Johnny Bravo (1997 - 2004)

Johnny Bravo is a cartoon series, produced by Cartoon Network, and created by Van Partible within the What a Cartoon!, of which many writers and directors of this series have been famous for their own works as Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy and American Dad!, and also Butch Hartman, creator of The Magic Godparents.

Johnny Bravo received generally positive reviews and is considered an icon of the Cartoon Network series. During its tour, the series was nominated for 4 Annie Awards, 1 YoungStar Award and 2 Golden Reel Award.


The series focuses on the main character of Johnny Bravo, a blond and muscular man who chases all the women who pass by him, but none heed. He constantly looks for a woman who is willing to meet him, but even when he seems to find one, things go wrong and women end up hitting him. Johnny Bravo has great resemblances to Elvis, a famous rock singer and actor James Dean.

He lives in a fictional city called Aron City. The series has references to pop culture and jokes aimed at cunning adults who would understand much of the humor of the series. The series seems to be set in the 1950s.

Origin of the series

It started in the What a Cartoon! from Hanna-Barbera. At the beginning, three pilots were issued: Johnny Bravo: The Lost Gorilla, Johnny Bravo: The Island of the Amazons and The Child of the Jungle: The Monkey Man. In July of 1997 he became a series.

The origin of the character's name was based on the full name of Van Partible, Giovanni Bravissimo Partible. The name Giovanni is equivalent to John in English and Bravissimo could be translated into English as Bravo, that is, part of Van Partible's name is Johnny Bravo.

In 2012, a movie called "Johnny goes to Bollywood" was released, part of a celebration of his 15 years. In 2011 they took short films.


Johnny Bravo: Main character of the series. He is a big man and looks like James Dean and Elvis Presley. Johnny can also be interpreted as a male representation of the "dumb blonde", with the notable exception in Cartoon Network The 1st 13th Annual Awards Anvil Fantasy Show Special Program: Live in Stereo, in which Johnny was the host and He was very witty and "soft". He is incredibly narcissistic and flirtatious who always reject him. Usually his flirting with the ladies ends with them giving him a strong blow that leaves him lying on the floor. In some chapters, they even electrocute him with an electric pickaxe or spray pepper spray, typical weapons to defend against assailants.

Johnny, despite his musculature, is not violent or conflicting, he usually uses all his energies trying to conquer girls, no matter how they are. Johnny's personality and overall physical appearance are based on a relatively unknown personal trainer from England called Shane Dickens.

Johnny's character is memorable for showing off his muscles and making martial arts movements, usually while trying to impress women. He has his hair hard because of the excessive use of gel. You always saw blue jeans and a black polo shirt (in a chapter some geeks say that because of their way of dressing and speaking they should belong to the 50s). In the whole series he wears a pair of sunglasses, but without taking them off, as a result of which in an episode he loses them in the hands of Velma Dinkley, a girl in the series, Scooby-Doo, where are you? and in another in the hands of a frog and retrieves them.

In short films broadcast on Cartoon Network, Johnny's past was shown, which turned out to be a weakling that nobody respected. His hair was originally a darker blond, until one day he was dumped in a bucket of yellow paint after he tried to flirt with a girl. The paint dyed her hair, and, when she tried to remove it with a vacuum cleaner, her hair stood still. After much exercise (to defend against those who bothered him) he formed all his muscles.

Van Partible stated in an interview for Cartoon Network that the name derives from its full name, "Giovanni Bravissimo Partible" (The Giovanni in English are told Johnny). In some episodes, Johnny gets in or falls into the water with clothes or swimsuit, showing muscular body to all the girls in the alliance. His middle name was rumored to be Boston.

Bunny Bravo: She is Johnny Bravo's mother, she has had a living past and sometimes reveals a surprising hidden talent. In the original format of the series, she portrays her as a calm and affectionate person, but once the program was restructured, she became a more outgoing and strong woman. He is very dedicated to his son, but as he knows his low intellectual level, in addition to the womanizer attitude, he does not always take his problems seriously. Like Johnny, Bunny has his own brand sunglasses that always cover his eyes. Bunny expects Johnny to find that special person he has been looking for.

Suzy: She's the neighbor of Johnny Bravo, a smart little redhead girl from the neighborhood (often called "little neighborhood girl" by Johnny). In many episodes, Suzy has been shown to have an important crush on Johnny (although the feeling is not mutual). It has many names: Karina and Aida, but Suzy is her favorite. In the first seasons she was a sweet and tender girl, later she changed her image and personality to that of a smarty. At the beginning of the series, Suzy was more like a cute and cute character with a round head, while in recent seasons she redesigned her by making her thinner, more adult looking and with a square head. Suzy has many interests (such as selling lemonade and participating in Scouts Buttercup) and has proven to be very successful in most of those interests. It's very obvious that Johnny finds Suzy so annoying that he doesn't even go to his birthday parties or school dances.

Carl: A local nerd, also known as Carl Shocker, considered by many (especially Johnny) to be very annoying. He is Johnny's "best friend". He is a genius and a geek, but somewhat eccentric and shy who sometimes uses Johnny in his experiments. He was introduced in the second season, and seems to be Johnny's only friend, although the latter often denies it. Carl likes Johnny and he continues with him to hang out, even after all the bad things Johnny says or does against Carl. He remained in the program after the return to the original style, but was relegated to minor roles.

