Switzerland<span> - Swiss Confederation</span>

Switzerland, officially Swiss Confederation, is a landlocked country located in central Europe and that has a population of 8,500,000 inhabitants (2018). Switzerland is a federated republic of 26 states, called cantons. Bern is the seat of federal authorities, while the country's financial centers are located in the cities of Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lugano. Switzerland is the fourth richest country in the world, according to its GDP per capita, with US $ 83,718 (2011). Switzerland has one of the economies capitalists more stable, powerful and modern in the world, located in the top ten according to the Economic Freedom Index 2009. The nominal GDP per capita in Switzerland is higher than most of European economies, second only to Luxembourg. The purchasing power parity index (PPP) of Switzerland is among the fifteen best in the world. Switzerland's economy is the second most competitive in the world.

5. Finland - Republic of Finland

Finland<span> - Republic of Finland</span>

Finland, officially the Republic of Finland, is a country in Northern Europe with 5,518,371 (2017) inhabitants. Finland borders on Russia to the east, Norway to the north and Sweden to the northwest. To the south, it is separated from Estonia by the Gulf of Finland. To the west lies the Gulf of Bothnia and to the southwest the Baltic Sea on the other side of which lies neighbor Sweden. The capital is Helsinki. Finland is sometimes called 'the land of a thousand lakes', in reality there are approximately 188,000 lakes. The largest lake is Lake Saimaa. In the southeast the country is speckled with countless lakes and ponds. The country is a democratic republic with an elected president. The presidency of Finland lasts six years, plus a possible re-election of another six years, resulting in a maximum presidency of twelve years.

6. Netherlands - Kingdom of the Netherlands

Netherlands<span> - Kingdom of the Netherlands</span>

The Netherlands is one of the countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The majority of the Netherlands is in northwest Europe, on the North Sea. In addition to the European part, there are the three special municipalities in the Caribbean Sea, which are also referred to as the Caribbean Netherlands. The European Netherlands is bordered in the south by Belgium, along the east border by Germany and on the west and north by the sea. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, the government seat is The Hague. The Netherlands has a population of 17,084,719 (2017) and with an area of 41,543 km² a high population density of 411.3/km² (2017). More than 18% of the surface consists of water and a large part of the land and population is below sea level. The land is protected against the water through a system of dikes and waterworks. Polders have been created through land reclamation. Administratively, the country is divided into twelve provinces.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand, notable for its geographical isolation, is located about 2000 kilometers southeast of Australia in the Tasman Sea, and its closest neighbors to the north are New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga. Due to this long isolation, an endemic fauna dominated by birds developed in the country, many of which became extinct after the arrival of humans and mammals that they introduced without any control. Most of the New Zealand population is of European descent, Maori Indians are the largest minority. Asians and Polynesians are also significant minorities, especially in urban areas. Although it has three official languages the most spoken, by far, it is English.

8. Canada


Located at the north end of the North American subcontinent, it extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and north to the Arctic Ocean. It shares a border with the United States to the south, and to the northwest with its federated state Alaska. It is the second largest country in the world after Russia, and also the most northern. It occupies about half of the territory of North America. Because of its climate, it is one of the 15 countries with the lowest population density in the world, with approximately 4 inhabitants per square kilometer.

9. Australia - Commonwealth of Australia

Australia<span> - Commonwealth of Australia</span>

Australia has been inhabited for at least forty-six thousand years by Australian Aborigines. Their discovery would have occurred after the sporadic visits of Spaniards and Portuguese who explored the northern and western coast of Australia, although without advancing inland due to the small number of explorers. Scans initiated in the seventeenth century were continued by Dutch fishermen, explorers and traders Europeans. So far it is argued that the first to disembark on the eastern shores was the British navigator James Cook that arrived in 1769 to New Zealand and in 1770 to Australian lands. Due to this, the eastern half of the continent was claimed by Great Britain in 1770, and in 1788 a penal colony was established in New South Wales.

