Shriram Raghavan is known for making a different kind of cinema. That's why he has directed only five movies so far. Among them, Badlapur, Ek Haseena Thi, Agent Vinod and now the Andhadhun thriller movie. Shriram has always been known to tell the best story. This time even since the trailer of Andhadhun has come, there is a different enthusiasm in the heart of the audience watching such a movie. What is the story of the film, how the film is made, let's review.


The story of the film is of a piano player (Ayushman Khurana), which is blind. She lives by playing a piano in her girlfriends Radhika Apte's restaurant. On the other hand, there are Tabu on the other side who have to marry a star (Anil Dhawan) to become rich. Later she is also called a rich wife. Everything is going well, in the meantime, Anil Dhawan is killed suddenly by one day. Anil's death becomes a murder mystery. The allegation seems to be on Ayushman Khurana, even though he is blind, how he must have seen this murder, or because of blindness, he can not be eyewitnesses.

This is where the story starts taking a different turn. Many twists and turns come in. What happens after all, who has killed and who is the biggest culprit, will have to see the film to know all this.

Why watch movie?

As soon as Sriram Raghavan's name comes, the audience becomes a part of a different kind of movie. A movie which is going to be something new every moment. This is the same in Andhadhun. Many twists and turns come in. Whatever you are thinking in the 10th minute does not happen, something becomes different. The screen is playful. The story is very strong. The manner in which Shriram has told that flavor is very different and excellent. It can be said that this is the best Thriller movie of this year. It can be considered the most different in thriller films made in India's history of Hindi cinema.

Ayushman is once again seen in a different role with this film. He did his best in the film. On the other hand, Varun Dhawan's uncle Anil Dhawan has been seen on film screen after many years. Those you might have seen in many movies like "Hawas". They also do great work. Tabu has a different role and Radhika has also acted instantly.

Artists' acting is best. This story belongs to the piano player. The film's twist tones are a specialty. The plot does not stop anywhere, though at the beginning of second half the story stumbles slightly, but the overall movie is very good. These films, which are liked by the films of this genre, will definitely see.

Weak Points

No song in the film had hit before the release. Although it does not bother the plot, yet even if the songs were good, there would be a different kind of enthusiasm in the audience. On the other hand, Murder Mystery and Thriller is the kind of audience watching movies. Perhaps the audience of every section did not like the movie. If the film did not go too far, perhaps some of the viewers may not know about the film. The promotion of the movie could also be strong.

"Andhadhun" is at the 3rd Position in this list.

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