Pops: He is the greedy owner of a local restaurant. He often gives suggestions and advice to Johnny, however, they often prove to be useless, sometimes causing Johnny problems. Their chille dinner is made of very suspicious ingredients and serves food made from many animals, such as possums, pandas, pumas, seals, horses and bald eagles. Like Carl, Pops was introduced in the second season after the drastic reorganization of the series and remained even after the return to the original format, despite being relegated to short cameos.

Master Hamma: A Japanese martial arts instructor. Johnny has had, unsuccessfully, several of his martial arts classes and often ruins Hamma's life trying to learn his lessons. Like Carl and Pops, Master Hamma was introduced after the series was changed. His rival is another martial arts instructor named Garra Panteen, who has a daughter named Ting whom Johnny falls in love with. In one episode, it is revealed that one of the reasons why Master Hamma hates Garra, is because Garra had his dojo open where Master Hamma wanted to open his, which he could not do because the city did not want to rent it.

Jungle Boy: A little boy with incredible strength, who lived in the jungle with talking animals (similar to Tarzan's). He shares a strong rivalry with King Raymond (voice of Mark Hamill, similar to Kerchak). His appearances in the series were short-lived and he and the other animals were removed from the show after season 1

Bobo: He's the only employee of Pops. He is a man with very broad shoulders and simian features who wear a green and blue mask. It is believed he was a champion in wrestling since he has demonstrated to know movements of that profession. Normally he is preparing Pops sauces, although he always says “Bobo, back” when he enters the kitchen brandishing a whip. It was introduced in the second season.

The series has featured appearances by stars such as Don Knotts, Jessica Biel, Alec Baldwin, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Luke Perry, Farrah Fawcett, Vendela Kirsebom, Adam West, Dionne Warwick, Mick Jagger, Richard Simmons, Mr. T, Mark Hamill, Shaquille O'Neal, Seth Green, Allyce Beasley, Curtis Armstrong, Chuck D, Jeffrey Tambor, Tia Carrere, Donny Osmond, and Laraine Newman.

List of episodes

Pilot Episodes: 1995-1997

# Number of episodesEnglish TitleTitle in SpanishSynopsis
oneJohnny Bravo: Lost GorillaJohnny Bravo: The Lost GorillaJohnny tries to conquer a zookeeper by capturing a runaway gorilla.
2Jungle Boy: Mr. MonkeymanThe Jungle Boy: The Monkey ManThe Raymond King pretends to be the Child of the Jungle to stain his reputation.
  • Note: El Niño de la Selva is another of the Van Partible characters, which was later integrated into the series.
3Johnny Bravo: Amazon WomenJohnny Bravo: The Island of the AmazonsJohnny accidentally falls on a mysterious island inhabited by great Amazonian women and tries to conquer them, with great setbacks.

First season (1997)

