Best Photographer in the World | Top 10 Photographers - List and Ranking

A photographer is a person whose artistic activity or occupation consists of taking photographs through the use of a camera or other device capable of storing a two dimensional replica of reality.

Photographers are usually classified based on the topics in which they have specialized. Some explore the typical themes of paintings, landscapes, still lifes and portraits. Others specialize in topics such as street photography, documentary photography, fashion photography, wedding photography, war photography, the photojournalism and advertising photography. There are specialties for causes such as scientific photography or aerial photography.

Wedding photographers and other celebrations are presented with their team on the date indicated at the venue. On occasion, they previously make photographs of the bride and her family at their home before the celebration. Then, they shoot photographs of the parties and companions during the ceremony and, after this, to themselves and the guests asking them to pose for him in groups. During the dinner, they go around all the tables of the restaurant photographing the diners. Later, they elaborate an album of the wedding that they give to the fiance and they are put at the disposal of the guests to sell them the photos that have done to them.

The photojournalist specializes in photographing events that illustrate the news of a media, such as a magazine or newspaper. To do this, it moves to the indicated place to take different snapshots. Then, select the highest quality and most illustrative for the publication or send the negatives to the writing to do it there. Generally, they are specialized in a particular information section such as sports, events or politics.

Sports photographers are those who, in addition to having a great knowledge of the sport they cover, have the ability to obtain the photographs at the right time. Before a competition, the photographer tests and looks for the best angles. In sports photography, it is not only about obtaining a good composition, but it is also necessary to capture the most important moment. Regarding the equipment, a high-end or semi-professional digital SLR camera is recommended, which seals between 6 to 10 shots per second, and a telephoto lens of 200 to 600 mm, with good brightness.

Photographers are called paparazzi who take pictures of celebrities taken carelessly. The distinction between photography and artistic photojournalism or other types of photography and associated techniques does not eliminate the personal aspect of the work of the great photographers.

Photography is also a means of artistic expression, not just a way of registering the world around us, so the artist can also incorporate this tool as a means of expressing his inner world.

1. Fadil Berisha

As a fashion photographer, he works for companies, fashion magazines, modeling agency and commercials, then celebrities such as Halle Berry, Snoop Dog, Jennifer Beals, Angela Martini, Bleona Qereti and more.

2. Pirkle Jones

Born January 2, 1914 in Shreveport, he was an American photographer who documented the lives of migrant farm workers, the California cities threatened by the environment and the leaders of the Black Panther Party.

3. George Davison

George Davison began taking photographs around 1885 and soon became a member of the Camera Club in London. Differences in the club over the artistic orientation of photography led to the founding of the Linked Ring, to whose founding members he belonged.

4. Billy Monk

5. Bill Owens

Bill Owens is a photographer and journalist from the United States of America. He has also won prizes such as Guggenheim. He is one of the very few photographers who has shot images of people in the suburbs on a large scale.

6. Frank Gohlke

7. Nökkvi Elíasson

Nökkvi is the son of Elias Halldórsson, an artist and brother of Gyridur Elíasson, a writer and Sigurlaugur Elíasson, a poet and an artist. He has held two exhibitions of his works.

8. Louis Legrand

9. Sunil Dutt

He was deeply inspired by Swami Vivekananda. In his words - When you are born as a human, leave some indelible mark behind you, always motivated him.

10. Franck Vogel

Franck Vogel is known for his work on environmental issues, Social, ethnological and geopolitics, which were published by the international press (GEO, Stern, Paris Match, NRC Weekblad, Animan, Le Monde diplomatique) and exhibited around the world.

11. Jan Grarup

Jan Grarup, born on December 2, 1968 in Kvistgaard) is a Danish photographer specializing in war photography. He has won numerous awards including the World Press Photo for his work on the Kosovo war. He is a member of the Noor agency.

12. Andrew J. Russell

Andrew, born March 20, 1829 and dead September 22, 1902 was a American painter and photographer known for his photographs relating to the Civil War and the first transcontinental conducted by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1869.

13. Kim Weston

14. Lee Miller

15. Dave McKean

16. Joe Deal

17. Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz

18. Charles Jones

19. Vivian Maier

20. Yasuo Kuniyoshi

21. Roso Fukuhara

22. Raghubir Singh

23. José Ortiz-Echagüe

24. Vincent Laforet

25. Narutoshi Furukawa

26. Marc Bryan-Brown

27. Adnan Kandhar

28. James Fee

29. Sam Tata

30. Joel Sternfeld

31. Robert Benecke

32. Dana Stone

33. J. Michael Seyfert

34. Mads Alstrup

35. Raphael Mazzucco

36. Stuart Klipper

37. Miru Kim

38. Ragnar Axelsson

39. Max Burchartz

40. Adrienne French

41. Chloé Tallot

42. Alwina Gossauer

43. Francesca Woodman

44. Viggo Rivad

45. Sean Flynn

46. Rankin

47. Joel-Peter Witkin

48. Bernard Cahier

49. Karen Graffeo

50. E.R. Hall

51. Larry Burrows

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