List of Worst Terrorist Attack in India | Killing of humanity

Terror or Terrorism is always synonymous with violence. Terrorism is the culmination of acts of violence, terrorism is the apex of violence. Violence can occur without terror, but there is no terror without violence. Terrorism is not the same as intimidation or sabotage. The goal of intimidation and sabotage is generally direct, while terrorism is not. Victims of Terrorism actions are often innocent people. The terrorists intend to create a sensation so that the public pay attention to what they stand for. The act of terror is not the same as vandalism, whose motive is to damage physical objects. Terror is different from the mafia. The action of the mob emphasizesomerta, shut up, as an oath. Omerta is an extreme form of group loyalty and solidarity in dealing with other parties, especially the authorities. Unlike the Yakuza or the Cosa Nostra mafia which emphasizes the Omerta code, modern terrorists often issue statements and demands. They want to attract the attention of the wider community and use the mass media to voice their struggle message.

1. 26/11 - Mumbai attacks (2008)

26/11 - Mumbai attacks (2008)

Allegedly, Islamic terrorists from the organization Dekkan Mujahideen (a previously unknown organization, possibly associated with al-Qaeda) launched an attack by several mobile groups. One group opened fire from Kalashnikov assault rifles in the building of Victoria station, the other two took hostages in located opposite the Gateway to India, the hotels Taj and Oberoi, fourth attacked in police station. Total of seven attacks were recorded (including the Leopold Cafe, the hospital and the Jewish Center in the business center Nariman. As a result, 166 civilians and law enforcement officers were killed, and 9 out of 10 terrorists. More than 500 to 600 people were injured.

2. Maoist attack in Dantewada (2010)

Maoist attack in Dantewada (2010)
Bombay Blast (1993)

Between the months of December of 1992 and of January of 1993 there was great social upheaval in the city of Bombay, after the Babri Mosque was destroyed by Hindu groups. Although there was no loss of life in that incident, between January 1 and 5, Bombay witnessed a series of uprisings in which 1,788 people lost their lives.

4. Brahmaputra Mail train bombing (1996)

Brahmaputra Mail train bombing (1996)

5. Mandai massacre (1980)

Mandai massacre (1980)

Mandai genocide was on 8th June 1980 by the indigenous people of India in Tripura state of Agartala, in the name of Bengali Hindu massacre of Mandai village. According to the government statistics, 255 Hindus of Mandai village were killed. But foreign press, independent sources and local eyewitnesses have found that around 350 From 400 Hindu Bengalis were killed. Most of the attackers kill the Hindu Bangalees, cut their heads and scatter their organs. Children and pregnant women are tortured.

6. Mumbai train bombings (2006)

Mumbai train bombings (2006)

The bombings occurred just hours after a series of grenade attacks in Srinagar, city in Jammu and Kashmir, India, fatalities 209 people, including six Indian tourists, and injuring 500. Security agencies suspect a connection between the two events and assume that the Islamist terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, which operates from Pakistan, is responsible for the attack. The Indian Ministry of Interior is examining whether there is a connection with the Kashmir conflict.

7. Rafiganj train wreck (2002)

Rafiganj train wreck (2002)

In the railway accident in Rafiganj derailed the luxury train Rajdhani Express of Indian Railways on 10 September 2002 on the bridge over the river Dhave the station Rafiganj at Gaya in the Indian state of Bihar. It killed more than 130 people. Controversy remained, whether this was an attack by Maoist terrorist group or an accident. More than 130 people died, more than 150 were injured. The rescue work was difficult, as the local roads were softened without any solid surface or rainfall. A total of 130 bodies were recovered, the number of missing persons was estimated at up to 50.

8. Manipur ambush (2015)

Manipur ambush (2015)

In Chandel district of Manipur, militants attacked the convoy of the army and attacked them, in which 18 soldiers were killed. It included a JCO of Army. 11 soldiers were also injured in the attack.

9. Punjab killings (1991)

Punjab killings (1991)

There was a massacre of rail passengers in Ludhiana district of Punjab. In which Sikh militants had killed at least 80 to 126 passengers, who were traveling in two trains from Ludhiana city. The terrorists pulged chains, and both trains were stopped by the break trigger, before one kilometer from Ludhiana Station. They killed around 80 pilgrims and set the train on fire, and the passengers who escaped from them said that the Hindu pilgrims from both trains were shot one by one. In the first train, Hindus were targeted and in the second train, extremists fired indiscriminately. After the extremists escape, the train returned to the station, where rescue teams reached with the doctors. Local villagers helped by providing water meals and psychic warming to the remaining survivors.

10. Assam violence (December 2014)

Assam violence (December 2014)

The morning of December 23, 2014, Men of FDNB attacked several villages in the districts of Kokrajhar and Sonitpur. The rebels are out villagers from their homes and summarily execute sparing neither women nor children. Thirty people are killed just for the village of Phulbari. Most of the victims of the massacre are tea harvesters adivasi. The killings may have been in retaliation for an offensive by the police and the Indian army launched in November, but according to Jean-Luc Racine, researcher at the CNRS, there is a problem another goal for the radicals of the FDNB.

11. Assam bombings (2008)

Assam bombings (2008)

On Thursday, October 30, 2008, more than 66 people have died and more than 200 injured in the series of blasts in Guwahati and 13 other places of Assam province of India. All the explosions occurred between 11:30 to 11:40 on Thursday morning. Three places in Kokrajad, five places in Guwahati, three in Bongaigaon and two places in Barpeta. It has been declared as a Red Alert in Assam and people have been asked to not come out from the homes.

