Joe Louis was a heavyweight boxer. He has won the heavyweight boxing championship in the world. Joe Louis, known as Brown Bomber, broke his boxing record and retained 25 victory titles. Joe Louis was at the level of professional boxing in 1934. At that time, he showed a style and skill rarely seen in the boxing world. He won in his first 27 battles. Of all the battles, four of them won knockouts. At the beginning of his career, he defeated several heavyweight boxers such as Stanley Poreda, Natie Brown and Rosco Toles. Ten years after his arrival in Detroit (1935), Joe Louis won the Golden Gloves at the light weight level. After the victory, he won twelve battles in the first year. Then, on June 25, 1935 he fought with former heavyweight champion Primo Carnera and won the fight in the sixth round. Next, he defeated Max Bear in the fourth round.

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Joe Louis
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