Pecel Lele (better known pecel catfish) in Indonesia is the name of a typical food of Central Java which consists of fish catfish and condiment (seasoning) halibut. Usually what is meant is dried fried catfish with oil and then served with tomato sauce and vegetables. Ordinary Lalapan consists of basil, cabbage, cucumber and long beans.

Pecel Lele or Pecak Lele is a dish made with fried catfish, which is commonly found in Indonesia. Usually served with sambal pepper paste, tempeh and boiled rice. It is a popular Java dish that is eaten very much in Indonesia (especially in Java). However, this meal is often referred to as Lamongan city. Often sold as street food in small tents (warung). Due to the migration of Java people today, Pecel Lele can also be found in Singapore and Malaysia.

Catfish is a cheap and festive meal. This food is very popular in Java as an alternative to chicken dishes, especially fried chicken. In some regions they have different nicknames, in Jember, they are usually called catfish buckets, but they call them lalapan lele. Usually the presentation of pecel catfish is like serving on carp, tilapia etc. which is a special chili with aroma of shrimp paste, vegetables such as long beans, cucumber, basil. Warung pecel catfish stand in the city and roadside as PKL, lesehan catfish buckets and in some campuses in Java, many stand to serve students because the price is relatively cheap.

Although a similar name, made with boiled vegetables in peanut butter dishes, another Java Pecel be confused with. Pecel Lele is not the peanut butter, another sauce with sambal terasi with is served.

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