Most Funniest Character From Office Office TV Serial - Which Office Character Are You?

The number of shows that have been telecast on TV has been closed so far, but few of the closed shows are those whose names are still remembered. And there are some shows that even today people want to see telecast again on TV. One such show was 'Office Office.' In 2001, a comedy serial aired on SAB TV called 'Office-Office'. People liked the story of the serial and its actors so much that in a short time it became the first choice of the viewers. People were great fans of this show. The amazing thing is that the main character of this show 'Mussaddilal' is still remembered by the people. The storyline of 'office-office' and its characters are still in people's minds, which is not easy to forget. Mussaddilal was the character that is on people's minds till date. Actor Pankaj Kapoor, who plays this character, is one of the few Bollywood actors who is remembered only for his acting.

The serial was based on the life of a common man, who keeps going around the government office for his household chores. People used to associate the character of this show with Mussaddilal himself. Along with giving a serious message to the society, this program also used to make people laugh. Perhaps this was the reason that at the time of the show no one from the house made the mistake of changing the channel. At that time, this serial used to show the office life of people doing government jobs. In every episode of this, a message was given to the common man for the society while struggling with different difficulties.

Although all the characters of this serial were very funny, but who did you find the most enjoyable character among them, vote and tell. Below is the office office serial cast, which office character are you?

1. Mussadi Lal (Pankaj Kapur)

Mussadi Lal (Pankaj Kapur)

Pankaj Kapoor played the character of Mussaddilal in this show. Mussaddilal was a man who was strongly against corruption. In such a situation, corrupt officers often harass him. The biggest feature of Pankaj Kapoor's acting was that he could look very simple. So plain that every viewer feels that he has seen Mussaddilal somewhere. Mussaddi had many problems, but he never cried nor got angry. He was angry, but his resentment did not come as tears, but as stinging words.

2. Patel (Deven Bhojani)

Patel (Deven Bhojani)

Noted actor Deven Bhojani appeared in the show as Mr. Patel. Deven also directs with acting. Deven was the director of the 2017 film Commando 2.

3. Shukla (Sanjay Mishra)

Shukla (Sanjay Mishra)

Sanjay Mishra, who played the character of 'Paan Wale Babu' Mr. Shukla in the show, was well liked by the people. Even Mr. Shukla used to buy his paan with bribe money. Sanjay Mishra is one of the most popular stars of Bollywood today. Sanjay Mishra's comedy audience likes it a lot.

4. Tina Sharma (Eva Grover)

Tina Sharma (Eva Grover)

Eva Grover is an actress in Hindi and Marathi Theater and films. By the way, Eva Grover, who plays Tina Sharma, was less visible than others in the office office serial. He has also acted in many TV serials along with films.

5. Bhatia (Manoj Pahwa)

Bhatia (Manoj Pahwa)

Manoj Pahwa played Mr. Bhatia, a corrupt officer in the show. To make them work, you had to pay them a considerable amount. Bhatia ji's comic timing was very amazing when he came to get his work done in the office and asked for samosas from Mussaddilal. Manoj has also been a part of more than 45 Bollywood films.

6. Ushaji (Asawari Joshi)

Ushaji (Asawari Joshi)

Asawari Joshi played a female officer named Usha in the show. Usha was a woman who got everyone to do her work. For anyone who has come to work in the office, Usha used to get him to do her housework, like cutting vegetables, knitting sweaters. Aswari is currently active in Bollywood and Marathi films. Usha looks beautiful even today.

7. Pandey Ji (Hemant Pandey)

Pandey Ji (Hemant Pandey)

In the show, Hemant Pandey played the role of Pandey ji who did not do any work without taking bribe. If someone called him 'Pandey' instead of 'Pandey Ji', then he considered it bad. Hemant is currently active in films as well as TV serials and theater.

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