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This is a list of Korean K-pop groups. This includes lists of female and male bands ranked by users vote. Korean groups began to appear after the success of Seo Taiji and Boys, whose debut, which took place in 1992, is considered to be the turning point in the history of Korean popular music. The record number of premieres for new K-pop artists was 2012, where 33 male groups and 38 female groups debuted.

Below is the list of all time best Kpop group (male and female). Which Kpop band do you think is the best, Please vote them.

1. BTS


BTS is a South Korean boy band formed in Seoul in 2010. It is made up of seven members: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, Jungkook. They debuted on June 13, 2013, under the company Big Hit Entertainment, with the song "No More Dream", included in his first single 2 Cool 4 Skool. Despite having been created in a mainly hip hop style, his musical repertoire has evolved to include a wide variety of genres. It is characterized by creating concept albums influenced by literary and psychological works, with themes such as: mental health, loss, the process of self-love and individualism.



Blackpink is a South Korean girl group formed by the YG Entertainment Company in 2016. The group It is made up of four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa. They debuted on August 8, 2016 with the EP titled Square One featuring "Whistle", their number one song in South Korea, as well as "Boombayah", their number one hit on the Billboard World Digital Songs, which set a record as the most-watched debut music video by a Korean band. With the group's early commercial success, they were hailed as the New Artist of the Year at the Golden Disc Awards and the Seoul Music Awards.

3. Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation

4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Red Velvet is a South Korean girl group formed by SM Entertainment. The group debuted on August 1, 2014 with their digital single "Happiness" and four members: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy and Joy. On March 11, 2015, Yeri was added as the fifth and last member. Since its debut, Red Velvet has garnered success and recognition. Their first EP, Ice Cream Cake, topped Gaon's album chart in early 2015. Similarly, the group's first studio album, The Red (2015), and the other mini-albums, The Velvet, Russian Roulette both released in 2016 and Rookie (2017) reached the first place in Gaon Album Chart. Also, The Red, Rookie and The Red Summer (2017) also topped the Billboard World Albums, and with the release of their second studio album Perfect Velvet (2017), they became the K-pop girl group with the most albums on the list and tied with others. October November Red Velvet has received awards for the "Best New Artist" at the Golden Disk Awards and Seoul Music Awards, as well as awards for his choreography in the Melon Music Awards and the Mnet Asian Music Awards.

5. EXO


EXO is a South Korean boy band formed in 2011 by SM Entertainment. The group consists of nine members divided into two subgroups: EXO-K (Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai and Sehun) and EXO-M (Xiumin, Chen, Lay and former members Kris, Luhan and Tao), where K stands for Korean and M stands for Mandarin. The group made its official debut in 2012. EXO's first album XOXO (2013), which included the hit "Growl", was sold over a million times, making EXO the best-selling Korean artist in twelve years.

6. Twice


'Twice' is a South Korean girl group formed in 2015 by JYP Entertainment on the Mnet television program "Sixteen". The group consists of nine members: South Korean - Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Dahyun and Chaeyoung, Japanese - Mina, Momo, and Sana, and Taiwanese - Tzuyu. 'Twice' debuted on October 20, 2015 with The 'Story Begins'. The music video for the song "Like Ooh-Ahh" was viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube within five months and was the most viewed video clip of a debuting K-pop group ever.

7. GOT7


GOT7 is a South Korean boy band made up of seven members, three of them foreigners (China, the United States and Thailand), formed by the record label JYP Entertainment. Their debut was on January 16, 2014 with the release of the song "Girls Girls Girls". Later they released their first EP, Got it?, which took them to the first position in the American popularity list Billboard Top World Albums Chart. On October 22 of that same year, they debuted in Japan with the release of their first single "Around the World". The band is made up of Mark, JB, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom, who are characterized by being a culturally diverse group having members from South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and the United States. From its beginnings, the group was immediately successful both in the countries of origin of its members, and in much of the world, receiving multiple awards and nominations.

8. GFriend


GFriend is a 6-member South Korean girl group formed by Source Music in 2015. They made their debut with the EP "Season of Glass" on 15 January 2015. GFriend won several awards in 2015 and has achieved recognition since its debut, despite coming from a not-so-recognized company. On January 15, 2015, GFriend released their first mini album called "Seasson of Glass", which consists of five songs and is 15 minutes long, their lead single being composed by Seo Yong Bae. They debuted on the weekly list Gaon in twelfth position. The promotion of the album began in the music program Music Bank, on the television network KBS. On September 17, 2015, GFriend made the headlines as the only girl group nominated in the MTV Europe Music Awards 'Best Korean Act' category along with groups B1A4, BTS, Got7, and VIXX.

9. Stray Kids

Stray Kids

Stray Kids is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment through the reality show of the same name in 2017. It was originally made up of nine members: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Félix, Seungmin, I.N and Woojin, on October 28, 2019, JYP Entertainment announced that the oldest member, Woojin, would leave the group and the agency in turn for "personal reasons". The group released a pre-debut EP on January 8, 2018 and made their debut on March 25, 2018.

10. TXT


TXT is a South Korean boy band formed in 2019 by Big Hit Entertainment. The group consists of five members: Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai. They debuted on March 4, 2019 with the mini album "Dream Chapter: Star". The group's name is an acronym for "Tomorrow X Together". According to Big Hit Entertainment, the name reflects the idea of all members to "come together with a single dream in the hope of building a new tomorrow." The title also reflects the intention that all participants are different from each other, but together form synergies and dream of building a new tomorrow. Plans for the debut of a new boy group were revealed by Big Hit Entertainment founder Ban Si Hyuk back in 2017. Officially, the band's launch plans were announced in November 2018, and the debut itself was supposed to take place in early 2019. Shortly after, it was reported that the group will have six members and that the debut will take place in March, but the agency denied this information. On January 10, 2019, TXT were officially disclosed via the website.



MAMAMOO is a South Korean girl group formed in 2014 by Rainbow Bridge World (formerly WA Entertainment). The team consists of four participants: Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein and Hwasa. They made their official debut on June 19, 2014 with the mini album "Hello". MAMAMOO are notable for their retro, jazz and R&B concepts and powerful vocal performances. Since each member has a strong ability, the acting role can be changed freely. Members have participated in the production of multiple songs. The debut song "Mr. Ambiguous" was choreographed by Min Xing himself, so MAMAMOO also has a nickname "self-living idol". The performance in "The Immortal Song" was also re-arranged and choreographed by the members to present to the audience. It was the first female group to win the "Immortal Song".



13. Everglow


14. NCT


15. EXID


16. Monsta X

Monsta X

17. Itzy




19. IZ*ONE


20. SHINee




22. Wanna One

Wanna One

23. Oh!GG


25. S.E.S

26. Troy

27. Baby Vox

28. JJCC

29. Girl's Day

30. UNIQ

31. I.O.I

32. HALO

33. Apink


35. Fin.K.L


37. Miss A

38. Super Junior

39. f(x)


41. Brown Eyed Girls

42. 2NE1

43. JYJ

44. Kara

45. F.T. Island

46. Secret

47. 2PM

48. Cosmic Girls


50. (G)I-DLE

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