Copenhagen AirTaxi

Copenhagen AirTaxi is a Danish airline based in Roskilde. The airline operates scheduled flights, charter flights (taxi flights) and also a flight school. The company also makes aerial photography and flies with advertising banners. The company also sells and rents out aircraft. The airline owns the airport at Anholt.

Copenhagen Air Taxi has scheduled flights between Roskilde, Anholt and Læsø. The company flies several different round trips with Roskilde as the starting point. The company's flight school is the School of Civil Pilot Education. The school offers traffic and private pilot training.

The airline was established in 1961. For scheduled flights, the company uses Partenavia P 68 and Britten Norman Islander BN-2B aircraft. For school flights and others, aircraft of the types TB 9 Tampico, TB 10 Tobago, TB 20 Trinidad, Cessna 172 and Piper Seneca II CA 34 are also used.

Accidents:-- February 23, 1999 a school plane crashed with a teacher and a student at Ringsted. Both died.- In June 2002, an aircraft with eight people crashed during departure from Anholt. One person was more easily injured, no one died.- August 6, 2004, an aircraft crashed into the sea at Solrød Strand near Copenhagen. All four died.


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