The Most Powerful Superhero Ever | Top 10 Ranking

The Most Powerful Superhero of all Time | Top 10 Strongest Superheroes Ranking

A superhero is a fictional character that appears frequently in comics, movies and television series. The hero with super powers or other special characteristics and capabilities. Super heroes have the ability or supernatural powers above the average human, wear distinctive and striking clothes and distinctive names, and are described as helpers for the weak in eradicating evil.

The following is the list of the most powerful superhero in the universe. Please vote and suggest.

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1. Superman


Superman is said to be the last inhabitant of the fictional planet Krypton in the remote universe, whose real name is Kal-El, which his scientific father Jor-El launches to Earth by rockets when his planet Krypton begins to devastate. Here on earth he is adopted by a farmer couple from Kansas, who is raised as Clark Kent, and learns a very deep moral education. During this time, he becomes aware of his inhuman powers, then at the adult age he also takes a vow to support humanity in the secret form of Superman. Superman's residence and workplace take place in the fictional city of Metropolis in the US. Then as Clark Kent, he works as a journalist in the Daily Planet, from where newspapers for the metropolis are published. Superman's love interest is with his reporter Louis Lane, and Lex Luthor is his arch enemy. He is also a member of a superhero organization called Justice League. Like other characters in the DC comics world, he has been coined with Superman as an alternate from time to time. Superman is now widely considered a symbol of American culture.

2. Hulk


The Hulk was created after nuclear physicist Robert Bruce Banner was accidentally exposed to a high dose of gamma rays from an experimental bomb he created. Since then, when Bruce gets excited, he turns into the Hulk: his muscles become more powerful and swell, such that he rips out of his clothes. However, his intelligence drops to the level of a five-year-old. His skin also turns green, although he was sometimes depicted gray to avoid offending ethnic groups. The Savage Hulk is extremely strong, but not terribly smart. He has the average intelligence of a young child and no self-control at all. The Hulk's primary trait is its colossal strength. He throws out tanks like paper airplanes. He can also jump hundreds of meters high and far. His power level also increases as he gets angrier, so there is no technical limit to his power. He was once able to smash an asteroid twice the size of Earth to rubble and break the armor of the villain Onslaught. The Hulk hardly feels extreme pain, because his skin is nearly impenetrable. It can easily withstand the impact of heavy projectiles.

3. Shazam


Captain Marvel, also known as Shazam, is an adult form of a boy named Billy Batson. Which has superhuman strength, speed, flight and many other abilities and powers. Shazam is also known as "The World's Mightiest Mortal" (the most powerful mortal in the world). Captain Marvel is actually Billy Batson, a homeless 12-year-old boy who earns some extra money as a newspaper deliverer. One day he is led by a mysterious man to a subway tunnel, where he ends up in the hideout of the wizard Shazam. This gives Billy the power to transform into the superhero Captain Marvel. To do this, Billy must call out the wizard's name. This name is an acronym for the first letters of six mythological characters where Captain Marvel power of gets: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury. When Billy says the name out loud, he is hit by a magical lightning that turns him into Captain Marvel. By saying the word again he can change back.

4. Thor


Thor is a prince and the strongest of the Asgardians, he is noble, arrogant and confident. Outside of combat, Thor is an honorable and loyal individual to his comrades. Thor is the Norse god of thunder and lightning. Like all Asgardians, he is not immortal, but it does have an exceptionally long life of several millennia. Thor is the strongest of the Asgardians and one of the few who can compete with the Hulk. In addition, Thor has a degree of invulnerability, superhuman speed and reflexes. Aside from his super powers, Thor is also a master of the martial arts with many centuries of experience. He has learned to use various weapons including the hammer and sword. Thor also possesses two items that can aid him in combat: a special belt that doubles his strength and his mystical hammer Mjolnir. More recently, Thor inherited Odin's power that made him as powerful as his father. He also gained the powers of the Runes that allowed him to free Asgard from the Ragnarok cycle. Thor's most famous weapon is his thunder hammer Mjolnir. The hammer, which most closely resembles a sledgehammer, is forged from the fictional metal Uru.

5. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is actually Diana, princess of the Amazons from Greek mythology. Her mother is the Amazon Queen Hippolyta. She received various superhuman powers and weapons from the Olympian gods. She is often described as "beautiful as Aphrodite, smart as Athena, faster than Hermes and stronger than Hercules". Wonder Woman has a great number of powers. She is superhumanly strong and fast, and has superhuman stamina. These forces come from a mystical connection she has with Earth. Physically Wonder Woman is one of the strongest heroes in the DC Universe. She can even hold her own against Superman. However, it is not completely invulnerable and can be injured by bullets or other weapons. She can heal very quickly from these injuries, as well as from diseases and poison. Since the story Crisis on Infinite Earths, she has the ability to fly. Wonder Woman is also immune to most magical weapons and attacks, and has extensive experience fighting magical opponents. Wonder Woman is also known as one of the best warriors in the Amazons. She is a master of armed and unarmed combat. She uses a special fighting technique that is only practiced by her people. Therefore it is very difficult to beat. In addition to strength, Wonder Woman has also received wisdom from the gods. She is therefore a master strategist.