#Synopsis- Episode ASynopsis- Episode BSynopsis- Episode C
oneSupertimalo: In an effort to impress Suzy's beautiful teacher, Johnny says she is "Bravo-Man", his superhero alter ego. So try to prove that he is a superhero when a thief steals the city bank.Safe in the jungle: Flying over the jungle on a plane, Johnny angers a flight attendant for his constant flirting with her. As a result, the flight attendant pulls Johnny off the plane in flight. When Johnny comes down, he soon meets the Child of the Jungle.Time to dare: When Johnny has reason to believe that his mother Bunny is in the lost jungle, he looks for one to find her, only to wake Chronos the Bear, a very large and hungry grizzly bear.
2Sensitive male: Johnny tries to get a date with a girl who is in love with a sensitive dancer. A man (with the voice of Jack Sheldon) appears and offers Johnny's lessons on how to be the kind of sensitive person women want.Bravo Dooby Doo! : When Johnny's elderly aunt, Aunt Jebedissa Bravo, disappears, he asks for help from Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma, Daphne and Fred to solve the case and capture a ghost gardener (who turns out to be Aunt Jebedissa, who was trying drive away Johnny, because she doesn't like it and considers it a shame in the Bravo family).
  • Note: First appearance of Scooby-Doo.
3Appointment with an antelope: Johnny decides to try online dating, only to establish with a female antelope, named Carol.Aha Toro! : Johnny visits Pamplona where he needs some bullfighting practices with disastrous results.Cookie Crisis: Suzy plays a Buttercup Scout who is determined to have Johnny buy some of her delicious cookies. Johnny, who does not want to break his strict diet, tries by all means to go to the entire city to escape Suzy, who frustrates all his attempts to escape.
4It used to be funny: Two clowns, one more old-fashioned, one more modern, each one claims a corner of a particular street in Aron City, and decides to play a series of jokes on an innocent bystander to determine which one is more fun. That spectator turns out to be Johnny, who hates clowns and is repeatedly humiliated by his practical jokes.My beautiful fool: When the school geek wants to take Suzy to the school dance, Johnny decides to help. However, he soon learns that his lady hoarding tactics work better for the geek than for him, since the student becomes the teacher.Christmas Night: When Johnny confuses Santa Claus with a thief and knocks down old and cheerful San Nick (with Tom Bosley's voice), he tries to take his job to save Christmas.
  • Note: This episode makes the appearance of Scooby-Doo.
5My Friend Barney: Johnny visits Ireland and reads about Blarney Stone, which he confuses with an elf named Barney Stone, who can grant wishes. So Johnny tries to track Barney, and after much persuasion, he finally gives Johnny his wish.Johnny legionnaire: Johnny accidentally joins the French Foreign Legion and soon finds himself in a game show in Ancient Egypt, where he decides to find a path through the desert with the help of a reluctant camel named Lawrence.Johnny meets Farrah Fawcett: Suzy invites Johnny to his birthday party, but he refuses. That all changes when Johnny discovers that Farrah Fawcett, Suzy's cousin, will visit her and he will do his utmost to conquer her.
6Hip Hop is beating: Johnny tries to get a date with a hip-hop fan saying he knows "The Round Pound", his favorite group. As it happens, Round Pound rappers need help replacing some equipment, and when Johnny provides them, they agree to teach him how to become a hip-hop star.
  • Note: The Round Pound hip-hop group is a reference to the Fat Boys. Its members are CD Biggains (Chuck D), Heavy C (Heavy D) and Main Flavor (Flavor Flav)
Talk to me, my darling: Johnny goes to a talk show organized by a supermodel called and voiced by Vendela.Cobijín, Cobijón: All the wool in the city (including Johnny's piece) is being stolen by an evil wool-loving thief named Dr. Filaniest and his kind kitten, Pooky the Cat. Johnny plays the role of hero while he tracks and defeat Dr. Filaniest.
7Beach Blanket Bravo: When Johnny goes on a trip to the beach, he ends up at a party, where a hot girl named Franny uses it to make her rude and selfish boyfriend, Andy, get jealous. This angry defies Johnny to the contest "The King of the Beach" to determine which one will win Franny's heart. Along the way, they must escape from a great white shark named Buster (name not mentioned in the episode) who pretends to be Richard Nixon and then Martha Washington to be able to eat swimmers.The day Earth stopped moving: Johnny is taken to court to explain his actions the day before. A flashback begins, and Johnny explains that after seeing his flickering alarm that morning, he firmly believed that time had frozen and left him as the only person capable of moving. A series of incredibly strange coincidences repeatedly reaffirms Johnny's claim, and he abuses his power by stealing candy, dining in a first-class restaurant and sleeping in a five-star hotel without paying.The scrambled toys aisle: When Johnny wants a girl's older sister to fall in love with him, he decides to go to the discounted toy aisle to buy them some toys.
8Jumbo Johnny: Johnny, hoping to gain more muscle, buys a protein shake called "Uber Mass" from a scientist in the gym, but ignores the instructions in favor of drinking it all at once, and increases its size to become A massive obese. After drinking even more Uber Mass, Johnny grows to proportions similar to Godzilla and decides to look for an antidote.
  • Note: You can see a post of The Attack of the 50-foot woman, while Johnny searches for the Uber Mass factory.
The perfect gift: With Mother's Day around the corner, Johnny tries to find a way to earn money to buy a gift for his mother Bunny. While Suzy becomes ridiculously rich with her simple lemonade stand, Johnny does all kinds of jobs in an effort to raise the money he needs, but everything is ruined.Bravo, James Bravo: Johnny hits a beautiful woman named Jane, who turns out to be a secret agent. When Johnny compromises security at Jane's headquarters, his boss makes them work together to defeat the evil Dr. Pencilneck and thwart his nefarious scheme, although incredible and politically correct.
9Substitute Teacher: When a criminal steals Johnny's karate dojo, he tricks Johnny into thinking he is the substitute teacher.A wolf dressed as a woman: Johnny meets an amazing girl named Fluffy (voiced by Anne Bloom), only to discover that she is actually a wolf woman. She promises to offer Johnny a great time if he can get through a night with his transformed state.Intensive care: Johnny goes to the hospital to visit Suzy, only to find a beautiful nurse who treats her. Unfortunately, another employee continues on his way.
10Draculeando: A beautiful vampire named Lois (with the voice of Alison LaPlaca) decides to use Johnny to make Woody, her current boyfriend, jealous.Beto, the butler: Bunny wins a contest, which makes Berry Vanderbolten, a famous singer, be his butler for the day. However, Johnny takes advantage of the situation and mistreats it, since it almost makes Berry his slave.Embarrassed in the White House: Johnny has an appointment with the president's daughter, only to shock her and humiliate her for her lack of knowledge of Washington by accident. Johnny finds himself, beaten by his bodyguards (who are agents of the secret service), Agent Pim and Agent Shlomo. However, Pim and Shlomo are more skilled as fighters than Johnny in karate, jujitsu and interpretive dance.
elevenThe screaming man Clown! : When Johnny sees a clown on the wing of the plane, he tries to warn everyone of the danger. When nobody believes it, Johnny takes the matter into his own hands and eliminates one of the clowns pushing him to get out of the plane. His actions shame everyone when furious pilots explain hiring clowns and punish him for being a clown.Johnny, the good one: Johnny responds to an announcement to take care of a boy named Timmy, who has divine super powers. Johnny's sheer idiocy puts him at odds with the omnipotent Timmy, who repeatedly transports him to a cornfield just outside the house.Patty, the talkative: Suzy has a new doll named Talky Tabitha, and invites Johnny to a tea party to play with her, but Tabitha starts talking independently and says she doesn't like Johnny and he faces the doll, who repeatedly frustrates his efforts to destroy it.
12Johnny meets Adam West: Johnny sees Adam West (who expresses himself) solve children's problems on television while waiting for Bunny to return home from his trip to the market. When he arrives a minute late, Johnny immediately assumes that something went wrong and seeks West's help to find her. The television hero proves to be really strange and illogical, and takes Johnny on the hunt for a wild goose interpreting "clues" like garbage and the names of Chinese restaurants.Under the big tent: Johnny takes Suzy to the circus, only to discover that an evil ring master named Vivian Vixen has the Jungle Child under a mind control device.Johnny meets Donny Osmond: Bunny fears that Johnny has lost control without supervision and decides to hire him a babysitter. She settles in Donny Osmond (playing himself), whose overly cheerful attitude and children's ideas of fun drive Johnny crazy.

