List of Best Hobbies | Hobby Ideas for Your Free Time

This article contains a list of the most important types of hobbies practiced by humans. A hobby is activity, interest or practice for an order of pleasure and relaxation. Hobbies are usually practiced during free time. The hobbies mentioned in this list are those recognized and organized through membership in private associations.

Shooting sport

The sport shooting is a sport that involves testing precision and concentration in the handling of a firearm or compressed air. All the rules are governed by the International Federation of Sports Shooting, an international organization based in Germany, is the organization that governs sports shooting internationally and is responsible for holding regular competitions and events in each of its disciplines.

2. Puzzles


Puzzle games are as old as the classic games too. Known are the stories of the inventor of the game of chess, who was allowed to wish something in thanks of the Indian king and wished the number of grains of rice, which results when you put on a field of the checkerboard always twice the number of grains as on the previous one.

3. Philately


Philately is an activity or hobby of collecting stamps and other postal items such as the First Day Cover. The collection of postal items mostly prioritized the old edition, although new editions were also collected. The older the age of the postal object, the higher the price. In Indonesia, Philatelic activities received support from PT Pos Indonesia. In each large post office there is a window or philately room.

4. Element collecting

Element collecting

The collection of elements of the periodic table is a hobby that consists of collecting pure samples, specimens or objects related to the 118 chemical elements discovered so far. The nature of this collection requires certain prior knowledge and can be a didactic tool.

5. Pottery


Pottery, originally a craft that served for the manufacture of vessels for cooking, eating or storing liquid and bulk materials. At the present time, processing by molding on a potter's wheel, applying glaze and then firing clay to make it into household items, building materials, various decorative items, souvenirs, jewelry, in a word, into ceramics.

6. Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is a variation of volleyball, which is played on sand. Two teams separated by nets hitting volleyball using arms or hands. Players try to hit the ball through the net to enter the floor in the opponent's area, and must prevent the ball from falling in their own area.

7. Taxidermy


The Taxidermy is the art of preparing the dead animals to preserve the appearance of life. The term comes from the ancient Greek τάξις/táxis (order, arrangement) and δέρμα/dérma (the skin). It appears for the first time in the New Dictionary of Natural History (1803-1804) of Louis Dufresne (1752-1832). The corresponding profession is that of taxidermist or stuffer.

8. Gold prospecting

Gold prospecting

At present, gold panning is a popular entertainment that cannot be gained, as most of the rich areas have already been exploited. In the Czech Republic, gold is regularly panted at Otava near Kestřany on Písek in the gold-bearing river Otava.

9. Worldbuilding


Worldbuilding, conworlding or světotvorba is the act of creating a fictional world, sometimes entire fictional universe. The term "worldbuilding" was popularized in the 1970s science fiction writers' workshop. Creating an imaginary environment with complete features such as history, geography, and ecology is a key to science fiction or fantasy authors. worldbuilding often involves generating maps, story background, and humanity. The fictional worlds created can enrich the story background and history, so it is a good idea to reconsider the work during the completion of the work.

10. Amateur astronomy

Amateur astronomy is part of astronomy that is practiced by amateurs. Although most amateur astronomers carry out their hobby for pleasure and to expand their personal knowledge, astronomy is also one of the few branches of science where amateurs can make an important contribution to scientific knowledge about the universe, particularly in the field of variable stars, observations of asteroids and star coverings by the moon. In these areas, professional astronomers cannot spend the time and resources where amateurs with modest resources and mobility can make many useful observations.

11. Hacky Sack

Hacky Sack a small ball, also called short bag or leg bag, different variations of which are used in a number of games, as well as the combined name of various sports, where this ball is used. If you do not take into account, the various variations where it is necessary to kick the ball, passing it to other players. There are two of the most common disciplines in footbag: freestyle futbol and no-futbag game.

12. Squash

13. Magic

14. Movie and movie memorabilia collecting

15. Inline skating

16. Netball

17. Shopping

18. Baton twirling

19. Sand art

20. Freestyle football

21. Hiking

22. Meteorology

23. Exhibition drill

24. Stamp collecting

25. Roller skating

26. Skydiving

27. Brazilian jiu-jitsu

28. Bus spotting

29. Antiquities

30. Sculling or rowing

31. Disc golf

32. Knife collecting

33. Jewelry making

34. Yoga

35. Board sports

36. Flower collecting and pressing

37. Bird watching

38. Powerlifting

39. Water sports

40. Electronics

41. Laser tag

42. Shogi

43. Collecting

44. Metalworking

45. Vehicle restoration

46. Camping

47. Airsoft

48. Mountaineering

49. BMX

50. Weightlifting

51. Graphic design

52. Kabaddi

53. Golfing

54. Coin collecting

55. Auto audiophilia

56. Kayaking

57. Aircraft spotting

58. Ice hockey

59. Coloring

60. Perfume

61. Road biking

62. Polo

63. Lego building

64. Gardening

65. Sketching

66. Stone skipping

67. Sewing

68. Fishing

69. Beekeeping

70. Gaming (tabletop games and role-playing games)

71. Mahjong

72. Writing

73. Kitesurfing

74. Climbing

75. Darts

76. Book collecting

77. Jigsaw puzzles

78. 3D printing

79. Acrobatics

80. Shoes

81. Quilling

82. Model building

83. Walking

84. Candle making

85. Marbles

86. Record collecting

87. Drama

88. Equestrianism

89. Die-cast toy

90. Vintage cars

91. Needlepoint

92. Tour skating

93. Slot car racing

94. Bowling

95. Microscopy

96. Boxing

97. Association football

98. Driving

99. Tennis

100. Kart racing

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