10. Sweden - Kingdom of Sweden

Sweden<span> - Kingdom of Sweden</span>

Sweden, officially Kingdom of Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe that is part of the European Union (EU). It is bordered to the north by Norway and Finland, to the east by Finland and the Gulf of Bothnia, to the south by the Baltic Sea and to the west by the North Sea and Norway. It has land borders with Norway and Finland, and is connected to Denmark by the bridge of Ersund. Its most populous city is Stockholm, which is also its capital. With an area of 450,295 km2, is the fifth largest country in Europe. In 2016, it had a total population of just over 10 million people, of whom 98% have Internet access, making it the country with the highest penetration of service in the world. It has a population density of only 22/km2, similar to other countries around it. About 84% of the population lives in urban areas. Swedes enjoy a high standard of living, with a non-hierarchical corporate organization and culture, and collectivist compared to their Anglo-Saxon counterparts. Nature conservation, environmental protection and energy efficiency are generally a priority in policy-making and are welcomed by much of the people. It maintains the Nordic model of well-being that provides universal health care and free tertiary education to its citizens, has the eleventh highest per capita income in the world, and ranks high in numerous human development measurements, including quality of life, safety, health, education, equality, and prosperity.

11. Costa Rica - Republic of Costa Rica

Costa Rica<span> - Republic of Costa Rica</span>

12. Israel - State of Israel

Israel<span> - State of Israel</span>

13. Austria - Republic of Austria

Austria<span> - Republic of Austria</span>

14. United States - United States of America

United States<span> - United States of America</span>

15. Germany - Federal Republic of Germany

Germany<span> - Federal Republic of Germany</span>

16. Ireland


17. Belgium - Kingdom of Belgium

Belgium<span> - Kingdom of Belgium</span>

18. Luxembourg - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Luxembourg<span> - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg</span>

19. United Kingdom - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

United Kingdom<span> - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland</span>

20. Chile - Republic of Chile

Chile<span> - Republic of Chile</span>

21. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

22. Czech Republic

Czech Republic

23. Argentina - Argentine Republic

Argentina<span> - Argentine Republic</span>

24. Brazil - Federative Republic of Brazil

Brazil<span> - Federative Republic of Brazil</span>

25. Mexico - United Mexican States

Mexico<span> - United Mexican States</span>

26. Singapore - Republic of Singapore

Singapore<span> - Republic of Singapore</span>

27. Malta - Republic of Malta

Malta<span> - Republic of Malta</span>

28. Uruguay - Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Uruguay<span> - Oriental Republic of Uruguay</span>

29. Guatemala - Republic of Guatemala

Guatemala<span> - Republic of Guatemala</span>

30. Panama - Republic of Panama

Panama<span> - Republic of Panama</span>

31. France - French Republic

France<span> - French Republic</span>

32. Thailand - Kingdom of Thailand

Thailand<span> - Kingdom of Thailand</span>

33. Taiwan - Republic of China

Taiwan<span> - Republic of China</span>

34. Spain - Kingdom of Spain

Spain<span> - Kingdom of Spain</span>

35. Qatar - State of Qatar

Qatar<span> - State of Qatar</span>

36. Colombia - Republic of Colombia

Colombia<span> - Republic of Colombia</span>

37. Saudi Arabia - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia<span> - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia</span>

38. Trinidad and Tobago - Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago<span> - Republic of Trinidad and Tobago</span>

39. Kuwait - State of Kuwait

Kuwait<span> - State of Kuwait</span>

40. Slovakia - Slovak Republic

Slovakia<span> - Slovak Republic</span>

41. Bahrain - Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain<span> - Kingdom of Bahrain</span>

42. Malaysia


43. Nicaragua - Republic of Nicaragua

Nicaragua<span> - Republic of Nicaragua</span>

44. Ecuador - Republic of Ecuador

Ecuador<span> - Republic of Ecuador</span>

45. El Salvador - Republic of El Salvador

El Salvador<span> - Republic of El Salvador</span>

46. Poland - Republic of Poland

Poland<span> - Republic of Poland</span>

47. Uzbekistan - Republic of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan<span> - Republic of Uzbekistan</span>

