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The list of horror films gives a overview of productions shot since the beginning of film history in this genre. The list is ranked by the user's votes as best movie. When using it is to be noted that a large part of the listed films overlaps with related genres in the field of fantasy such as science fiction, fantasy and mystery, but also with genres such as crime film and comedy. It's a list of the most horrific horror films in the serial. Often here it can be judged especially in horror and other genres (including, movies, action, thriller, and science fiction films). This horror film list will be even more prosperous. The list below includes Bollywood, Hindi, Hollywood, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other Horror movies. Please vote up your favorite movies, or vote down that movie you dislike.

Film Story:- It was April 3, 2018, when Ellen Taper Leigh died at the age of 78. Her daughter Annie describes her at the memorial service as secretive and as a person who revealed nothing of her inner life or her fears. Annie is married, and together with her husband Steve and the children Peter and Charlie, they live in a wooden house at the edge of the forest...
Story: In a house in the village of Grantham in Virginia, the police find three bodies, which were apparently brutally murdered. A fourth unknown dead woman is found half buried in the basement of the house. Sheriff Burke orders an autopsy of the unknown young woman that same night and brings the body to the local coroners, where Tommy Tilden and his son Austin work in the basement of their home. Although Austin had a date with his girlfriend Emma for the evening, he helps his father to autopsy the unknown body.
On the way to vacation, Michael, his wife Margaret and their daughter Debbie pass by a secluded house. There they are received by Torgo, a satyr who seems little pleased with the presence of strangers. Nevertheless, the family stays overnight. When a loud howl sounds, her dog runs away and is found dead a ...

4. The Sentinel

5. Quarantine 2: Terminal

6. Lobos de Arga

7. Higanjima

The Abbott family was forced to live in silence after mysterious creatures who hunted soundly threatened their lives.

9. The Crime of Dr. Crespi

10. Zombie High

11. Dead of Night

12. The Devil's Rock

13. Terror-Creatures from the Grave

14. Don't Go in the Woods

15. Children of the Corn: Runaway

16. Insidious: The Last Key

17. 30 Days of Night: Dark Days

18. Rabies

19. The Last House on the Beach

20. Flesh Feast

21. The Rapture

22. Monster Dog

23. Voodoo Woman

24. The Midnight Hour

25. The Rage

26. Slender Man

27. Scared Stiff

28. It's Alive!

29. Versus

30. The Werewolf

31. The Kiss of the Vampire

32. TerrorVision

33. The Black Waters of Echo's Pond

34. I've Been Waiting for You

35. Vampire's Kiss

36. Hush

37. The Ring

38. Black Rainbow

39. The Bewitched Inn

40. Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter

41. Python II

42. Cold Prey

Cindy and Lucy are two 18-year-old girls who are about to leave their small town (Allburg) to attend university. To celebrate, they will perform a kind of initiation rite of...

44. Twins of Evil

45. House of Wax

46. The Cave

47. Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp

48. Lisa and the Devil

49. L'assassino è ancora tra noi

50. The Hills Have Eyes Part II

51. Zapatlela 2

52. Tales from the Crapper

53. Dark Floors

54. Pari

Pari: Not a Fairytale is a horror film of Bollywood that was released on 2 March 2018. The production of the film started the 13 of June of 2017. It is the third production of Anushka Sharma with its production company Clean Slate Films.

55. Sabrina

Sabrina (2018) is a movie streamable on Netflix. Movie plot is - A man who is the toy manufacturer and his wife are terrorized by a devil after their orphaned niece tries to call her late mother's spirit. Third in the Doll films.

56. The Nun

On a dark night in 1952, two terrified nuns visit the catacombs of their abbey in Saint-Carta, Romania. After opening a sinister door on which are engraved the words - Finit hic deo, one of the nuns disappears in the darkness...

57. Veronica

The film, set in 1991, revolves around the life of 15-year-old Verónica. She lives together with her mother and her three siblings, the twin couple Lucia and Irene and the youngest, Antoñito, in an apartment in the working class neighborhood of Vallecas in Madrid. Her father died...
The baby and husband of Sarah Winchester, heiress of the Winchester rifle company, die suddenly. Because of this, she believes she is cursed by all the death caused by the rifles, so she goes to a medium, who advises her to build a house in San Jose, California, which should never be finished, so that returning spirits can not find it.
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