World's Best Street Foods List | Ultimate Tasty Street Food Worldwide Ranking

Street food is usually a food or beverage sold by a seller on a street and in other public places such as a market or fair. This is the list of the world's most delicious street foods, which is almost impossible to rank. But we have made a try and have given full responsibility to our users, that they rank this list right according to their taste.

1. Dahi Bhalla Papdi

The Dahi Bhalla Papdi is an any time snack to kill your hunger creatively. It is a street food of India and Pakistan. It is especially famous in north India, sold in shops and kiosks of chaat.
Bakso, baso, meatball or meat balls are a type of meat ball commonly found in Indonesian cuisine. The meatballs are generally made from a mixture of beef milled and starch, but there are also some meatballs made from chicken, fish, and shrimp. It is also made from buffalo meat.
Tikka Kabab is a grilled meat dish that are pierced using iron rod. The name kebab comes from the Arabic language, kabab which originally meant fried meat, not grilled or roasted meat.

4. Kati Roll

Kati Roll, Kathi roll or Paneer Tikka Kathi Roll is a popular Indian breakfast and street food, which is easy to make and nourishing as well.

5. Chinese Bhel

Chinese Bhel is one of the most popular and tasy street fast food in India. This is a Chinese fast food recipe prepared with a mixture of Chinese noodles and sauce.
The origin of the name of this dish is still disputed. One hypothesis proposes the Spanish word commonly used for the dish, cebiche, originating from Latin cibus, which can be translated as - food for humans and animals. Other hypotheses supported by the Spanish Kingdom Academy suggested that this name might be derived from the Spanish-Arabic word assukkabáǧ, which is derived from the sakbāj Arabic word (سكباج means: meat cooked in vinegar). The hypothesis further bases the origin of the term in the word escabeche, or that the word ceviche only a variation of the word Siwichi, the traditional name of Quechua for the dish.

7. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is a major West Indian breakfast. This breakfast is widely eat in Maharashtra, especially Mumbai's Pav Bhaji is world famous. The pav bhaji is offered both on stalls and in more traditional restaurants in India and abroad.
Kaassoufflé is a Dutch snack. It is a deep-fried piece of dough filled with melted cheese. The Kaassoufflé is served both for itself and with a bread roll. As a variant of the Kaassoufflés there is the Hamkaassoufflé with cheese and ham filling.
The Pizza in the cup (Pizza al taglio in Italian) is a variety of pizza baked in large rectangular trays and usually sold by weight in rectangular or square brackets. This type of pizza is invented in Rome and spread all over Italy. Many variations and styles of pizza exist.
The tlayuda, is a corn tortilla. It usually has a diameter of 30 centimeters or more. It browns on a comal, which gives it greater hardness than a conventional tortilla, with a brittle and leathery consistency. Due to its thickness and cooking, they guarantee its conservation in good condition for long periods of time.

11. Meat Patty

12. Focaccia

Fries are dishes made from pieces of potato fried in hot cooking oil. In the menu of restaurants, french fries are long-cut and fried in a submerged state in hot cooking oil called French fries. Fries can be eaten just like a snack, or as a complementary food for main dishes such as steaks, hamburgers, fish and chips and currywurst. Fries are popular throughout the world thanks to ready-to-eat restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger King. In the early 1950s, the Jack Simplot, which had a company called JR Simplot, created the raw material for french fries in the form of peeled and frozen potatoes.

14. Takoyaki

15. Papri Chaat

16. Choripán

17. Dahi Puri

18. Pizza

19. Kai Yang

20. Taquito

21. Chole Bhature

Hamburger (or often called burger) is a type of food in the form of a round-shaped bread sliced ​​in two and in the middle filled with patty which is usually taken from meat, then vegetables in the form of lettuce, tomatoes and onions. As a sauce, burgers are given various types of sauces such as mayonnaise, tomato sauce and chili and mustard. Some burger variants are also equipped with cheese, pickled and other complementary materials such as sausages and ham.
Ice cream is a frozen food made from dairy products such as cream, combined with flavorings and sweeteners. This mixture is cooled by stirring while reducing the temperature to prevent the formation of large ice crystals. Traditionally, the temperature is reduced by placing the ice cream mixture into a container put in a mixture of broken ice and salt. Salt makes liquid water below the freezing point of pure water, making the container touch evenly with the water and ice.
Tauge goreng (Fried bean sprouts) are a savory Indonesian vegetarian dish made by sautéing bean sprouts (mung bean sprouts) with a little hot water, plus sliced tofu, ketupat or lontong and yellow noodles, watered in sauce or thick sauce made from oncom. The main ingredients are bean sprouts, or mung bean sprouts. Usually these green bean sprouts are cooked directly in front of the buyer immediately after ordering, using a simple stove.
The panipuri is a snack consumed in many parts of the Indian subcontinent. This dish is part of chaat, the fried salty snacks served on the roadsides. It consists of a puri Oval, hollow fried and you eat with the flavored water. The puri are usually served by 5 or 6 per plate. Each puri must be eaten in one bite so that the full spectrum of flavors and textures are present in the mouth at the same time.

26. Kofta

In its simplest form it comes balls made with minced meat, similar to meatballs, used meat of beef or lamb that is usually mixed with different spices and sometimes with onions chopped.
Pecel Lele or Pecak Lele is a dish made with fried catfish, which is commonly found in Indonesia. Usually served with sambal pepper paste, tempeh and boiled rice.

28. Jiaozi

Jiaozi is a type of dumpling containing minced meat and vegetables chopped and wrapped in sheets of flour. Leather dough is made from a mixture of flour, water, and kitchen salt. This food is cooked by boiling it. In Japan, a similar food is called a gyōza, while in Korea it is called mandu. Jiaozi skin is thicker than dumplings.

29. Lok-Lok

Blackburn - Blackburn (English: Lok-Lok) street food, one of Malaysia resemble meatballs on skewers with a variety of forms either meat, vegetables, sausages, dumplings or mushrooms. When eaten, it will be blanched in hot water, similar to suki or dip in Thailand, and eaten with a variety of sauces such as those with a similar taste Pork satay sauce, sweet and sour like chili sauce, as well as a sweet taste like soy sauce. Can be found in Penang, Kuching and elsewhere.

30. Sabudana Vada

31. Galette-Saucisse

32. Chivito

33. Grilled Corn

34. Bun Kebab

35. Torta

36. Arepa

37. Malakoff

38. Pempek

39. Supplì

40. Bunny Chow

41. Isaw

42. Pretzel

43. Covrigi

44. Chiburekki

45. Sabich

46. Bánh xèo

47. Camote Cue

48. Jerusalem Mixed Grill

49. Batagor

50. Panelle

51. Obwarzanek Krakowski

52. Soto

53. Anticucho

54. Peremech

55. Tacos al Pastor

56. Pilaf

57. Scaccia

58. Dürüm

59. Bánh hỏi

60. Trdelník

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