Siddaramaiah (born August 12, 1948) is a politician who is the 22nd Chair of Karnataka Minister, a state in South India, since 2013. Being the leader of the current Indian National Congress party, Siddaramaiah is a member of various factions of Janata Parivar for several years. Previously, as a leader of the Janata Dal (Secular), he was Deputy Chairperson of the Karnataka Minister for two terms. On 13 May 2013 he was appointed as the new Karnataka chief minister. Siddharamaiah, an atheist, is known for his socialist, secular and anti-caste views.

He was born to Siddarame Gowda and Boramma in a village called Siddaramanahundi in Varuna Hobli in the Mysore District in a farming family. He was not formally educated until he was ten years old but he earned a B.Sc. and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Mysore. He is a leader of the Kuruba Gowda community, the second largest in Karnataka. He was the second of five children.

Siddaramaiah was elected Chief Minister, after Congress adopted a secret election method to elect a new chief minister. He led the Indian National Congress with the most votes in the 2013 Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections.

He married Parvathi and had two sons - Rakesh, who played several film roles and helped his father, and Yathindra, who became a doctor. He was an Atheist, and said the oath of the minister with the name "Truth" to replace the word "God".


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