Best Airlines in the World - List of Top Airline With Good Business Class Reservations

An airline is a company dedicated to the transport of passengers or cargo and in some cases, animals by plane. The world of airlines is complex. There are companies that are dedicated to transport passengers and cargo on a regular basis, while there are also other companies that transport their customers or groups of customers in the timely manner agreed between them. These last companies are called "charter".

In the case of airlines that are dedicated only to cargo like FedEx, operate with a fixed flight schedule, others operate as appropriate to the customers who hire them. Some airlines have been dedicated to the transport of animals, as happened in Kentucky, United States, from where operated one that was dedicated to transporting horses for international horse racing events.

Many airlines have shareholding in the local government, they are the so-called "flagged" or "flag lines" that generally have the monopoly of local flights. Some countries, such as Japan, have more than one "standard bearer" in the case of Japan All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines. For some countries, having a national airline has been very expensive, such as Nigeria (Nigeria Airways), the Dominican Republic (Dominican Aviation, Dominican ATA), Peru (Peruvian Airlines, AeroPerú), TAME in Ecuador, Venezuela where Viasa operated and Avensa faced economic problems as a substitute for Viasa. A "flag line" does not necessarily have to be a fully public company, being mixed companies where the State maintains a high participation, for example the case of Aerolíneas Argentinas, in which the State owned around 10% of the shareholding before its re-nationalization.

Many flag airlines have been privatized and the market has been liberalized. This has led to the emergence of alternatives to traditional airlines, as has happened among other sites in Spain, where Iberia was privatized and competitors such as Air Europa, Spanair and Air Plus Comet emerged. It is also the case of Peru with the airline Peruvian Airlines, where the air market was until a few years ago dominated by Lan Peru and now there are many competing companies. However, in certain countries despite the liberalization of air transport traditional companies maintain a situation of absolute dominance of the market, as is the case of Avianca in Colombia, Air France in France, LAN Airlines in Chile or Alitalia in Italy and due to the aggressive policies they employ, the scarce competition they have tends to disappear. Another flag airline was Viasa in Venezuela, but it was privatized in favor of Spanish company Iberia, which dismantled the company. Now, the Venezuelan State has decided to bet on Conviasa, which gradually expects to position in the national and Ibero-American air market. Similarly, the airline Aeropostal, recently nationalized, and the nascent SBA Airlines that aims to accelerate its integration into the Latin American market with service across Europe.

In general, airlines can be classified according to the size of the network of routes they operate and their frequencies:

Regional airlines: operate medium and low capacity aircraft, on short routes or with low demand, or with high frequencies. Generally they only carry out local and rarely international flights, for example we can mention Alaska Central Express, Alpine Air Express, etc. Most low-cost airlines are included in this group.

Network Airlines: They operate a large fleet with many types of aircraft of various sizes, from small regional aircraft to jumbos for transcontinental flights. They are characterized by a network that combines long haul flights flying from medium and short distance, depending on the model of hubs. Most of the flag and traditional airlines are included in this type.

Large-scale airlines: They are mainly dedicated to long-duration flights or high density flights between the main international airports in the world, and in some cases they cover destinations on each of the continents, with the exception of Antarctica. Its fleets are characterized by having large capacity aircraft. Examples are Emirates, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines, Avianca Virgin Atlantic, LAN Airlines (now LATAM) or the former BOAC.

It is difficult to classify many airlines in a specific group, since according to their evolution they could belong to several. Many large-scale or network carriers franchise their brand to regional airlines to cover their local flight network, especially with planes of less than 100 seats.

CityLine Hungary
CityLine Hungary Ltd. is a Hungarian airline specialized in the transport of freight and based at the international airport of Budapest Ferihegy. Since 2009, the airline has been operating passenger flights from Milan Malpensa Airport (Italy) to tourist destinations with a Boeing 737-200.
Airest (AS Airest) is a Estonian airline that started in January 2002, operating regular cargo flights and passenger charter flights on the Tallinn - Helsinki route, since 2002 for UPS as the only UPS link with Estonia.
Copenhagen AirTaxi
Copenhagen AirTaxi is a Danish airline based in Roskilde. The airline operates scheduled flights, charter flights (taxi flights) and also a flight school. The company also makes aerial photography and flies with advertising banners. The company also sells and rents out aircraft.

4. Orange Air

Orange Air is a defunct American charter airline that began service in 2014. The airline was based at Orlando Sanford International Airport and was headquartered on the grounds of the airport.
Pacific Wings Airlines was a regional airline of the United States of America headquartered in Dallas, operating in the field of regular and charter passenger traffic at airports in Hawaii.

6. Hong Kong Airlines

Hong Kong Airlines Ltd., IATA: HX is an airline based in Hong Kong, with headquarters in Tung Chung and its main hub at the international airport of Hong Kong. This airline was founded in 2006. Based in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Airlines network currently covers nearly 30 regional cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Sanya, Bangkok, Bali and Okinawa. Their current fleet of passenger aircraft consists of 25 aircraft, which include three Airbus A330-300s, nine Airbus A330-200 and eight A320s, with modern flight entertainment systems and an average age of 3 years in February 2015. Their cargo fleet consists of five Airbus A330-200F.

