Manuel Neuer (born in Gelsenkirchen, West Germany, 27 March 1986) is a player of football from Germany, who plays as a goalkeeper. He currently plays for Bayern Munich. He also played for the German national team.

He is the current German national team goalkeeper, who replaced Oliver Kahn and Jens Lehmann in the previous period's German National Team. He won his rivalry with Tim Wiese and made him trusted to occupy the position of coach Joachim Loew as Germany's number one goalkeeper at the moment. Manuel Neuer played for Schalke 04 II and Schalke 04, with Schalke 04, Neuer appeared 155 times, but did not score. Neuer currently plays for Bayern Munich. Although Manchester United are interested in him, he prefers to dock in the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich. in his career, Manuel had a high fighting spirit and did not hesitate to deal directly with the opposing goalkeeper. Evidently he had been one of the executioners in the Champions League final match against Chelsea. He became the third executor in the penalty shootout round. In the semi-final match against Italy at Euro 2012, Neuer did not hesitate to go straight to leave the goal he guarded, headed in front of a goal guarded by Gialugi Buffon to help his colleagues break through the Italian defense. Although finally the German national team had to recognize the superiority of Italy with a score of 1-2, but Neuer received a positive appreciation of his actions.

Manuel Neuer has played for various age levels for the German national team, namely: Under-18, Under-19, Under-20, Under-21, and major. Neuer brought Germany world champions at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Manuel Neuer is very concerned about children, he founded the Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation, which aims to accommodate gifted children. Besides that, it can be accessed on where Manuel has established a facility to channel children's talents in music. Not only talented and charitable, Neuer is also a smart athlete. Neuer had participated in the quiz Who Wants To Be a Millionaire held in Germany in November 2011. With his general knowledge, he won a prize of 500,000 euros which he later donated to a charitable foundation.

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