Tauge goreng (Fried bean sprouts) are a savory Indonesian vegetarian dish made by sautéing bean sprouts (mung bean sprouts) with a little hot water, plus sliced tofu, ketupat or lontong and yellow noodles, watered in sauce or thick sauce made from oncom. Fried bean sprouts are a typical food of the city of Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. Usually served as street food peddling or carts used by street vendors. This food is one of the popular street snacks in Indonesia, especially in Greater Jakarta, including Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

Fried bean sprouts are a vegetarian food, because this dish does not contain animal ingredients at all. The main ingredients are bean sprouts, or mung bean sprouts. Usually these green bean sprouts are cooked directly in front of the buyer immediately after ordering, using a simple stove. Technically, these bean sprouts are not fried using oil, but are sauteed with a little water, or rather boiled with a little hot water. Then slices of tofu, yellow noodles, and slices of ketupat or lontong are added, sauteed with water and heated together. Then the ingredients that have been cooked and heated are watered with salty-savory flavored sauce made from oncom. Kuah oncom thick is made by sauteing oncom been crushed using a pestle and mortar or pestle, pan using a little oil and add spices, including ginger, onion, bay leaves, sliced tomatoes, leeks, chives, and tauco (pasta fermented soybeans), sweet soy sauce, lime juice, and salt.

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Tauge Goreng
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