The Incredibles 2 is a 2018 3D American animated computer hero film, and is a sequel to The Incredibles (2004). The film was produced by Pixar Animation Studios, and was released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film was written and directed by Brad Bird, his first film writer and director. The film is scheduled to be released on June 15, 2018 and will be given the release of IMAX.

Film Story: Three months after Syndrome's defeat, The Incredibles, aka the Parr family, and Frozone, aka Lucius Best, fought the Underminer as a last-ditch attempt to rob Metroville Bank. The Underminer escaped in his drilling vehicle, but the Incredibles stopped him before he destroyed City Hall. Even so, the authorities care more about the level of damage caused by the disaster. Rick Dicker told the Parr family that his department in the Super Relocation program was being turned off due to a battle with Underminer. As a result, supers are once again forced to permanently obey their secret identity.

Some time later, a telecommunications tycoon named Winston Deavor from DEVTECH made contact with Lucius and Parr's family, stating that he wanted the Super Relocation Program to be revoked just as they did. When Bob, Helen, and Lucius visited him, Winston proposed a publicity action plan to get the support of the general public. In Winston's plan, Helen Parr, who according to Winston at least damaged the supersens present, would represent the supers as he openly fought crime in the city of New Urbrem. When Bob offered to take care of the children when he left, Helen agreed with Winston's proposal and Parrs was moved to the carved residence provided by Winston.

During Helen's New Urbrem mission, she is confronted by a mysterious villain named Screenslaver, who hijacks the screen to project hypnotic images to brainwash civilians. Meanwhile, Bob discovers that the family baby, Jack-Jack, has the power to change shape into alternative forms, and Bob struggles to control it. Because of exhaustion, Bob brought Jack-Jack to his old friend, designer superhero costume Edna Mode, to be treated and he agreed when he saw the superpowers of the baby.

After Helen rescues an ambassador from the Screensaver grip, he manages to defeat and unmask the villain, which is revealed to be a pizza delivery. The pizza delivery man claimed that he was confused about what had happened. During the celebration at Deavor's, Helen realized that the hypnoscreens made by Screenlaver were also in her glasses. Soon after, the glasses were forced by Winston's sister Evelyn Deavor, brainwashing Helen. Evelyn revealed herself as the mastermind behind Screensaver, stated that he hated superheroes and saw his brother's mission as a threat to human independence. Evelyn then deceives Bob to save Helen before the power of a female hero is hypnotized by a pair of hypnotic glasses to Bob, placing him under Evelyn's control as well.

Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack, which Edna has put on a super suit, sneaks into Deavor's ship where there is a trial of leaders to legalize the super hero. Jack-Jack removes hypnotic glasses from Helen, who then frees Bob and Lucius and reveals Evelyn's plans to the gathered leaders. A battle on the ship then threatens to crash the ship into New Urbrem. However, the supers managed to stop him and Helen caught Evelyn when he tried to escape. The supers are grateful and the Super Relocation Program was finally revoked, making it super legal once again.

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