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The game of "board game" is a game in which counters or coins are kept, removed or run according to some rules on the pre-marked board. The board game is usually a mental game, or depends on luck, or both. The game is based on a strategy, opportunity or a combination of both, and is usually based on a goal, which each player wants to achieve. There are records of board games for about 5000 years in civilizations like Egypt and Mesopotamia. Although it is difficult to date what was or what were the first games of humanity, Mancala game is presented as one of the oldest, with over 7000 years of existence. They were very popular in Greece and Rome from where they spread throughout Europe and then to America.

Board game is very famous in all classes, whether it be kids, elderly, women or men, everyone likes to play it. Board games are considered as family games. In which the members of the house interact together and enjoy this game. There will be some board games that have been played a lot in your home.

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The Carrom is played on a square wooden board with holes in its four corners. It can play two, three or four players. In addition, a red or queen carrom is used, 9 white and 9 black Carrom men. There is a large striker that each player has to push the slings in one of the holes on the four corners of the carrom board. It originated in the Indian subcontinent.

2. Chess


Chess is an intellectual and entertaining game played between two players. Some unknown person gave this game to the intellectuals of the world in the fifth or sixth century. It is believed that this game is essentially the invention of India, whose ancient name was 'Chaturanga', which went UAE to Europe through India and then became popular and famous in the 15th - 16th century.

3. Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders

The game of Saanp Seedhi is a game played on board. This game is very popular among children. It was invented in India. In India it was called 'Mokshpatam' or 'Param Padam'. Earlier it was used to teach children the basic principles of Hindu religion. The British named it 'Snakes and Ladders'. It is believed that Saint Gyaneshwar had invented it during the thirteenth century. But according to some sources, its roots go up to the second century BC.

4. Ouija


Ouija board or witches board is a flat surface wood with letters, numbers or other symbols on it and a movable gauge is placed. It was created to be used as a method of necromancy or communication with spirit, consider followers of spiritism as an aid to contact spirits.

5. Checkers


Draughts is very ancient game. Its ancient name is Checkers. This was a very favorite game of Greek and Roman people. Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that the pictures of the board of this game have been seen in many places in Roman's historic buildings.

6. Monopoly


Monopoly is a board game based on the exchange and purchase of real estate (usually inspired by the names of the streets of a certain city), nowadays produced by the American company Hasbro of Rhode Island. Monopoly is one of the best-selling commercial board games in the world.

7. Ludo


The Ludo is a board game for children, bringing together two to four players. The goal is to have the four pawns go around the circuit and bring them home before the other players. The Ludo is a descendant of Pachisi and Parcheesi.

8. Scrabble


The Scrabble is a board and word game where the objective is to collect points on the basis of random letters prints, creating words on a square grid. Scrabble is very popular with family and friends, but also on the Internet. It is also practiced in clubs and in competition.

9. Pictionary


Pictionary is a famous board game created by Robert Angel that consists in guessing a word through a drawing made on paper. The player or team guessing more words or phrases wins.

10. Travel Go

Travel Go

Travel Go is a fun board game, based on worldwide tour, which was manufactured by Waddingtons Ltd from 1961 onwards.

11. Quoridor


Quoridor is a strategy game for two or four people by Mirko Marchesi. It appeared in 1997 in various countries by the game publisher FX Schmid, Gigamic and the Great American Trading Company. The game was awarded in 1997 with the Mensa Select, a prize awarded annually by the American Mensa to five board games.

12. Personal Preference

Personal Preference

13. Fanorona


14. Mexica


15. Timberland


16. Castle Panic

Castle Panic

17. Wari


18. Game of the Goose

Game of the Goose

19. Gipf


20. Die Macher

Die Macher

21. Princes of Florence

22. Take the Galaxy

23. I'm the Boss!

24. Pandemic

25. Buccaneer

26. Ashta Chamma

27. American Megafauna

28. Sentinels of the Multiverse

29. Ingenious

30. Ra

31. Inkan aarre

32. Masterpiece

33. Crash! The bankrupt game

34. Stock Ticker

35. Onyx

36. Dead of Winter: A Cross Roads Game

37. Journey through Europe

38. Ghettopoly

39. Polarity

40. The Farming Game

41. Dungeons & Dragons

42. Anti-Monopoly

43. Totopoly

44. Tsuro of the Seas

45. Bul

46. Vinci

47. Space Alert

48. Guess Who?

49. Bezzerwizzer

50. Rithmomachy

51. Space Hulk

52. Chicken Cha Cha Cha

53. The Kids of Catan

54. Battlestar Galactica

55. GridIron Master

56. RoboRally

57. Blood Bowl

58. Operation

59. Farlander

60. Twister

61. Mouse Trap

62. Stratego

63. Chapayev

64. Space Hop

65. Race for the Galaxy

66. Kamisado

67. Hex

68. Liu po

69. Strange Synergy

70. Rappakalja

71. Trouble

72. Battle Sheep

73. Australia

74. Puerto Rico

75. Subbuteo

76. Sáhkku

77. Zingo!


79. Flibbix

80. Twilight Struggle

81. Battleship

82. Buckaroo

83. Doom: The Boardgame


85. Summit

86. Hanabi

87. Small World

88. Splendor

89. Outrage!

90. Ricochet Robots

91. History of the World

92. Quarto


94. Merchant of Venus

95. Qin

96. Bookchase

97. Bang!

98. Okey

99. Risk 2210 AD

100. Don't Wake Daddy

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