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Top 10 Most Powerful Monsters

A monster is a generic term for a dangerous or disfigured-looking creature. It can refer to a mythical creature as well as to a dangerous real-life animal and, metaphorically, to an inhuman or mutant. The word comes from the Latin monstrum, which in turn is derived from monere (to warn).In ancient times many kinds of monsters were known, such as the Medusa and the Serpent of Lerna. The Middle Ages saw the rise of the dragon and the basilisk, monsters that were strongly inspired by existing animals and believed to have been created by the devil. Stories of travellers from the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance were often interspersed with monsters, which dwelt in the sea, such as the Kraken and the Loch Ness Monster.Sometimes large, dangerous animals are referred to as monsters. This fate also sometimes befalls a Komodo dragon. An animal whose name indicates it is a monster is the gila monster. In reality, however, this is a lizard.Below is a list of some scariest monsters, vote which is your worst nightmare.Tags: Strongest Monster, Most Powerful Creatures, Most Craziest Mythical Creatures
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1. Godzilla


Godzilla, a terrifying demon who is in a hibernation. What will happen if this 385 feet high, 90000 ton heavy giant wakes up? Godzilla is a giant, destructive, sea monster whose heart weighs about 600 tons. This monster awakened and empowered by nuclear radiation, needs at least 20,00,000,00 calories per day to live. Godzilla is described as a giant dinosaur with rough, thick, grayish skin, a long, powerful tail, and stegosaurus-like dorsal plates shaped like flames or maple leaves that glow when ready to release its atomic breath.

2. King Kong

King Kong

King Kong is a giant gorilla that lives on Skull Island. Kong has massive muscle power. He is able to lift a 5 ton tyrannosaurus with ease (even with 1 arm). He can throw cars and split the jaws of a tyrannosaur and even break chains of chromed steel. King Kong is capable of lifting 40 tons. The Japanese version of King Kong is even stronger. This version of King Kong is almost completely invulnerable to any kind of firearm, and his strength is unparalleled. Also, the King Kong from many stories has the ability to manipulate electricity. He can make himself stronger with electricity, and even use electricity as a weapon.

3. Dragon


A Dragon is a snake-like hybrid creature from mythology, in which characteristics of reptiles, birds and predators are combined in different variations. it has two hind legs, two front legs, two wings and a long tail. Dragons are often winged and can throw fireballs out of their mouths when angry. Their body is like a giant snake and in front there are two legs like a lizard. The shape and appearance of a dragon vary by tradition. A dragon is often depicted with the body of a snake or a crocodile, claws, sometimes the head of an eagle, lion or falcon and with bat wings. In ancient legends, dragons are often described as creatures living in caves. Sometimes they are also described as guarding a large treasure.

4. Werewolf


It is said about the Werewolf that it is actually a human who is capable of transforming into a wolf. A common man can become a wolfman by being himself or due to a curse or due to the bite of some other wolf human. This change is often associated with the full moon. Werewolf can change shape whenever they want. The transformation usually takes place against one's will, usually at a full moon plus one or more nights before and after. The ransformation is usually very painful. when change happens the bones of the werewolf break, grow and heal. The muscles adapt to the new skeleton. The organs adapt in such a way that they can function for the new body. The werewolf gets a full coat. The transformation lasts from 20 minutes to an hour and a half, but sometimes also until sunrise. The transformation takes a lot of energy. Therefore, after its transformation, the werewolf will be very hungry and will only want to feed on meat. Once the werewolf has fed, it will drink and then go to sleep. In its sleep, the werewolf will return to its human form.

5. Bogeyman


The bogeyman does not have any specific appearance as it is a popular legend about a person who wore a robe and would never show his face, and is sometimes compared to real-life people like the serial killer Albert Fish. The term bogeyman can be used metaphorically to denote a person or thing towards which someone feels an irrational fear. Bogeyman tales vary by region. In some places the bogeyman is masculine, in others feminine. The most common concept is that of a popular character characterized as someone who scares children: it is usually a monster that lurks in bedrooms (for example, behind the door, inside the closet, or under the bed), places in which he hides before attacking the sleeper. It is also said that sometimes, the bogeyman takes the form of the thing that most terrifies the victim.

