Most Dangerous Jobs in the World Ever | Top 10 Deadliest Jobs

What is the Most Dangerous Job in the World | List of Top 10 Most Deadliest Work

If you are not happy with your job, then know about some of the world's jobs that are not only dangerous, but they are always at risk of life. There are some important jobs, which have risk at every step. To do these jobs, high level of patience and courage is needed. Not everyone gets the courage to do these jobs. If you know about these deadliest jobs, then you will celebrate for your job and its safety. Which job do you find dangerous in the list given below, vote up or down for it.

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The soldiers are of any country, their life is always full of difficulties. Soldiers are protector of the country, till they are stand on the border, we also get peace, otherwise our life will have ended. The contribution of the  Armed Forces in maintaining the security, integrity and unity of the nation is not hidden from anyone. Risk scale is also bigger with big responsibilities. This is the same with the soldiers. It is their duty to save the nation during times of war and natural calamities. When we are sleeping comfortably in our homes, they keep awake for our safety.

2. Bomb Squad

Bomb Squad

It is probably not necessary to tell anyone how dangerous the job of people working in the bomb disposal squad is. These people save lives of others by putting their lives at risk.

3. Power Lineman

Power Lineman

The job of power line repairers is difficult as well as the job is very dangerous. In this, people have to go to high-elevated towers and repair the high tension lines.

4. Coal Mine Worker

Coal Mine Worker

Coal mine is not free from any danger. People working in this risk their life every day. There is always a risk of natural disaster in coal mining.

5. Hyperbaric Welding

Hyperbaric Welding

Hyperbaric welding is to welding and repairing things under water, but this job is quite dangerous. According to the Proud to Be American blogger, the job of underwater welders is 1000 times more dangerous than a police officer's job.

6. Crocodile Wrestler

Crocodile Wrestler

This is the job of the wrestlers working in Thailand's Samphran Elephant Ground And Zoo. To entertain people, they put their heads inside the crocodile's mouth.

7. Drain and Sewer Cleaner

Drain and Sewer Cleaner

There are some people who work to clean dirty Drain and Sewer, but this job is as dangerous as it has less salaries. Due to the poisonous gas their lives are also at risk.

8. Bull Rider

Bull Rider

The bull riding is very famous in US. There is a regular job of bull rider in the US, for which a good salary is also given, but there is also a lot of risk with this job.

9. Firefighter


Fireman work without worrying about their lives. During the fire extinguished, there is always a threat to their life. Many firemen have died during the fire extinguishing.

10. Snake Milker

Snake Milker

This is the deadliest and most dangerous job in the world, but the same job saved many people every year. Many people have died during this job.

11. Sulfur Miner

Sulfur Miner

It is one of Indonesia's popular jobs, but there is a lot of risk in it. In the throat and chest of the workers, there are many injuries.

12. Stunt Performer

Stunt Performer

Do you know, how much risk in action and fight scenes on the film? Stuntman's life is always at risk while doing stunts. Many stuntmen have died while doing stunts.

13. Astronaut


Going into space is one of the world's dangerous job. Astronaut's death may occur when there is a hole in his suit or a puncture while traveling in space. Apart from this, there is a danger of fire at any time in the spacecraft.

14. Lumberjack


A lumberjack is the lumber worker responsible for the initial stage of cutting and transporting trees for processing into wood products. Work was difficult, dangerous, intermittent, poorly paid and primitive in basic conditions.

15. Aircraft Pilot

Aircraft Pilot

Pilots and airline crew do great self-sacrifice. This is astonishing in the era of terrorism, that these people continue their work. They keep telling all kinds of data that their flight is safe.

16. Fisherman


Fishermen have to face gruesome waves and fierce weather of the sea. Many times they accidentally cross the border and get arrested. Many times the storm comes, so many times the fishermen do not have an estimate of what direction they are going in.