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Who is the Best Boxer in the World | Top Boxers Ranking

Boxing, or pugilistics, is a tactical martial art where ring insight, coordination of feet, eyes and hands, and fitness are central. Two opponents try to score points by hitting each other on the right hits, or winning on a knockout (KO, for example). This can be achieved by single shocks or a combination of different shocks, the direct impact, the uppercut and hook. Power is needed as much as pure speed to hit an opponent both quickly and hard. In addition to traditional men's boxing, women's boxing championships are also held. Here is the list of world's greatest boxers of all time. Please vote up your favourite boxer to come up in the boxer list, or vote down to the boxer whom you dislike for some reason.

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Joseph Louis Barrow, known as Joe Louis, was an American boxer born on May 13, 1914 in LaFayette, Alabama, and died on April 12, 1981 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He holds the longest reign as world heavyweight boxing champion, having stayed for 11 years and 8 months. He retired 1st March 1949 and gives up his title without having tasted defeat in a World Championship. He was considered the biggest puncher in boxing history according to Ring Magazine in a ranking established in 2003.

2. Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Marvelous Marvin Hagler

Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. was a sportsman boxer of US. Considered one of the best in the history of the sport, elected as The Sportsman of the Century by the American magazine Sports Illustrated in 1999.

William Harrison Jack Dempsey was an exceptional American boxer who held the title of world champion heavyweight between 1919 and 1926. Dempsey's aggressive style and destructive power made him one of the most popular boxers in boxing history. Agile, strong and rather aggressive, Dempsey used hard combinations and blows to undermine his opponents, who were not often taller than himself.

Michael Gerard Tyson aka Malik Abdul Aziz is a professional boxer and former heavyweight champion. Tyson is one of the most feared boxer for brutality. He went in and out of the children's prison and was expelled from school. He was later pulled out of the bad boy's school by the famous boxing coach, Cus D'Amato, because he saw the potential and talent that existed in Michael Gerard Tyson.

Oscar De La Hoya is a former American professional boxer who has retired. He won a gold medal in 1992 Barselona Olympics. De La Hoya came from a boxer family. He was named the 1995 Fighter of the Year by Ring Magazine. After retiring in 2009, Oscar founded Golden Boy Promotions, a promotion firm for world boxers.

7. Félix Trinidad

Félix Trinidad

Jack Johnson, nicknamed Galveston Giant was an American boxer, who at the height of the Jim Crow era became the first African American heavyweight boxing champion (1908-1915). for more than thirteen years, Jack Johnson was the most prominent and most famous African-American on Earth.

Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino professional boxer and politician. Pacquiao is the first and currently the only professional boxer in the history of boxing worldwide, who became the recognized boxing champion in seven weight classes. He is considered one of the best boxers of all weight classes. The US magazine Time took him in 2009 for the first time in its ranking of the 100 most influential people on.

Sugar Ray Robinson (Walker Smith Jr.) was a professional boxer born in Ailey, Georgia, United States. Recently he was named the best boxer in the world. Robinson competed in the welterweight and middleweight classes. He was awarded the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990.

11. Willie Pep

Willie Pep

Joseph Billy Frazier, also known as Joe Frazier was an American boxer. Frazier, nicknamed Smoking Joe because of his smoking habit, won a gold medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. On February 16, 1970, Frazier won the WBC and WBA world titles for the first time after winning a TKO over Jimmy Ellis. Joe Frazier finally succumbed to cancer which gnawed at his heart. The death of Joe Frazier at the age of 67 caused sadness in the boxing world because it happened just a short time ago from the announcement he had cancer.

13. Larry Holmes

Larry Holmes

14. Max Schmeling

Max Schmeling

Unlike other heavyweight champions, Marciano took his personal life without any scandal. He died of a plane crash on the eve of his 46th birthday. Marciano is one of the greatest boxing history legends.

16. Sonny Liston

Sonny Liston

Sugar Ray Leonard, whose real name is Ray Charles Leonard a former American boxer. He was an Olympic and professional champion and was away for three years due to an operation on his left retina after winning both world titles in the mid-career and midfield categories. Returned in 1987 and won the title in three categories: medium, super and medium heavy. His record was: 40 fights, 36 wins, 25 by knockout, 3 losses, 1 draw.

18. Thomas Hearns

Thomas Hearns

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (Floyd Joy Sinclair (born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) was a boxer nationals of the United States. From July 18, 2005 to June 2, 2008 he was rated by Ring magazine as the number one boxer in the world. Mayweather has won six world boxing championships in five different weight classes, he is a former WBC middle class champion, a title he left in his retirement.

Evander Holyfield is a former American professional boxer and both undisputed heavyweight and cruiserweight world champion. He is the only boxer in history to become a heavyweight world champion four times (WBA, WBC, and IBF in 1990, WBA and IBF in 1993, and WBA in 1996 and 2000). He is a former WBA, WBC and IBF Cruiserweight World Champion, as well as former WBC, WBF, four-time WBA and three-time heavyweight IBF heavyweight champion.

21. Trevor Berbick

Trevor Berbick

22. Wladimir Klitschko

Wladimir Klitschko

23. Shane Mosley

Shane Mosley

24. Alexis Argüello

Alexis Argüello

25. Archie Moore

Archie Moore

26. Benny Leonard

Benny Leonard

27. Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins

28. Carlos Monzón

Carlos Monzón

29. Ezzard Charles

Ezzard Charles

30. Floyd Patterson

Floyd Patterson

31. Gene Tunney

Gene Tunney

Foreman was known as a boxing world champion twice who was considered one of the greatest boxers in history. He had won gold at the Mexico Olympics in 1968 and began plunging into professional boxing in 1969. Foreman became the oldest boxer in history who succeeded in becoming a heavyweight world champion (45 years).

33. Harry Greb

Harry Greb

Henry Jackson Jr. was a professional American boxer and world champion, who fought under the name of Henry Armstrong. He is universally recognized as one of the best boxers of all time by many critics of this sport and other professional fighters.

35. Jake LaMotta

Jake LaMotta

36. James Toney

James Toney

37. Jersey Joe Walcott

Jersey Joe Walcott

38. Jimmy Wilde

Jimmy Wilde

39. Joe Calzaghe

Joe Calzaghe

40. Joe Gans

Joe Gans

41. Juan Manuel Márquez

Juan Manuel Márquez

Julio César Chávez is a former Mexican professional boxer. He won his first 87 bouts in a row, 75 of them by K.O., And thus achieved an unrivaled record in professional boxing. He is a former WBC super featherweight world champion, former lightweight WBC and WBA lightweight world champion, as well as a former IBF and two-time WBC light welterweight champion.

43. Ken Norton

Ken Norton

44. Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis

45. Marco Antonio Barrera

Marco Antonio Barrera

46. Michael Spinks

Michael Spinks

47. Mickey Walker

Mickey Walker

48. Pernell Whitaker

Pernell Whitaker

Roberto Durán is a former boxer from Panama. He began his professional career in 1968 at the age of 16 and played his last fight in 2001 at the age of 50, making his career one of the longest in boxing. He punched every year, except in 1985 and 1990. During his career, he won five world titles in four weight classes and defeated, inter alia, Jorge Fernando Castro, Iran Barkley, Sugar Ray Leonard, Esteban de Jesús, Ken Buchanan and Davey Moore.

Roy Levesta Jones Jr. is a former Russian - American professional boxer and former world champion in five weight classes Cruiserweight, middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight. From 1989 to 2003 Jones was considered almost invincible and the best boxer in the world

51. Sam Langford

Sam Langford