Second season (1999-2000)

#Synopsis- Episode ASynopsis- Episode BSynopsis- Episode C
13-1The planet of Space Bikinis: Johnny is kidnapped by two beautiful foreign women, who believe he is the perfect human specimen.Moby Jerk: After winning a cruise on a ship, Johnny accidentally gets on the wrong ship. There, Johnny meets Captain Spleen, who expects Johnny to catch a legendary bad-mouth man named Moby Jerk.
  • Note: The name of this episode parodies the name of the whale Moby Dick.
Johnny's Gel: One of Johnny's worst nightmares comes true when he runs out of "Triple Cement from Mr. Kevin's Hair", his hair gel promoted from an oasis of women.
14-2Johnny's vocation: After accidentally sending a picture of Suzy with his career test, Johnny is selected as a dancer in a studio.Johnny Maxo: Johnny, unknowingly, follows all the instructions of a satanic book in an attempt to get a hit, summoning a demon named Derek who recruits him to join in a malevolent uproar. When Johnny tries to help him become a good thing, he owns Johnny to use his body and wreak havoc on everyone.Forest Chump: After being swept in a waterfall next to Carl, Johnny meets a sensual and beautiful jungle villager named Rootsy, who proposes a marriage.
15-3Karma Krisis: Johnny doesn't hear the advice of his mother Bunny, and breaks a chain of letters. This results in a long streak of bad luck and a timely appearance of Dionne Warwick.The movie star: Johnny meets his hero, Squint Ringo, and performs twice for his show.The Prince and the Stupid: A prince from a distant kingdom is bored of being a ruler and sees that Johnny exactly resembles him. Thus, the two change places, and Johnny becomes a prince.
  • Note: This episode is based on the book The Prince and the Beggar, and even a cartoon by the author, Mark Twain, appears.
16-4Lobster: To make a special dinner for his mother, Johnny buys a lobster that unfortunately does not cooperate and puts him in trouble.The model: With a little help from Carl and Pops, Johnny gets a job as a fashion model to meet the female models. Unfortunately, it is exposed to poison ivy and triggers in the process.Johnny's girlfriend: Johnny sends a perfect woman by mail, but accidentally chooses a brave and athletic Swedish woman named Helga. In an effort to ruin his "relationship", Johnny takes her to the fight of Steege Cage.
17-5Adventure on the beach: On a summer day, Johnny tries to conquer the girls on a beach.Prisoner Johnny: After Johnny was arrested for throwing garbage in the street and sentenced to 86 life sentences, bureaucratic confusion in the judicial system causes Johnny to be thrown into a women's prison, where he meets two of them. So Suzy and Bunny decide to find a way to release him.Bravo 13: Johnny decides to become an astronaut when he throws himself into space by mistake with an annoying chimpanzee.
  • Note: This episode is a parody of the real event of Apollo 13.
18-6Home Sweet Home: When Bunny places a V-chip to limit Johnny's television viewing, he moves into a trailer, with Carl as his new roommate, but Johnny and Carl soon start arguing about television, and Carl wins the battle, only for the trailer to fall off a cliff, causing Johnny and Carl to finally fall to the Pops restaurant.Johnny's Telethon: Johnny organizes a long-term fundraising program, so that his favorite beef sale business continues in the business.Johnny's Guardian Angel: After causing numerous disasters for Carl, Bunny and Suzy, Johnny wished he hadn't been born. Maurice, Johnny's guardian angel, shows him what life would be like if he wasn't born, which actually turns out to be much better.
  • Note: This episode is based on the movie How beautiful it is to live.
19-7The fly: While guarding Carl's scientific project, Johnny accidentally turns into a fly.
  • Note: This episode is based on the movie The Fly (1958 movie).
Johnny Eskimo: After separating from his mother Bunny in a mall, they send Johnny to live with a new adoptive family in the Arctic.Educating Johnny: Johnny talks to a beautiful woman who eats at Pops' restaurant, and she tells Johnny that he is not a gentleman. So Pops tries to take Johnny and make him a gentleman worthy of high society, within seven days.
20-8Johnny's magic potion: Johnny exchanges the family cow for a magic hair tonic.

Note: This episode is a parody of the story Juanito and the Magic Seeds.