48. Italy - Italian Republic

Italy<span> - Italian Republic</span>

49. Russia - Russian Federation

Russia<span> - Russian Federation</span>

50. Belize


51. Japan


52. Lithuania - Republic of Lithuania

Lithuania<span> - Republic of Lithuania</span>

53. Algeria - People's Democratic Republic of Algeria

Algeria<span> - People's Democratic Republic of Algeria</span>

54. Latvia - Republic of Latvia

Latvia<span> - Republic of Latvia</span>

55. Moldova - Republic of Moldova

Moldova<span> - Republic of Moldova</span>

56. Korea, South - Republic of Korea

Korea, South<span> - Republic of Korea</span>

57. Romania


58. Bolivia - Plurinational State of Bolivia

Bolivia<span> - Plurinational State of Bolivia</span>

59. Turkmenistan


60. Kazakhstan - Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan<span> - Republic of Kazakhstan</span>

61. Northern Cyprus - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus<span> - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus</span>

62. Slovenia - Republic of Slovenia

Slovenia<span> - Republic of Slovenia</span>

63. Peru - Republic of Peru

Peru<span> - Republic of Peru</span>

64. Mauritius - Republic of Mauritius

Mauritius<span> - Republic of Mauritius</span>

65. Cyprus - Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus<span> - Republic of Cyprus</span>

66. Estonia - Republic of Estonia

Estonia<span> - Republic of Estonia</span>

67. Belarus - Republic of Belarus

Belarus<span> - Republic of Belarus</span>

68. Libya


69. Turkey - Republic of Turkey

Turkey<span> - Republic of Turkey</span>

70. Paraguay - Republic of Paraguay

Paraguay<span> - Republic of Paraguay</span>

71. Philippines - Republic of the Philippines

Philippines<span> - Republic of the Philippines</span>

72. Serbia - Republic of Serbia

Serbia<span> - Republic of Serbia</span>

73. Jordan - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Jordan<span> - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan</span>

74. Hungary


75. Jamaica


76. Croatia - Republic of Croatia

Croatia<span> - Republic of Croatia</span>

77. Kosovo - Republic of Kosovo

Kosovo<span> - Republic of Kosovo</span>

78. China - People's Republic of China

China<span> - People's Republic of China</span>

79. Indonesia - Republic of Indonesia

Indonesia<span> - Republic of Indonesia</span>

80. Pakistan - Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Pakistan<span> - Islamic Republic of Pakistan</span>

81. Venezuela - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Venezuela<span> - Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela</span>

82. Montenegro


83. Morocco - Kingdom of Morocco

Morocco<span> - Kingdom of Morocco</span>

84. Azerbaijan - Republic of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan<span> - Republic of Azerbaijan</span>

85. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

86. Greece - Hellenic Republic

Greece<span> - Hellenic Republic</span>

87. Lebanon - Lebanese Republic

Lebanon<span> - Lebanese Republic</span>

88. Portugal - Portuguese Republic

Portugal<span> - Portuguese Republic</span>

89. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

90. Honduras - Republic of Honduras

Honduras<span> - Republic of Honduras</span>

91. Macedonia - Republic of Macedonia

Macedonia<span> - Republic of Macedonia</span>

92. Somalia - Federal Republic of Somalia

Somalia<span> - Federal Republic of Somalia</span>

93. Vietnam - Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Vietnam<span> - Socialist Republic of Vietnam</span>

94. Nigeria - Federal Republic of Nigeria

Nigeria<span> - Federal Republic of Nigeria</span>

95. Tajikistan - Republic of Tajikistan

Tajikistan<span> - Republic of Tajikistan</span>

96. Bhutan - Kingdom of Bhutan

Bhutan<span> - Kingdom of Bhutan</span>

97. Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyz Republic

Kyrgyzstan<span> - Kyrgyz Republic</span>

98. Nepal - Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal

Nepal<span> - Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal</span>

99. Mongolia


100. South Africa - Republic of South Africa

South Africa<span> - Republic of South Africa</span>

101. Tunisia - Tunisian Republic

Tunisia<span> - Tunisian Republic</span>

102. Palestine - State of Palestine

Palestine<span> - State of Palestine</span>

103. Egypt - Arab Republic of Egypt

Egypt<span> - Arab Republic of Egypt</span>

104. Bulgaria - Republic of Bulgaria

Bulgaria<span> - Republic of Bulgaria</span>

105. Sierra Leone - Republic of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone<span> - Republic of Sierra Leone</span>

