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The romance film is a film genre characterized by arguments portray constructed events and characters related to the expression of love and romantic relationships. The romantic cinema focuses on the representation of a love story of two participants, which goes through the main stages of the conception of love such as courtship and marriage.

This cinematographic genre frequently explores key elements in the popular conception of love, building its argument from situations such as love at first sight, chronologically discordant love (love between a person of young age and a person of mature age), love tragic, destructive love, passionate sexual love, homo, erotic, love and impossible love. The romantic cinema is characterized by portraying a love story or the search for love as the main argument of the film, supporting situations outside the main argument that would hinder the continuity of love between the couple who starred in the plot of the film. Loving obstacles include the perception of an impossible love, infidelity, the love incompatibility, the love-hate, the illness, the money, the social discrimination and the intervention of people who try to end the love of the couple.

Romantic cinema constitutes the audiovisual adaptation of love in words or the literary love of the romance novel. One of the first film works considered romantic cinema was the 1896 short film by William Heise, Der Kuss (The Kiss), this short film starring May Irwin and John Rice showed images of both actors giving each other a kiss on the lips.

With the entrance of the 20th century, love became popular on screens. The theme of love between two people was marketed and new film titles that portrayed love during the first three decades of the twentieth century in the silent film period began to emerge. Some silent film titles that included love as main plot were Camille (1915) directed by Albert Capellani, Intolerance (1916) directed by David Wark Griffith, Male and Female (1919) directed by Cecil B. DeMille, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921) directed by Rex Ingram, The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) directed by Wallace Worsley and The Garden of Eden (1928) directed by Lewis Milestone.

Romantic cinema gained great popularity with the arrival of sound films, which allowed a greater understanding of the audience and an increase in the complexity of film production. Beginning in the 1930s, new sound films began to be produced (usually based on existing novels) that began to have greater complexity because they included more extensive dialogues and music that accompanied the film's environment. Some notable titles of the decade of the 30's and 40's include: Chained (1934) directed by Clarence Brown, Camille (1936) directed by George Cukor and The Philadelphia Story (1940) directed by George Cukor. In the 1930s a subgenre of romantic cinematography flourished, the romantic comedy with exponents such as: It Happened One Night (1934) and Bringing Up Baby (1938).

In the 50's when the romantic cinema reached its peak during the film production of the golden age of Hollywood. This period is the time in which new genres of romantic cinema appeared and developed, such as the romantic thriller, chick flick, romantic comedy and romantic drama.

On Valentine's Day, Joel Berish (Jim Carrey), as usual, got ready to go to work, but at the last minute, standing at Long Island Station, he decided that he needed to change the route, and got on the train from Montok to Rockville Center. In the train, he meets a blue-haired girl, Clementine Kruchinski (Kate Winslet)...
Elle Evans (Joey King) is a 16-year-old high school student who has tried but has never been kissed, for the fundraiser Elle and Lee decide to put a post of kisses without imagining that they would end up kissing Noah (Jacob Elordi)...

3. Lootera

This year is 1953. Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha) lives with her landlord father (Barun Chanda). Her father keeps her in his strict supervision. Varun (Ranveer Singh) comes in her life. He tells himself an archaeologist.
Qin Feng (Ge Yu) returns from the United States to his homeland, where he wants to find himself a - modern outside, old fashioned inside. But among all, he only likes the beautiful Liang (Shu Qi), who loves a married man...
It's about two secret agents, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, falling in love with the same woman played by Reese Witherspoon.

6. The Goodbye Girl

7. Autumn in New York

8. The Prince and Me

9. Warm Bodies

10. Management

11. Take Me Home Tonight

12. Return to Me

13. Sleeping with Other People

14. The Bounty Hunter

15. Bad Sister

16. Heartbreakers

17. Across the Universe

18. Mungaru Male

19. The Heartbreak Kid

20. Devdas

21. The Queens

22. Imagine Me & You

23. Boomerang

24. In the Mood for Love

25. Fools Rush In

26. Hello, My Dolly Girlfriend

27. Monster-in-Law

28. Angel Eyes

29. Tin Cup

30. Sorry, I Love You

31. Dil To Pagal Hai

32. Safe Haven

33. Admission

34. Doc Hollywood

35. Couples Retreat

36. Baby Boom

37. What Women Want

38. The Twilight Saga

39. Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat

40. Friends with Kids

41. South of the Clouds

42. Someone Like You

43. Tristan & Isolde

44. No Strings Attached

45. Love's Whirlpool

46. Crazy New Year's Eve

47. Nights in Rodanthe

48. Midnight In Paris

49. Don Jon

50. Bobby

51. Trouble in Paradise

Doris Attinger tries to shoot her faithless husband Warren, who cheats on her with Beryl Caighn. The Bonn couple learn about it the next morning from the newspaper. Adam Bonner is a...

53. Confessions of a Shopaholic

54. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

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