Johnny's pet: In an attempt to get a date with a beautiful dog-loving girl, Johnny adopts an emu pet, which turns out to be more than he expected.Johnny and the Gorilla: Johnny visits the southern seas, where a gigantic female gorilla falls in love with him.
  • Note: This episode is a parody of the movie King Kong (1933 movie).
21-9The secret ingredient: Johnny wins a free trip to Jerky Town and takes Pops with him. So Johnny will be named successor to Jerky Town until Pops discovers Jerky's secret ingredient. Pops reveals it, and Jerky gets Johnny and Pops expelled.
  • Note: This episode is a parody of the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Alien invasion: An alien lands on earth with the secret of universal peace. After Johnny sends him to the Pops restaurant, a mob starts chasing them.Mom has a new boyfriend: Bunny gets a new boyfriend named Raúl Montoya, but Johnny thinks he only goes out with her for her money.
22-10Johnny's abdomen: Johnny requests a machine to exercise the abdominal muscles and the results obtained called "Abdominizer 9,000", but instead of getting a six pack, his muscles form the figure of Mount Rushmore, making it a tourist attraction.Back to school: An administrative error causes Johnny to have to pass fourth grade again.Aunt Katie's farm: Johnny takes Suzy to her favorite children's show and ends up being one of the stars, Aunt Katie.
23-11Johnny's Camp: Johnny, trying to go to Karate camp, gets on the wrong bus and ends up at the Gigabyte computer camp, with Carl as his advisor.A very special team: Johnny pretends to be a girl who is "big for her age" to help Suzy's softball team.The shipwrecked: Johnny is shipwrecked with a pretty woman very irritable, who spends his time running away from him.
24-12Time travel: Johnny falls into a hair gel bath and travels 500 years in the future.Country life: Johnny joins an Amish community, and everyone thinks Johnny is a very distant relative.Carl's goodbye: Johnny decides to be nice to Carl, thinking he's going to die, but he takes advantage of him.
25-13Johnny, the Magnificent: Johnny is confused with an expert in karate and agrees to help a town "south of the border" to defeat an evil Mexican outlaw.Johnny and Juliet: Johnny tries to end the dispute between Bunny and Mona Herschbum, the new neighbor next door, so he can have a date with Mona's beautiful daughter, Juliet "Julie" Herschbum.
  • Note: This episode is a parody of the story Romeo and Juliet.
Johnny Caveman: In an archeological dig, Carl tells Johnny what it was like a caveman, struggling to find a home for him.
26-14The Boy of the Galaxy: Johnny runs into a captain of a starship in the park and is transported aboard his ship. There Johnny fights the war against Kharlok, the evil alien captain.
  • Note: As of this episode, the series changes to ink and digital paint.
A loose imp: Johnny takes care of a small baby left at the entrance of his house, but realizes that the baby can unleash evil powers.Johnny Detective: Johnny decides to become a detective and takes the case of Suzy's lost doll.
27-15Long live Patrimochas: When the entire city council suffers from food poisoning at the annual picnic, Johnny decides to take the post of mayor.Conquering Sister Sara: Sister Sara helps Johnny after a hallucination caused by a colony and tells her that she would have an appointment with him if Johnny is friendly.Car racing: When Johnny takes his mother Bunny's race car, Carl convinces him to enter an automatic race, where Carl controls it with a joystick. When the joystick short circuits, Johnny is allowed to drive alone.
28-16Johnny Picasso: Johnny takes Suzy to an art museum, and he decides to become an artist after he makes a butt impression on the wall. Fame then begins to go to his head.
  • Note: Johnny parodies the painter Pablo Picasso.
Jip Jay Jay: Adventure in the West: Bunny takes Johnny to a ranch on vacation, where he tries to win the heart of a cowgirl while trying to tame her handsome horse.Confectionery contest: Bunny and Suzy participate in a bakery contest, but after Bunny accidentally injures himself playing soccer, Johnny decides to take his place, but unfortunately he misses the recipe by accident.
29-17See who drools: When Johnny takes a bite out of Pops hot chili, he uses Carl's potion to cool the flames. This causes Johnny to be a baby again until 4:00 PM, but his mother Bunny likes the idea of Johnny being a little again and sent to a baby school with a girl.Law and disorder: Johnny accepts a job as a mall security guard and has a great time while abusing his powers. In the end, he is taken hostage during a wild robbery at a store, forcing Bunny to use his technical knowledge about command groups to save him.
  • Note: The name of this episode parodies the name of the series La Ley y el Orden.
The Tooth Fairy: Johnny pretends to be the tooth fairy after feeling guilty for telling Suzy that she wasn't real. To prove that Johnny really is the Tooth Fairy, Suzy forces him to grant him three wishes.
30-18Johnny Bravo, the unmistakable: Johnny is a poor second-class peasant who falls in love with a first-class millionaire girl named Shelia aboard the lake tour boat, SS Muronic. The ship sinks when it hits a can, and Shelia breaks up with Johnny and throws the ring he gave to the water (shallow).
  • Note: This episode parodies the movie Titanic (1997 film).
The Incredible Story: Three different variations in a story that took place in the part where everyone is injured, told by Carl, Suzy and Johnny.Free Pookey: The annual Weasel Roundup is interrupted by a beautiful animal rights activist. She says she would think Johnny differently if he helped the animals. With the best intentions, Johnny takes care of a piñata that names Pookey to return it to his native Mexico.
31-19The Carnival of the Middle Ages: Johnny follows a hot girl dressed as a princess to a Renaissance carnival. He believes he has gone through a time portal and has really returned to the Middle Ages. Try to impress the locals with their knowledge of the twentieth century, only to ruin all the events at the carnival by accidentBalloon War: After being beaten by a boy who is in love with Suzy, Johnny recruits the best he can to overcome his evil forces.Johnny Karateka Van Damme-Bruce Lee: Master Hamma says that the worst of his students could beat the best of his rivals. Hamma's opponent accepts him in the challenge and, to protect the dojo's honor, Johnny must use everything he has learned to defeat the rival's student.
32-20Adventure in Canada: Johnny and his mother Bunny go to Canada, where Johnny tries to get a mounted police, but ends up catching a criminal named Will Joon Gi by accident.Student Johnny: Johnny goes to a high school, and three students named Nigel, Eurhart and Piggy try to get in trouble.Johnny's cloning: Johnny tries to file a complaint with his cable company on his own, but ends up in a cloning laboratory where a mad scientist completes to make thousands of Johnnies and rent them for jobs that require heavy lifting. Soon, Bunny, Pops and Carl discover that the Johnnies are fake. However, they are tempted to ignore the situation because those clones are more sociable than the real Johnny.
33-21Johnny Loch Ness: Johnny and his mother Bunny go to Scotland, where he buys some haggis, causing problems when the Loch Ness monster tries to claim the dish on his own.Scouting girls: Johnny gives his mother smushweed (to which she is allergic), and Johnny tries to take on Bunny's duties as the mother of the den to Suzy's troop.The Gandida Gladiator: Johnny travels through a time portal, which Carl bought in a sale of science fiction scrap and is transported to Ancient Rome. There, while looking for a slice of pizza, he meets Emperor Caesar, is thrown into the lions in the Colosseum and witnesses the outbreak of Vesuvius.
34-22A hiccups attack: Johnny eats too fast and gets an amazing and severe case of hiccups. So visit a pretty nurse, who tells you that if the hiccups continue, you can return for your patented manual cure. Anxious to see the doctor again, during the next 24 hours, Johnny tries to avoid all the cures of hiccups that all the people want to practice.Marine world: Johnny is taken to Sea Land when he is caught in a fishing net after he was dragged into the sea by a spill. However, Johnny believes he found the lost city of Atlantis.The Thunder God: Johnny pulls a hammer out of an ice block and becomes a Viking god with all kinds of power. Johnny tells the gods that he must fight an ice giant.

