In general entertainment can be in the form of music, film, opera, drama, or even in the form of games or sports. Traveling can also be said as an entertainment effort by exploring nature or studying culture. Filling out activities in leisure time such as making crafts, skills, reading can also be categorized as entertainment. For certain people who have a workaholic nature, work is entertainment compared to silence. In addition there are entertainment venues or night clubs as places to unwind, generally in the form of restaurants or restaurants equipped with hotels and entertainment facilities such as music, karaoke, opera. Some also provide games such as billiards to gambling facilities. For certain circles, gambling is considered as entertainment or a means of disposing of bad luck. In addition, in some countries there are also night clubs intended for family gatherings which are certainly different from the nightclub clubs in general. Entertainment often provides pleasure and laughter. At certain times or contexts, there are also serious additional goals. For example, various forms of celebrations, religious festivals, or satires.