106. Cameroon - Republic of Cameroon

Cameroon<span> - Republic of Cameroon</span>

107. Iran - Islamic Republic of Iran

Iran<span> - Islamic Republic of Iran</span>

108. Albania - Republic of Albania

Albania<span> - Republic of Albania</span>

109. Bangladesh - People's Republic of Bangladesh

Bangladesh<span> - People's Republic of Bangladesh</span>

110. Namibia - Republic of Namibia

Namibia<span> - Republic of Namibia</span>

111. Kenya - Republic of Kenya

Kenya<span> - Republic of Kenya</span>

112. Mozambique - Republic of Mozambique

Mozambique<span> - Republic of Mozambique</span>

113. Myanmar - Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar<span> - Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma)</span>

114. Senegal - Republic of Senegal

Senegal<span> - Republic of Senegal</span>

115. Zambia - Republic of Zambia

Zambia<span> - Republic of Zambia</span>

116. Iraq - Republic of Iraq

Iraq<span> - Republic of Iraq</span>

117. Gabon - Gabonese Republic

Gabon<span> - Gabonese Republic</span>

118. Ethiopia - Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Ethiopia<span> - Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia</span>

119. India - Republic of India

India<span> - Republic of India</span>

120. Sri Lanka - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka<span> - Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka</span>

121. Armenia - Republic of Armenia

Armenia<span> - Republic of Armenia</span>

122. Mauritania - Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Mauritania<span> - Islamic Republic of Mauritania</span>

123. Congo - Democratic Republic of the Congo

Congo<span> - Democratic Republic of the Congo</span>

124. Congo - Republic of the Congo

Congo<span> - Republic of the Congo</span>

125. Georgia


126. Mali - Republic of Mali

Mali<span> - Republic of Mali</span>

127. Ivory Coast - Republic of Côte d'Ivoire

Ivory Coast<span> - Republic of Côte d'Ivoire</span>

128. Cambodia - Kingdom of Cambodia

Cambodia<span> - Kingdom of Cambodia</span>

129. Sudan - Republic of the Sudan

Sudan<span> - Republic of the Sudan</span>

130. Ghana - Republic of Ghana

Ghana<span> - Republic of Ghana</span>

131. Ukraine


132. Uganda - Republic of Uganda

Uganda<span> - Republic of Uganda</span>

133. Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

134. Niger - Republic of Niger

Niger<span> - Republic of Niger</span>

135. Malawi - Republic of Malawi

Malawi<span> - Republic of Malawi</span>

136. Chad - Republic of Chad

Chad<span> - Republic of Chad</span>

137. Zimbabwe - Republic of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe<span> - Republic of Zimbabwe</span>

138. Lesotho - Kingdom of Lesotho

Lesotho<span> - Kingdom of Lesotho</span>

139. Afghanistan - Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Afghanistan<span> - Islamic Republic of Afghanistan</span>

