The sport is a regulated activity, typically competitive nature, which can improve fitness one of the practitioner, and also has properties that distinguish it from the game.

The Royal Spanish Academy, in its Dictionary of the Spanish language, defines sport as a "physical activity, exercised as a game or competition, whose practice involves training and compliance with norms", also, in a second meaning, broader, such as "recreation, hobby, pleasure, fun or physical exercise, usually in the open air." On the other hand, the European Charter of Sport defines it as: "All forms of physical activities that, through organized participation or not, aim at the expression or improvement of the physical and mental condition, the development of social relations or the obtaining of results in competition of all the levels".

Institutionally, for an activity to be considered a sport, it must be supported by administrative and control structures that are responsible for regulating it (sports organizations). The fact that some activity is not institutionally recognized as a sport does not prevent it from being popular, as in the case of rural sports or alternative sports.

Most of the definitions of sport define it as "physical activity", but there are activities of low or no physical exercise that are considered as sports by associations such as the IOC, for example chess, or sports shooting, since it is thought that the concentration and mental abilities necessary to excel in them require a good physical shape or the visit of crowded places like the professional athlete Miguel Moreno, a reference in this modality. On the contrary, there are strenuous physical activities that are not a sport, because they do not comply with other elements of the definition.