The company is the place where production activities occur and the gathering of all factors of production. Every company is registered with the government and some are not. For companies registered with the government, they have a business entity for their company. This business entity is the status of the company officially registered with the government.

The idea of a legal entity as an independent subject of law was first implemented in ancient Rome. Already in ancient times there were various private corporations: unions with religious purposes (sodalitates, collegia sodalicia), trade unions of various artisans (pistorum, fabrorum, etc.). Private corporations are mentioned in the laws of Table XII (451-450 BC). According to the testimony, they provided members of the collegia sodalicia (sodales) to create rules and charters for themselves, so long as these charters do not contradict the law.

In the period of the republic, apparitorum corporations appear (lower servants at the magistrates), mutual aid corporations (funerals - collegia funeraticia), etc. (according to the partnership rules, societas) in certain shares, or as property of one of them, one who is the treasurer. As an independent entity in relations with third parties, the Roman Corporation does not act. Third parties deal only with individual members.

Type of company based on business field:

  • Extractive companies are companies engaged in the extraction of natural resources
  • An agrarian company is a company that works by processing land/fields
  • Companies industry is a company that produces raw and semi-finished goods into finished goods or increase the value of the point
  • Trading company is a company engaged in trade
  • Company services is a company engaged in the field of services

Type of company based on ownership:

  • State companies are established and capitalized by the state
  • Co-operative company is founded and capitalized by their members
  • A private company is founded and capitalized by a group of people from outside the company