Third season (2000-2002)

#Synopsis- Episode ASynopsis- Episode BSynopsis- Episode C
35-1Luke Perry's Love Guide: When Johnny saves Luke Perry's life, he reluctantly agrees to train Johnny on a date, using microscopic headphones placed on Johnny's ear.

Note: In this episode a cartoon of actor Luke Perry appears.

The bodyguard... and not Whitney's: Johnny decides to become a security guard for the Soybean Harvest Parade, but he spends all his time fighting against things that were not going to happen.

Note: This episode is a parody of the movie The Bodyguard.

Johnny Fugitive: Johnny tries to escape impetuously, when chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven disappear at the Police Pastry Sale and suspicion falls on him.

Note: This episode is a parody of the movie The Runaway.

36-2Virtual Johnny: Johnny takes Suzy to the toy store and suddenly becomes interested in the game of Biff Proton VR and decides to play it. As Johnny progresses in the game, his actions begin to have an effect on reality.
  • Note: This episode is a parody of Star Wars.
Ghosts: Knowing that he will sell millions, Johnny tries to get the first issue of Man Bean, the bean that walks like a man. The comic is protected by a ghost, and Johnny and Carl try to use it, like Ghostbusters.Hunting: Bunny takes Johnny to Colonel Fatman, where Johnny is forced to be hunted, but when it comes to chasing Johnny, he is not a hidden professional.
37-3The candidate: Johnny and Carl run for the Litter Commissioner to pick up the girls.Teamwork: Johnny meets Enorme Ferguson, the famous basketball player. Johnny wants to help Ferguson and Pogatuck's ferrets face the Townsville Titans.Johnny B. Badd: Suzy's song "Funky Monkey" is a hit among the neighborhood. So Pops decides to make Suzy, Carl and Bunny the stars, but Johnny wants to be the lead singer and Pops cuts the chord of his microphone to make things safe.
38-4Johnny Bravo Zabludovsky: To impress a beautiful newspaper editor, Johnny tries to follow a story that proves that cats are actually aliens from outer space.The curse: Johnny enters a black magic shop, where a sorceress cashier curses him to shrink. That's why Johnny is tiny and Suzy believes that his new size makes him adorable, so he does participate in a doll tea party and Johnny escapes to Carl's house, hoping that science can defeat the witchcraft.Firefighters: Johnny registers as a firefighter to impress the girls, but this will only bring major inconveniences.
39-5The theft of the century: Johnny falls asleep in a mummy coffin and wakes up when a female cat-thief tries to steal the largest piece of cubic zirconia in the world. After Johnny eats it, they kidnap him and take him back to his place (to his excitement), where Bunny saves Johnny.Johnny in the biosphere: Johnny is locked in the biosphere with a beautiful scientific lady, Carl, and others, where he destroys all his resources.Healthy life: Johnny registers in a spa to be pampered and meet hot girls. The manager sees how many toxins are in Johnny's system and decides that he will take it as his project that "will put his spa on the map".
40-6Fool for a day: After being the target of all April Fool jokes (including Suzy's class), Johnny thinks of a way to take revenge on his teacher, but when he does, he is no longer April Fool's, and the teacher hit him.Only in your dreams: Johnny meets the girl of his dreams, because it really is a dream, which makes things go wrong when he keeps dreaming that things go wrong.
  • Note: In Johnny's imagination, there is a cameo with the character of I Am The Weasel.
Beauty Contest: At Fish Lips Malone's career, Johnny and Carl dress up as women for the Miss Perky beauty pageant.
41-7Dental Hygiene: When Johnny has a tooth ache when eating fruit jellies, Bunny sends him to a dental clinic-school to have a free tooth fixed, but takes him tricked and tells him it is the "Cheerful Amusement Park", so that it does not cause problems.Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf: Johnny tries to get Squid Ringo's tungsten knuckles, but they no longer have Krelmann's Spread Prune. Johnny thinks Suzy is taking her grandmother to the forest.

Note: This episode is a parody of the Little Red Riding Hood children's story.