6. Dinosaur


Those lizards of history who ruled this earth for 250 million years. Their extinction can be called the good fortune of mankind. That's because if it were alive on this earth today, we might not be alive. Dinosaurs evolved in the Triassic period and died out in the Jurassic period. Dinosaurs are the largest and most dangerous creatures of all the creatures that have evolved on this earth till date. Some of these giant lizards were as high as 40 feet and up to 80 feet long. From this you can imagine how huge they were. The most dangerous dinosaur T-Rex was up to 23 feet high and 37-45 feet long. Its weight was up to 12 tons. Researchers consider it to be the largest carnivore among living organisms on land. Its jaws were so strong that it could generate 13000 pounds of force from its jaws at a time.

7. Alien


In terms of monster, Aliens means people living on other planets. The arrival of aliens has been going on on this earth since mythological times. Not only coming and going, but their spiritual and material relations have also been with the people here. They have been a master of extraordinary powers, riding in special aircraft, astonishing the people of this world with their distinctive behavior and style. Their amazing powers include being beyond time limits, being proficient in energy transformation (manifested and invisible anywhere) on which the quest has now begun.

8. Yeti


The Yeti, a supposed giant primate in the Himalayas, akin in appearance to the hypothetical Bigfoot of America, is still considered a myth by science. However, this is not the case among the locals, who are convinced that it exists. In 2008, a Japanese research group headed by scientist Yoshiteru Takashi, leader of the Japanese Yeti project, toured the Dhaulagiri IV high mountain region for forty-two days, recording alleged footprints of about 45 cm in length of the elusive primate. A large nocturnal animal that can walk on two legs, of variable color, always solitary except when looking for a partner or during breeding, being very feared for its great strength by the inhabitants of the area, since it has caused many deaths.

9. Zombie


A Zombie is an undead body of a human being, but sometimes also an animal that has somehow risen from the dead. The way this is done can be very different. Often a supernatural power such as voodoo or magic is the cause, but in recent popular culture a failed scientific experiment or a virus can also turn a corpse into a zombie. The zombie's appearance is often that of a rotting corpse or damaged body. However, in Caribbean folklore, zombies retain more of their humanity. These zombies seem to be just absent or inanimate humans. The zombie in the voodoo tradition makes an absent-minded impression on other people. He does not respond to his own name, does not answer questions, shows no emotions and moves slowly. The zombie is enchanted and only obeys his master. His master is pretty much the only one who can communicate with the zombie by giving him commands.

10. Dracula


Count Dracula is described as a cruel and evil being, with great powers and abilities. Van Helsing describes this mythical being as of great strength, comparable to that of twenty men, as well as a deep and superhuman intelligence and wisdom, sharpened over several centuries. Dracula usually appears calm and polite, but that is only to give others a false sense of security. If his plans are disrupted, he can become quite angry. Some of Dracula's main powers are: Turn others into vampires by biting them, immortality, rejuvenation, fly, see in the dark, climbing walls, transform into a wolf, bat, dog etc., dominate animals at will - wolves, foxes, bats, owls, rats, moths (limited power), produce, dominate, and fade into storms and fog, exit or enter anywhere, disappear and appear (although with certain limitations), change of shape and size.

11. Vampire


The Vampire is a type of revenant who is one of the great legendary creatures from mythologies where the worry of the afterlife and the mystery of the blood are combined in various ways. The vampire is neither alive nor dead. His condition is often described as undead. In most stories he sleeps in a coffin during the day. Vampires age less rapidly than humans. if a vampire doesn't drink blood for too long, it will age much faster than humans. There are also stories that suggest that vampires don't age at all and forever retain the age they had when they became a vampire. A vampire has some supernatural powers, such as exceptional muscle strength, great speed, exceptionally good hearing, a good nose, extremely fast reflexes, the ability to hypnotize or make someone think what the vampire wants, shape-shifting (preferably into a bat, but also into a wolf or fog), and sometimes they have the power to manipulate the weather. A vampire also has the power to command animals. These powers are meant to seduce and overpower its prey. vampires can fly. They are often very agile and can make very high jump.

12. Mummy


Mummy, the human corpse wrapped in bandages, which come to life as a result of a curse or spell and begin to threaten people. Mummies, understood as the body of the deceased, secured against decay, have fascinated people for a long time. The fact that the dead bodies did not decompose for many centuries gave it an atmosphere of mystery and horror. The deceased looked as if he had just finished his life and could rise at any moment. Mummies are commonly found in horror films as dead human wrapped in bandages. The curse of the mummy is said to have taken place was when Pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb was opened. Many who invaded the tomb died within a short time.