Science is conscious efforts to investigate, discover and enhance human understanding from various aspects of reality in the human realm. These aspects are limited so that definite formulas are produced. Science provides certainty by limiting the scope of its view, and the certainty of the sciences is derived from its limitations.

Science is not just knowledge, but summarize a set of knowledge based on theory -teori agreed and can be systematically tested with a set of methods that are recognized in a given field of science. Viewed from the point of philosophy, science is formed because people try to think more about the knowledge they have. Science is a product of epistemology, in other words science is formed from 3 branches of philosophy, namely ontology, epistemology and axiology, if all three branches are fulfilled, they are valid and recognized as a science.

Natural science can only be certain after the field is restricted to something that is natural (material), or psychology can only predict human behavior if the scope of its view is limited to the general aspects of human behavior that is concrete. With regard to this example, the natural sciences answer the question of how far the sun and earth are, or the science of psychology answers whether a young woman is suitable to be a nurse.

The word science in Arabic is ilm, which means understanding or knowing. In terms of absorption, it said, science can mean understanding a knowledge, and social science can mean knowing social problems, and so on.

Mathematics is very important for science, especially in the role it plays in expressing scientific models. Observing and gathering measurement results, such as making hypotheses and conjectures, definitely requires mathematical models and exploitation. Branches of mathematics that are often used in science include calculus and statistics, although in fact all branches of mathematics have their application, even pure fields such as number theory and topology.