Expedition to Australia: After being expelled from a tour inside, Johnny is adopted by a kangaroo mother. He is an outcast until he defends the pack of the infamous Boomerang Caine
42-8The Jurassic Fool: Johnny puts his hands in a real prehistoric dinosaur egg, which hatches. Johnny thinks the dinosaur is a hamster, and decides to prevent his new pet (named Mr. Wuggles) from wreaking havoc in the city of Aron.Pet Academy: Johnny decides to be admired by soccer cheerleaders, but has no chance of being a player. Instead, he joins the Pet Academy as a "stinky fish head" for cheerleading to go out with him.The Johnny soldier: While running for Dodgeball camp, Johnny accidentally registers in the United States Army and manages to endure the strictest military training under the tutelage of the beautiful Sergeant Trixie.
43-9Johnny on ice: Johnny is buried by an avalanche while snowboarding in the snowy mountains. So a scientist who was digging in the area, rescues him from the ice and believes that Johnny is the "missing link" and this follows him, while enjoying all the free meals and the attention of the scientist's beautiful assistant, Lucy, until he becomes aware that they will dissect his brain.Mom Robot: When Bunny goes to Las Vegas to participate in a Bingo tournament, leaving Johnny alone for a few days, he asks a Mother-Robot by mail to replace her, but he thinks that robot would put Johnny's life at risk.20,000 leagues of underwater travel: While trying to find Clam-League 9,000 toys, Johnny works with an aquatic environmentalist named Debbie to save fish.
  • Note: The name of this episode is the same as Jules Verne's literary work.
44-10The genius Johnny: Johnny goes to an Arab convention with Carl and finds a genius who will grant him three wishes.Bravo on the jury: Thinking he'll meet Santa Claus, Johnny goes to a courthouse and ends up on the jury. The accused woman, of "triple parking in a no-load zone", is guilty in everyone's eyes, except Johnny.Carnival of phenomena: Johnny feels that his mother does not love him after she feels disappointed due to his lack of care with the microwave, so he leaves the house and joins a splendid phenomenon carnival led by Tina.
45-11Marathon: Suzy convinces Johnny to walk for charity. After accidentally walking around the world, they decide to stop it, otherwise, with their donations they try to pay billions of dollars.Lone Bravo: While watching the family scrapbook, Bunny tells Johnny the story of Lonestar Bravo and how he became the sheriff of Moist Rock to impress the border girls.Johnny Karateka: When a squirrel falls on Johnny's shirt during a karate game and ends up leveling everyone, his teacher's rival is so impressed that he kidnaps Johnny until he shows him his move.
46-12The forbidden book: A greedy censer named Mr. Blowhart has removed Harold's book and the book of fuzzy rabbits from all the bookshelves in the library, and Suzy tries to force him to change his mind.
  • Note: This is the only episode in which Johnny does not appear, but reappears at the end of the scene.
Johnny doll: Johnny is named CEO of an important toy conglomerate and invents action figures of himself for the holiday season.Franki-Bravo: Johnny meets a mad scientist who has made the perfect female monster, and she and Johnny escape from an angry crowd.

Note: This episode parodies the character Frankenstein.

47-13The brotherhood: When Johnny agrees to take the initiation trial for the "Brotherhood of the Gnu", a fraternity of which Pops and Carl are members, he decides to face the overwhelming task of eating a potato chip and hearing the unnecessarily long story of Brother Ernie of buying a new sofa.The Super Hero of the Boots: When the green Swoosh (a superhero similar to a Green Lantern) is injured by a falling meteor, Johnny gets his super boots, the source of his power, becoming a superhero armed with super strength and SpeedJohnny's Nightmares: Johnny has horrible nightmares about a monster, and he's driving his mother Bunny crazy. So Suzy, armed with a degree in psychology she obtained through the Internet, decides to psychoanalyze Johnny and find the root of her terrifying dreams.
48-14Golf tournament: Johnny becomes a golfer to earn money.Condemn Johnny: Johnny and Carl are arrested and try to escape from jail.Johnny, the woodcutter: Johnny becomes a woodcutter to win the support of a girl.
49-15Teacher, Teacher: Johnny is a film director, writer and protagonist of a new film he created with a $7 million art grant from the United States government.Travel on the train: Johnny mistakenly tackles the Blue Goose 9000, a prototype supersonic railroad, instead of a suburban railroad that visits his aunt.Mission in Alaska: Carl and Pops challenge Johnny to travel to Alaska and catch a strange fish, the "brazen salmon".
50-16Johnny Bravo at Christmas: Johnny forgets to send a letter to Santa Claus and tries to reach the North Pole before Christmas. When the post office tells him there is no way to get the letters to the North Pole, Johnny travels to the North Pole. Without being sure where Santa lives, he agrees to take Suzy with him. At first, they turn into stowaways on an airplane, but after being abandoned along with the circus animals, Suzy contacts a truck driver to take them to the airport. There they get an elevator that goes to the North Pole, picking up the infamous Donny Osmond.
  • Note: The special events take place during the third season of the series.
51-17The monstrous island: After traveling to an island to meet babies, Johnny becomes half man and half hamster. Enraged by this, he swears to destroy the mutant machine.The color of mustard: Johnny has retired from professional badminton due to an accident on the court, but after being challenged by a pretty girl and a prize for a date with her, he quickly accepts a match.The third idiot of the Sun: Johnny is absorbed in an extraterrestrial game show by an alien civilization. So win the first two rounds and compete in a game called "Suck My Brain Out".
52-18The Witch Project, Hansel and Gretel: Suzy and Carl convince Johnny to help them film a film about the witch of Hansel and Gretel who lives on the outskirts of the city.

Note: This episode is a parody of the children's story Hansel and Gretel.

