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A tattoo artist (tattoo master, a collar) is a person who creates images on the human body by introducing special pigments into the skin. In ancient times, primitive tools were used for the tattooing process, such as sharpened wooden sticks and knitting needles. Currently professional tattooists work with special tattoo machines using the principle of electromagnetic induction. The tattoo artist can work on the basis of flash paper sketches or create a drawing directly on the client's skin, the so-called freehand. Tattoo masters can take part in tattoo festivals that take place in different cities around the world. As part of such events, ordinary visitors can get a tattoo from any master you like, it is especially convenient when the master comes from another city or country.

1. Greg Irons

2. Janet 'Rusty' Skuse

Janet 'Rusty' Skuse

Janet 'Rusty' Skuse was a tattoo artist from the profession. She is also known for drivers in Women's Royal Army Corps. She has recorded her name as "the most tattooed woman" recorded in the Guinness World Record, which is for next 20 years.

3. Don Ed Hardy

Don Ed Hardy

At the New York Art Gallery, Hardy exhibited in 1995 the exhibition Pierced Hearts and True Love. Hardy was at this exhibition that a decisive step towards improving the image of tattooing was a historical overview of the past 100 years.

4. Jason Cruz

Jason Cruz

Jason Alexander Cruz is a Canadian singer, leader of the punk rock band Strung Out. Jason was also a tattoo artist at Twizted By Dezign Studios in Los Angeles. For a short time he made several tattoos to his bandmates.

5. Alan Dean

Alan Dean

Alan is a tattoo artist from UK. He is owner of three Tattoo UK studios in the London. Alan has been tattooing for over 25 years and his studios are one of the leading studios in the United Kingdom. His studio is one of the most famous studio internationally.

6. Mark Mahoney

Mark Mahoney

7. Chris Garver

Chris Garver

Chris Garver is a tattooist from US. He is best known for having appeared on the Miami Ink television show. He is the youngest of three brothers. He started experimenting with tattoos at the age of seventeen, after selling his electric bass to buy a tattoo team. He prepared academically for a year and was apprenticed for six months, retouching old tattoos that needed to be recoloured.

8. Sua Sulu'ape Paulo II

Sua Sulu'ape Paulo II

Su'a Sulu'ape Paulo II was a tufuga ta tatau (tatau masters for Samoan tattoos). Since the 1970s he lived in New Zealand and was regarded as an agent for Samoan culture.

9. Bob Tyrrell

10. Paul Booth

He is known to be the tattoo artist of rock stars, such as Kerry King, even with Slayer during the tour known as Tattoo the Earth, Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down), members of the band Mudvayne, Lamb of God, Dimmu Borgir, Slipknot and WWE wrestler The Undertaker, etc. According to Paul Booth, he tattooed Ozzy Osbourne's arm at Ozzfest Music Festival in 2006.

11. Mark Bodé

12. Maud Wagner

Maud learned from Gus the traditional tattoo technique known as hand poked or stick and poke, and became a talented artist and the first professional tattoo woman known in the US. Both were among the few tattoo artists who worked by hand, that is, without the help of the modern tattoo machine, which already existed at that time.

13. Hannah Aitchison

14. Kat Von D

15. Nikole Lowe

16. Leo Zulueta

17. Nikko Hurtado

18. George Burchett

19. Jack Rudy

20. Vyvyn Lazonga

21. Mister Cartoon

22. Yoji Harada

Yojiro Harada (Japanese: ada 洋 ada Harada Yōjirō) was born in Tokyo in Japan and is an Ami James apprentice. Together with his wife Bridgette, Harada has a daughter, Sydney, who was born in 2008.

23. Mary Jane Haake

24. Eric Pele

25. Ami James

26. Leslie Mah

27. Darren Brass

28. Opie Ortiz

29. Manu Farrarons

30. Phil Andros

31. Whang-od

32. Herbert Hoffmann

33. Cliff Raven

34. Manfred Kohrs

35. Paul Timman

36. Jacki Randall

37. Corey Miller

38. Christian Warlich

39. Lee Wagstaff

40. Lyle Tuttle

41. Adal Hernandez

42. Dan Henk

43. Shannon Moore

44. Dr Lakra

45. Jason Jones

46. Joey Pang

47. Guy Aitchison

48. Vincent Castiglia

49. Samuel O'Reilly

50. Daniel Higgs

51. Sailor Jerry

52. Horiyoshi III

53. Katzen

54. Alex Binnie

55. Madison Stone

56. Louis Molloy

57. Horst Heinrich Streckenbach

58. Henk Schiffmacher

59. Greg Kulz

60. Chris Núñez

61. Thomas Pendelton

62. Henry Hate

63. Cally-Jo

64. Trym Torson

Kim Saigh

Kim Saigh (born 25 June 1973 in Westlake, Ohio) is an American tattoo artist and television person. She is best known for her American tattoo series LA Ink. Kim Saigh was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Kim remained in Chicago from 1994 to 2006 and pursued her early tattoo career. She worked in Innocent Productions from 1996 to 1999 with Aitchison. Kim opened her own tattoo shop "Cherry Bomb Tattoo" in 1999. Kim came to Los Angeles in 2006 to give a new direction to her tattoo career. In 2009, Kim opened a memorial tattoo in Los Angeles with her boyfriend, Shawn Barber.

66. Grace Neutral

Grace Neutral
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