12. Jnaneswari Express train derailment (2010)

Jnaneswari Express train derailment (2010)

The Gyaneshwari Express train accident occurred on May 28, 2010 in West Midnapore, one of the districts in West Bengal, India. The cause of this accident was debated between sabotage or a bomb on the railroad tracks, which when the train passed, the train slipped before a cargo train crashed into the train and killed at least 100 passengers.

13. Delhi bombings (2005)

Delhi bombings (2005)

On October 29, 2005, three explosions struck the city of New Delhi, India. At least 59 people were killed and 200 others, including several foreigners, were injured. This bombing took place only two days before the major festivals in Hinduism and Sikh, namely Diwali, and less than one week before the Islamic celebration of Eid al-Fitr. The bombs were detonated in two markets in central New Delhi and south and near a bus in the Govindpuri area in the south of the city. The day after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh blamed "terrorists", a group was named the lesser-known Islamic Inquilab Mahaz claimed responsibility for the incident. President APJ Abdul Kalam condemned the blasts in New Delhi and regretted the loss of life and damage to property. Kalam called on his people to "remain calm and help agencies in an effort to save the victims."

14. Samjhauta Express blast (2007)

Samjhauta Express blast (2007)

The bombing of the Samjhauta Express was a terrorist attack that took place around midnight of the 18 of February of 2007 in the Samjhauta Express, a service railway linking Delhi (India) to Lahore (Pakistan) twice a week. The bombs exploded on two carriages, both filled with passengers, just after the train passed the station Diwana near the Indian city of Panipat, 90 kilometers (50 miles) north of New Delhi. 68 people lost their lives in the resulting fire and dozens more were injured. Of the 68 killed, the majority were Pakistani civilians. But, the victims also included some Indian civilians, as well as Indian military personnel guarding the train. Investigators later found evidence of suitcases containing improvised explosive devices and flammable material, including three unexploded ordnance. Inside one of these suitcases that hadn't detonated, a clear plastic-lined digital timer was packed, along with a dozen plastic bottles containing chemicals and fuels.

15. Jaipur bombings (2008)

Jaipur bombings (2008)

16. Coimbatore bombings (1998)

Coimbatore bombings (1998)

17. Mumbai Blasts (2003)

Mumbai Blasts (2003)

18. Pulwama attack (2019)

Pulwama attack (2019)

19. Hyderabad bombings (2007)

Hyderabad bombings (2007)

At least 42 people were killed and another 70 injured in bomb blasts in Andhra Pradesh state capital, Hyderabad on August 25. At least nine people were killed in a blast at Lumbini Park (lazer show) in front of the state secretariat, killing 33 people at a Gokul chat shop at Kothi.

20. Rudrapur blast (1991)

Rudrapur blast (1991)

21. Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly car bombing (2001)

Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly car bombing (2001)

22. Malegaon Blasts (2006)

Malegaon Blasts (2006)

23. Fatehabad bus massacre (1987)

Fatehabad bus massacre (1987)

24. Delhi bombings (2008)

Delhi bombings (2008)

25. Assam violence (May 2014)

Assam violence (May 2014)

26. Attack on Akshardham temple (2002)

Attack on Akshardham temple (2002)

27. Meenambakkam bomb blast (1984)

Meenambakkam bomb blast (1984)

28. Ahmedabad bombings (2008)

29. Sukma attack (2017)

30. Bagber massacre (2000)

31. Palar blast (1993)

32. Varanasi bombings (2006)

33. Kurnool train crash (2002)

34. Uri attack (2016)

35. Dhemaji school bombing (2004)

36. Imphal bombing (2008)

37. Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi (1991)

38. Dantewada bus bombing (2010)

39. Raghunath temple attacks (2002)

40. Darbha valley Naxal attack (2013)

41. Kokrajhar Attack (2016)

42. Mecca Masjid blast (2007)

43. Jaunpur train crash (2002)

44. Silda camp attack (2010)

45. Bombing of RSS office in Chennai (1993)

46. Sunjuwan attack (2018)

47. Mumbai train bombing (2003)

48. Western India bombings (2008)

49. Gurdaspur attack (2015)

50. Nagrota Attack (2016)

51. Delhi bombing (2011)

52. Sukma attack (2018)

53. Pune bombing (2010)

54. Hyderabad blasts (2013)

55. Chhattisgarh attack (2014)

56. Pampore attack (2016)

57. Indian Parliament attack (2001)

58. Srinagar attack (2013)

59. Pathankot attack (2016)

60. Amarnath Yatra attack (2017)

61. Ram Janmabhoomi attack (2005)

62. Guwahati bombings (2009)

63. Mumbai bombings (2011)

64. Agartala bombings (2008)

65. Terrorist attack on Red Fort (2000)

66. Ajmer Dargah bombing (2007)

67. Delhi bombing (2008)

68. Assam bombings (2009)

69. Mumbai bus blast (2002)

70. Bangalore serial blasts (2008)

71. Maoist attack in Dumka (2013)

72. Patna Blasts (2013)

73. Chennai train bombing (2014)

74. Attacks on Israeli diplomats (2012)

75. Bangalore blast (2013)

76. Bodh Gaya blasts (2013)

77. Baramulla attack (2016)

78. Bhopal–Ujjain Passenger train bombing (2017)

79. Jaunpur train blast (2005)

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