6. Goku


Son Goku is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise created by Akira Toriyama. He first appeared in the manga chapter Bulma and Son Goku which was first published on 3 December 1984 in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It is usually based on Sun Wukong, a central character in his journey to the west. However, Toriyama changed some of its features to give it a more realistic look. Goku was introduced as a peculiar, monkey-tailed boy who knows martial arts and possesses supernatural powers. As the story progresses it unfolds as Sayans, a cosmic fantasy community, called the most powerful warriors in the fantasy world. In addition to his unmatched strength and exceptional stamina, through continuous training, Goku has acquired many powers. He also has extremely high speed, reflexes and explosive energy drawn from chi. As a child, Goku has acquired a magical force that proceeds at his behest and returns.

7. Hercules


Hercules was the name in Roman mythology of the hero of Greek mythology Heracles, being a metathesis of the Greek name. He was the son of Jupiter, the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus, and the mortal Alcmena. He carried out twelve great works, called The Twelve Works of Heracles and was deified. The Spartans adopted the Greek version of his life and works without essential changes, but added anecdotal details of their own, some of them relating the hero to the geography of the western Mediterranean.

8. Deadpool


Deadpool is a high-tech mercenary known for his witty remarks and dark humor. Deadpool was originally an enemy of the New Mutants and later X-Force. Deadpool has artificially acquired superhuman healing power. Since Deadpool was suffering from cancer at the time the treatment took place, this connected with its healing power so that the cancer is now in fact its healing power. However, it also caused his skin to be severely mutilated. The healing power also causes his brain cells to continuously regenerate, making Deadpool immune to the powers of telepaths such as Professor X and Emma Frost. As a byproduct of the treatment, he also has increased strength, stamina, reflexes and flexibility. In addition to its physical perks, Deadpool is an absolute master assassin and mercenary. He is an expert in various forms of armed and unarmed combat. His favorite weapons are swords because he prefers to fight his enemies one on one, but when he hasn't had his day, he sometimes uses firearms. He always carries a small arsenal of experimental and high-tech firearms and swords. Deadpool is a very skilled shooter. He has a personal teleportation device, often located in his belt. This device was made by Weasel, and is used by Deadpool to teleport itself out of, and often into, tricky situations.

9. Quicksilver


Quicksilver's original mutant power is that of super speed. His average responses are on average 5x faster than that of an ordinary person. Originally capable of running at supersonic speed. His brain also processes information at top speed, so that it can still perceive its surroundings well even at high speeds. In fact, Quicksilver is known for breaking the sound barrier and maintaining that speed for hundreds of miles. It is not known exactly how long he could run at this speed. Quicksilver can easily dodge bullets and create cyclone-like gusts by running in circles at lightning speed. Quicksilver could even walk up walls at a 90 degree angle and run over water. Quicksilvers body is fully adapted to these super speeds. His cardiovascular and respiratory systems were many times more efficient than those of normal people. He metabolized about 95% of the energy from calories, where a human uses only about 25%. The chemical processes of Quicksilver's body were also much more efficient, so that his body did not store toxins and waste products, the normal by-products of intensive exercise, in the muscles. Instead, these were removed from his body through breathing. For this reason, Quicksilver almost never needs to rest.

10. Jean Gray

Jean Gray

Jean Grey is a mutant born with great telepathic and telekinetic powers. In addition, she is one of the few Omega-level mutants, and the embodiment of a cosmic creature called the Phoenix. Jean Grey is an Omega-level mutant, one of the strongest mutants in the universe. She is the embodiment of the immortal being the Phoenix. This dual personality gives her almost unlimited telepathic and telekinetic powers. When her powers first began to develop, Jean Grey was unable to control her telepathic powers, so Professor X forced them to shut them down through a mental block. In his school, Jean learned to control her other power, telekinesis. In her early days with the X-Men, she only had access to that power. Jean Grey is considered one of the strongest mutants out there. Her power surpasses that of many other mutants with telekinetic or telepathic abilities, including Professor X. Jean's telepathic powers allow her to mentally communicate with others, read thoughts, influence a person's decisions, manipulate memories, take an astral form. or even make someone brain dead through mental attacks. She is also one of the few mutants who is even able to mentally communicate with animals.