Johnny, the genius: Johnny buys a drink designed to make chimpanzees smart. This makes Johnny smart just in time to save the city during a nuclear crisis.Reunions: Johnny's childhood nemesis, Stinky Brownstein, returns to the city. Now she is very beautiful and really interested in him, but Johnny can't see beyond the memories of all the practical jokes he told her when they were children.
  • Note: This is the last episode of Hanna-Barbera before it was integrated into Cartoon Network Studios.
53-19Johnny Bravo's Valentine's Day: In celebration of Valentine's Day, which is also Johnny's birthday, he invites everyone to go out to find the perfect date. However, it seems that his mother Bunny had already arranged an appointment for him. By refusing to go with a girl that his mother decided for him, he goes out alone. Despite all his attempts, every woman rejects him as usual, and feels deeply depressed on the worst birthday of his life. Ultimately, he ends up bumping into the woman his mother arranged for him, and turns out to be an attractive and busty redhead who, for all intents and purposes, is similar to Johnny in many ways. They end up having a fantastic date, and Johnny decides that this was his best birthday.
  • Note: The special events take place between the third and fourth season of the series.

Fourth season (2004)

#Synopsis- Episode ASynopsis- Episode B
54-1Johnny Bravo goes to Bollywood: Johnny is offered a role in the upcoming movie "Lunch Lady S'urprise" and will star in Don Knotts, Jessica Biel, a Hobbit and Alec Baldwin. When his part is written outside the script, he desperately tries to squeeze a few more seconds of his 15 minutes of fame.
  • Note: The film is freely based on the episode produced in India, Johnny Goes to Bollywood.
  • The events of the movie take place after the final episode of the main series.
55-2Traffic problems: A jaywalking incident takes Johnny to the "Musical Comedy Traffic School". Unfortunately, Johnny can't sing a note, and seeks the help of a kind old lady to discover how to make the rating and impress the Token Spunky Girl.A funny friend: Inspired by the pranks of a fellow man-man in the mall, Johnny asks for the help of a funny-looking friend to impress the girls. After looking up and down for the perfect funny friend, Johnny finds a professional who knows how to attract chicks.
56-3The handsome bull wins: Johnny tries to participate in a contest to win a pickup truck "The Handsome Bull", and decides to survive a lot of competitors to hold on to a rather talkative bull.Johnny's lesson: Johnny puts himself on the bad side of a gypsy with his clumsy passes, and casts a spell, turning her into a woman ("Jenny Brava").
57-4Alone at home: Bunny leaves the city on vacation and Johnny convinces her to let him stay home alone all week. Things are not going as well as Johnny would have expected, since one disaster after another hits his house, culminating in a band of fairytale creatures that storm his house and make a wild party.N/A:
58-5Mini Johnny Bravo: Johnny is caught taking care of a baby and decides to teach a child to be more like him to make the situation more bearable. To their surprise, the ladies are quite in love with what they think is a father-son duo, and Johnny plans to use the child as a baby magnet.Back to the future: After Johnny was eliminated by a woman he was flirting with, a band of science fiction geeks finds a stunned Johnny and convinces himself that he is a time traveler since 1963.
59-6Oui, Oui, Johnny: Johnny takes French lessons with his mother for his next trip to Paris, France, but Johnny is a slow learner.Stories Ñaca Ñaca: When the Braves' television breaks on movie night, Bunny suggests that she, Johnny, Suzy and Donny Osmond (who appears later) take turns telling stories to keep themselves entertained.
60-7The Super Shovel: Johnny asks for a seemingly complex training device over the phone, which turns out to be a rusty and worn shovel.Tragedy T: Mr. T pays Johnny a visit to teach him about self defense.
61-8Those gray hairs: Johnny gets scared when he wakes up with gray hair.Double vision: Johnny goes home from the grocery store with a resemblance to his mother.
62-9Invisible Johnny: Johnny thinks a wizard makes him invisible.The delicacy at the end of this program: Johnny fears the new piece in the city.
63-10The story of my life: Johnny tells Suzy a story about his first crush.Run, Johnny, Run: Johnny tries to get to his date blindly on time, but when he fails the first time, he takes the remote control and restarts the cartoon.
64-11Nature Protection Program: A moose pretends that she and Johnny are married elephants because they run away from people they think are a mafia to conquer the world.One page in the story: In the distant past, Pedro Picapidera rescues an ancestor with the same name as Johnny who lives in Bedrock and soon finds himself doing Pedro's homework as a way to pay him.
  • Note: The only appearance of The Flintstones.
65-12Someone walks at night: Johnny ends up in a reality show as a detective.Adam West's appointments: Johnny is on a dating program and has a blind date with the Black Widow.
66-13Makeover: Johnny becomes the target of Don Knotts, "Weird Al" Yankovic and the Blue Falcon for his reality show, Cartoon Makeover. The trio tries to renew it completely to make it a great success for the new generation of young people, but their tactics only make things worse for Johnny.
  • Note: Powerpuff Girls are mentioned at the end of the segment.
Shaq's Luck: In a basketball game, Shaquille O'Neal discovers that Johnny brings him good luck. This is valid until Shaq's confrontation with Seth Green, who has brought his own good luck charm with the name of Huckleberry Hound.
  • Note: Huckleberry Hound only appearance.

Proposed movie

It was reported in 2002 that Warner Brothers Pictures had secured the rights to a real-image film by Johnny Bravo, where it was proposed that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would embody this character. However, to date there are no new developments regarding this project had been announced.

Video Game

A video game titled Johnny Bravo: Date-O-Rama! It was released for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2.

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