Pizza al Taglio, also known as rustica pizza, is a variety of pizza baked in large rectangular trays and sold to cutting weight. The simplest varieties are bianca pizza (single dough), pizza rossa with tomato and, of course, the classic margarita. It usually does not carry more than two ingredients other than tomato sauce and cheese. This type of pizza can be found almost anywhere in Italy, in fast food establishments, being very popular in the cities of Rome and Genoa, and in the region of Sicily.

The pizza taglio provides various combinations with ingredients that can be artichokes, asparagus, aubergine, minced meat and sliced onion, potato, prosciutto, salami, pieces of sausage, mushrooms chopped and olive oil, zucchini. The pizza taglio it admits so many variety of ingredients that it can be said there are hundreds of regional combinations to the taste of the locals. This variety is very popular in Italy, since it was from its beginnings a very popular way of being able to feed quickly and cheaply. It can be said that its variety is one of the secrets that have made pizza a global food, adapted to multiple cultures.

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Pizza al Taglio
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