7. LOT Charters

LOT Charters is a Polish charter airline based in Warsaw and a subsidiary of LOT Polish Airlines. It was founded in 2009 and operates charter flights on behalf of tour operators. LOT Charters has not had its own fleet since 2015, after the last Boeing 737-400 was handed over to its parent company, and since then planes have been used by the same company. In the meantime, the fleet comprised six machines of this type.

8. Trans States Airlines

Trans States Airlines was a United States regional airline headquartered in Bridgeton, Missouri. The company ranks 13th in the list of all regional carriers in the country and operates flights under the partnership agreements with United Airlines - under the brand name) United Express and US Airways - under the brand US Airways Express. Trans States Airlines was founded in 1982 under the name Resort Air and operated under a code share agreement with Trans World Airlines, performing passenger flights from a transit hub at Lambert St. Louis International Airport under the trans World Express brand. In 1989, the airline changed its name to the current Trans States Airlines.

9. PrivatAir

10. Badr Airlines

11. KLM

12. Raya Jet

13. Hawaiian Airlines

14. City Airways

15. LC Perú

16. Payam Air

17. Prams Air

18. ChallengeAero

19. GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes

20. Boliviana de Aviación

21. Olympus Airways

22. Comlux Middle East

23. Culebra Air Services

24. Superior Aviation

25. Coyne Airways

Coyne Airways was founded and began operating in 1994. Initially, they specialized in charter flights to the Commonwealth of Independent States (most of the former republics of the Soviet Union). In 1997, they initiated scheduled cargo flights to the Caspian Sea, to Baku, and later also to Tbilisi, Aktau, Atyrau and Uralsk. From December, this region is served by Boeing 747-400F from London Stansted and Cologne to Tbilisi, from where smaller aircraft deliver cargo in the region.

26. AviaSelva

27. PAL Express

28. Guinea Ecuatorial Airlines

29. Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines

30. Loong Air

31. LATAM Perú

32. Republic Express Airlines

Republic Express Airlines (PT Republic Express) is a cargo airline based in Indonesia and owned by the RPX Group. The airline flies the cities of Jakarta, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Makassar, Singapore and Surakarta. Since 1985, RPX has a license from Federal Express to operate in Indonesia. Republic Express Airlines was founded in 2001 by PT Repex Wanhana. The company is part of RPX holding, an extensive transport and logistics company. Republic Express Airlines operates scheduled flights to: (summer 2007) Balikpapan, Jakarta. The fleet of Republic Express Airlines consists of: (December 2007) 1 Boeing B737-200C.

33. Stewart Island Flights

34. Wamos Air

35. Thomas Cook Airlines

36. CHC Helikopter Service

37. Nuevo Continente

38. Jetstar Asia Airways

39. La Costeña

La Costeña is a regional airline based in Managua, Nicaragua, which operates daily connections with: Tegucigalpa, Corn Island, San Carlos, Bluefields, Bonanza, Ometepe, Rosita, Puerto Cabezas, Siuna and San Juan de Nicaragua. The airline started in November 1999 and has 140 employees (September 2011). It was part of the Taca Group and later this group was acquired, for the most part, by the Avianca Group, becoming a strategic Alliance called AviancaTaca. In 2012 it was announced that the Taca brand would change its name to Avianca. Currently, the group of airlines that make up Avianca Holding make it the second largest and most important airline in Latin America, making a presence in the vast majority of the countries of the American continent and the European continent.

40. Helitours

41. Airpink

42. Air Manas

43. Wings Air

44. Kenn Borek Air

45. L-3 Flight International Aviation

46. Nova Airline

47. Vietnam Helicopter Corporation

48. APSA - Líneas Aéreas Peruanas S.A.

49. Alidaunia

50. Bearskin Airlines

51. Croatia Airlines

52. STP Airways

53. Fly Tiwi

54. SaudiGulf

55. Transportes Aéreos Cielos Andinos

56. Grand China Air

57. Fly All Ways

58. Warbelow's Air Ventures

59. Germania

60. Transwest Air

61. European 2000 Airlines

62. Trigana Air Service

63. Nordstar

64. Helicópteros de Guatemala

65. AirMed International

66. Greenlandair

67. TAB - Transportes Aéreos Bolivianos

68. Jordan International Air Cargo

69. Ryanair UK

70. Gowair Vacation Airlines

71. Adlair Aviation

72. Air Dolomiti

73. Dornier Aviation Nigeria

74. Island Birds

75. Pakistan International Airlines

76. Exploits Valley Air Services

77. Virgin Atlantic International

78. AirSWIFT

79. Aigle Azur

80. Med-View Airline

81. Southern Air

82. Flair Airlines

83. Air Cairo

84. Air Vanuatu

85. Cardig Air

86. Bluebird Airways

87. Emirates SkyCargo

88. TACV

89. Trans Guyana Airways

90. Skymark Airlines

91. Twinjet

92. North Star Air

93. SriLankan Airlines

94. Swift Air

95. Arcus-Air

96. Air Somalia

97. Island Express Air

98. Utair

99. Philippine Airlines

100. Portugália Airlines

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