Minuscule - "the private life of insects" is a French animated series of 78 episodes with Running time 6 minutes each, created by Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo, produced by Futurikon and broadcast in on October 18, 2006 in the France 2 and France 5 television channel. In Italy it was initially broadcast on Rai 3 in December 2008 and later on Rai YoYo.

The environments are real and taken live in the series and bugs are added or recreated in computer graphics, which have the body almost real but with some cartoon details, for example the eyes.

Another peculiarity: the episodes are silent, there is not even the narrating voice and only the sound of the "environmental" sound and the "verses" of the insects are heard. Human beings are almost absent in the series, even if several episodes are filmed in a house or in the city, if a human being appears, the face never shows but is part of the environment. The finale of each episode is accompanied by a musical motif, which underlines the "moral" of the episode.


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