Colosseum built in Rome, Italy is the largest elliptical amphitheater of the Roman Empire. This is considered to be the best specimen of Roman architecture and engineering. It was created by the ruler Vespasian between the 70th - 72nd AD and then it was completed by Emperor Titus in the 80th century. Between 81 and 96 years there were some more changes in the reign of Domitian.

The oval Colosseum had a capacity of 50,000 people, which was not common in that time. There were bloody battles among warriors in this stadium for mere entertainment. Warriors also had to fight with animals. Gladiators fought with tigers. It is estimated that about 5 lakh animals and 10 lakh people have been killed in such demonstrations in this stadium. Apart from this, dramas based on mythology were also played here. There were twice a year of grand events and Romanians loved this game very much. Earlier Medieval, this building was closed for public use. Later it was used as residence, workshops, religious works, fort and pilgrimage site.

Today, in the twenty-first century, due to earthquake and rock theft, it is remains only in the form of ruins. But its ruins have been decorated for tourists. It has been selected by UNESCO as World Heritage. It is still a symbol of the glory of the powerful Roman Empire, is the most popular destination for tourists and is closely related to the Roman Church, because on every Good Friday Pope brings a torch outlet from here.


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