140. Angola - Republic of Angola

Angola<span> - Republic of Angola</span>

141. Botswana - Republic of Botswana

Botswana<span> - Republic of Botswana</span>

142. Benin - Republic of Benin

Benin<span> - Republic of Benin</span>

143. Madagascar - Republic of Madagascar

Madagascar<span> - Republic of Madagascar</span>

144. Haiti - Republic of Haiti

Haiti<span> - Republic of Haiti</span>

145. Yemen - Republic of Yemen

Yemen<span> - Republic of Yemen</span>

146. South Sudan - Republic of South Sudan

South Sudan<span> - Republic of South Sudan</span>

147. Liberia - Republic of Liberia

Liberia<span> - Republic of Liberia</span>

148. Guinea - Republic of Guinea

Guinea<span> - Republic of Guinea</span>

149. Togo - Togolese Republic

Togo<span> - Togolese Republic</span>

150. Djibouti - Republic of Djibouti

Djibouti<span> - Republic of Djibouti</span>

151. Abkhazia - Republic of Abkhazia

Abkhazia<span> - Republic of Abkhazia</span>

152. Andorra - Principality of Andorra

Andorra<span> - Principality of Andorra</span>

153. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

154. Artsakh - Republic of Artsakh

Artsakh<span> - Republic of Artsakh</span>

155. Bahamas, The - Commonwealth of The Bahamas

Bahamas, The<span> - Commonwealth of The Bahamas</span>

156. Barbados


157. Brunei - Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace

Brunei<span> - Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace</span>

158. Burundi - Republic of Burundi

Burundi<span> - Republic of Burundi</span>

159. Cape Verde - Republic of Cabo Verde

Cape Verde<span> - Republic of Cabo Verde</span>

160. Central African Republic

Central African Republic

161. Comoros - Union of the Comoros

Comoros<span> - Union of the Comoros</span>

162. Cook Islands

Cook Islands

163. Cuba - Republic of Cuba

Cuba<span> - Republic of Cuba</span>

164. Dominica - Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominica<span> - Commonwealth of Dominica</span>

165. East Timor - Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

East Timor<span> - Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste</span>

166. Equatorial Guinea - Republic of Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea<span> - Republic of Equatorial Guinea</span>

167. Eritrea - State of Eritrea

Eritrea<span> - State of Eritrea</span>

168. Eswatini - Kingdom of Eswatini

Eswatini<span> - Kingdom of Eswatini</span>

169. Fiji - Republic of Fiji

Fiji<span> - Republic of Fiji</span>

170. Gambia, The - Republic of The Gambia

Gambia, The<span> - Republic of The Gambia</span>

171. Grenada


172. Guinea-Bissau - Republic of Guinea-Bissau

Guinea-Bissau<span> - Republic of Guinea-Bissau</span>

173. Guyana - Co-operative Republic of Guyana

Guyana<span> - Co-operative Republic of Guyana</span>

174. Kiribati - Republic of Kiribati

Kiribati<span> - Republic of Kiribati</span>

175. Korea, North - Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Korea, North<span> - Democratic People's Republic of Korea</span>

176. Laos - Lao People's Democratic Republic

Laos<span> - Lao People's Democratic Republic</span>

177. Liechtenstein - Principality of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein<span> - Principality of Liechtenstein</span>

178. Maldives - Republic of Maldives

Maldives<span> - Republic of Maldives</span>

179. Marshall Islands - Republic of the Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands<span> - Republic of the Marshall Islands</span>

180. Micronesia - Federated States of Micronesia

Micronesia<span> - Federated States of Micronesia</span>

181. Monaco - Principality of Monaco

Monaco<span> - Principality of Monaco</span>

182. Nauru - Republic of Nauru

Nauru<span> - Republic of Nauru</span>

183. Niue


184. Oman - Sultanate of Oman

Oman<span> - Sultanate of Oman</span>

185. Palau - Republic of Palau

Palau<span> - Republic of Palau</span>

186. Papua New Guinea - Independent State of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea<span> - Independent State of Papua New Guinea</span>

187. Rwanda - Republic of Rwanda

Rwanda<span> - Republic of Rwanda</span>

188. Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

189. Saint Kitts and Nevis - Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis<span> - Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis</span>

190. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

191. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

192. Samoa - Independent State of Samoa

Samoa<span> - Independent State of Samoa</span>

193. San Marino - Republic of San Marino

San Marino<span> - Republic of San Marino</span>

194. Seychelles - Republic of Seychelles

Seychelles<span> - Republic of Seychelles</span>

195. Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

196. Somaliland - Republic of Somaliland

Somaliland<span> - Republic of Somaliland</span>

197. South Ossetia - Republic of South Ossetia–the State of Alania

South Ossetia<span> - Republic of South Ossetia–the State of Alania</span>

198. Suriname - Republic of Suriname

Suriname<span> - Republic of Suriname</span>

199. Syria - Syrian Arab Republic

Syria<span> - Syrian Arab Republic</span>

200. São Tomé and Príncipe - Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe

São Tomé and Príncipe<span> - Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe</span>

201. Tanzania - United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania<span> - United Republic of Tanzania</span>

202. Tonga - Kingdom of Tonga

Tonga<span> - Kingdom of Tonga</span>

203. Transnistria - Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic

Transnistria<span> - Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic</span>

204. Tuvalu


205. Vanuatu - Republic of Vanuatu

Vanuatu<span> - Republic of Vanuatu</span>

206. Vatican City - Vatican City State

Vatican City<span> - Vatican City State</span>