This Means War is a US action romantic comedy by director McG from the year 2012. It's about two secret agents, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, falling in love with the same woman played by Reese Witherspoon.

Story:- After a failed order in Hong Kong against the internationally wanted criminal Karl Heinrich, the two CIA colleagues and best friends FDR Foster and Tuck Henson are transferred to the office. Since there is not much to do there, Tuck gets to know attractive and likable Lauren through a dating portal. However, FDR meets independently of Tuck Lauren in a video store. When the friends find out that they are both promoting the same woman, they decide to make it into a competition that Lauren knows nothing about.

Lauren meets both men several times independently of each other, with their competitors abusing technology and intelligence personnel to gain an advantage. Lauren gets more and more pressure. However, when Karl Heinrich enters the US to take revenge on FDR and Tuck, who are responsible for the death of his brother, the two must confess to Lauren that they have known each other for a very long time. When they want to leave a restaurant, Karl Heinrich and his men suddenly appear and a chase begins, at the end of which Karl Heinrich is killed. In the process, Lauren is put into a life-threatening situation in which she has to decide for her true love, and her choice falls on FDR.

Background:- The film The Anger was already planned years before the actual start of production, initially with Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock in the lead roles. However, the project did not materialize. In the following years, the script was further developed and considered various actors for the lead roles. The role of Tuck Henson was also offered to the actor Sam Worthington. However, after this refused, Tom Hardy took over the role.

The film was originally scheduled for release on February 14, 2012 in Valentine's Day, in the United States. However, the production company 20th Century Fox postponed the official launch date to 17 February 2012, as this should avoid competition with the romance drama Love Forever (The Vow). Instead, the film was on February 14, 2012 listed in about 2000 cinemas as a surprise premiere. In Germany the film was released on March 1, 2012 in theaters.

Reviews:- "A career low point for all three of his loveable stars. That gives trouble is loud, cumbersome written and neither romantic nor funny." - Rotten Tomatoes

"Trying to please all viewers, the film is stumbling heavily. The cartoonish, in some details but inappropriately hard action scenes, barely fit into the story and seem like a mere concession to the male audience. Original gags are in short supply. For the finale, the sloppy script makes it very easy and loses credibility to the rest." - Louis Vazquez: Bayerischer Rundfunk

"Two superspyes are beating around a woman and the audience enjoys it. Simple as This Means War to describe and that works because director McG and his author duo never try to make it a lot more. Skilfully combining the genres of action and romantic comedy into an extremely entertaining film" - Björn Becher: Filmstarts

Awards:- John Paul Ruttan received a nomination for the Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Actor in a supporting role.

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This Means War
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