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The web hosting service is an Internet service that provides server resources for rent, allowing organizations or individuals to place information on the Internet in the form of HTTP, FTP, EMAIL, or DNS. If analogous, the website is a building, then hosting is a patch of land and the domain is the address of the plot of land. A hosting consists of a server or a combination of servers connected to a high-speed Internet network. There are several types of hosting services, namely sharing hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS (virtual private server), and collocation servers.

HostGator is an American hosting, Internet company founded in 2002 and based in Houston, Texas. HostGator is a subsidiary of Endurance International Group. HostGator was founded by Brent Oxley, a student at the Florida Atlantic University. Their main occupation is website registration and website host.

its good but very costly

I have tried lots of web hosting companies, but they provide best service ever.

one word comment.... yes!!

a trusted web hosting service provider

HostGator is the alligator in web hosting companies

In 2010, GoDaddy managed nearly 40 million domains, making it the world's largest registrar, ahead of Enom and Tucows. The total of registered addresses was estimated at 55 million in March 2013, so GoDaddy manages more than the nine other major registrars together. Every day, 50,000 domains are added, in total GoDaddy owned eleven million customers.

I transfer my server to other because its transfer all my domain from http to https without my permission

Godaddy have a good marketing team

As expected, GoDaddy will always be no 1

They spends their lots of money in the tv ads and print media advertisement

go daddy... create your creative ads

3. Bluehost

Blue Host is an American hosting company started in 2002 and is one of the 20 largest hosting company, hosts more than a million and a half site on the network and provide unlimited hosting plan in terms of space and data transfer.

Is Bluehost reliable & fast? ... anyone please

4. IPage

It Founded in 1998 as a dedicated company to the Web integrated services. In the year 2009 it has been re-launch as web hosting provider. Endurance International Group acquired the company in 2010. The same group also has several Web hosting companies, notably Bluehost, HostGator and a number of other companies that the company has acquired in huge deals.

5. DreamHost

DreamHost's shared and dedicated hosting network consists of Apache, nginx and lighttpd web servers running on Debian GNU/Linux OS. The control panel is a custom home-built application, includes integrated billing and a ticket system, and has received praise from some customers.

6. 1&1 Internet

1&1 IONOS specializes in websites hosting and online commerce. In addition to the domain names (.fr, .com, .eu, .net, .info and new gTLDs), 1&1 IONOS offers web hosting solutions on Linux or Windows, servers (dedicated, virtual or cloud), a website creation solution turnkey 1&1 mywebsite, online commerce solutions as well as email solutions.

7. is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create HTML5 websites by dragging and pasting. Users can add various features such as social media links, electronic commerce, contact forms, email marketing, and community forums to their sites using a variety of Wix applications and third-party applications.

8. is based in Florida, provides domain registration and web related services.

9. Hostinger

Hostinger the ESOP facility headquartered in Kaunas. It was renamed before being known as Hosting Media in 2011. Currently, Web hosting, VPS, cloud hosting services, and domain registration services to provide.

10. SiteGround

SiteGround is a web hosting company established in 2004, and service more than 1.8 million domains (2014) around the world. Provide shared, cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

11. Amazon Web Services

Launched officially in 2006, Amazon Web Services offers online services for other websites or client-side applications. Most of these services are not directly exposed to end users, but offer functionality that other developers can use in their applications. Amazon Web Services is accessed through HTTP, using REST and SOAP protocols. All services are billed based on usage, but the form of use for which billing is measured varies from one service to another.

12. SoftLayer

SoftLayer Technologies, Inc. or SoftLayer is a US based cloud computing company founded in 2005, and acquired by IBM in 2013. It is currently a division of IBM in charge of IaaS. In October 2014, IBM announced to have opened a datacenter in France, in the Paris region.

13. Amazon ElastiCache

Amazon ElastiCache is the part of the Amazon cloud computing service that provides memory-based caching to improve the performance of web applications and avoid frequent access to lower speed hard drive resources. ElastiCache supports two open source memory caching engines: Memcached and Redis. Amazon Elastiche is designed to ease the setup, operation and scaling and deployment of Memis.

14. Contabo

If it is said that it is the cheapest web hosting provider Company then it will not be wrong. You go to their website and see for yourself. If the domain name is omitted, then these shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated Hosting are offering at a very cheap price. Their service is also excellent.

I used Contabo VPS server from last 1 year, and I have no problem, its best and very cheap hosting provider

15. UKFast

16. OpenShift

17. Net4

18. Lifeyo

19. Wisehost

20. Webydo

21. Webs

22. Melbourne IT

23. Batoi Systems

24. Vancouver Community Network

25. Hetzner

26. The Access Group

27. Infomaniak

Infomaniak is a company in Switzerland, specializes in hosting websites, streaming audio and video content and video on demand. In January 2016, Infomaniak manages over 200,000 domain names and offers free SSL certificates let's encrypt to all its customers.

28. Superb Internet

With over 20 years of experience, Superb Internet have achieved excellence in providing clients the very best in different type of hosting like - cloud, managed and shared hosting, server collocation service, dedicated servers, and domain registration relating to the hosting business. Cherryroad technologies inc. acquires superb internet and now Superb Internet is the part of CherryRoad.

29. Logicworks

30. Claranet

31. Green House Data

32. Hostt

33. Vodien Internet Solutions

34. Bytemark

35. Duda

36. Hostway

37. Breezi

38. Freedom Hosting

39. Heart Internet

40. AOL Hometown

41. Social network hosting service

42. Storage service provider

43. Cartika

44. DigitalOcean

45. BlueCentral

46. Installatron

47. Backblaze

48. Media Temple

49. Steadfast Networks

50. TextDrive

51. OpSource

52. Clesh


54. Springloops

55. SiteW

56. OVH

57. 123-reg

58. Piczo

59. Online SAS

60. Warrant canary

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