Cow and Chicken is a series of cartoons produced in the mid-1990s and created by David Feiss for Cartoon Network.

Cow & Chicken is about the adventures of two siblings, a cow and a chicken. Their parents are a pair of legs each without torso and almost always the brothers are tormented by the Red Man (Red Butt), a pathetic version of the devil who plays different characters in numerous episodes, and who almost never wears pants.

The series emerged in 1997 as the result of an animated short film aired on the What-A-Cartoon! (like Dexter's laboratory) in 1995 entitled No Smoking. The series also featured the characters of I Am Weasel, which were part of a recurring segment issued within the same series, and which later would go on to have their own animated series entitled I Am Weasel.

The series was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1998.

Origins: The idea of the series has its origin in a story made by the creator David Feiss (who worked in Hanna-Barbera and other projects related to animation since 1978) to his daughter.

Feiss was one of the cartoonists called to send ideas for the series What a Cartoon!, dedicated to compiling several animations of various creators and writers of animated series, is how Feiss sent three ideas for an animated series, one of which was the Cow and Chicken short titled No Smoking, which was aired in the series What a Cartoon! in 1995.

After the broadcast, Hanna-Barbera decided to turn the short film into an animated series after the request made by many fans that there are more shorts of Cow and Chicken.

Main Characters: Vaquita, Cow: She is only 7 years old, weighs over 250 kg, is very sweet and kind, loves her older brother and shows her affection by squeezing him between his front legs. She is the most charismatic of the group, for her everything is happiness, and when something goes wrong or her "little brother" has problems she becomes a superhero called Super Cow and with her motto "Super Cow to the Rescue!" rejects all Red Man's plans without trousers. "When the charismatic cow has a problem or is just happy, she has a recurring mooing.

Chicken: It is a chicken, it is the elder brother of the duo, it is 11 years old, it does not weigh more than 2 kg and it has a rebellious character, it is very angry and it is always insulting its sister La Vaca for being so childish, especially when playing with your favorite toys (the beaver "Almorranas" / "Pice" the beaver, the bear "Dung" / the bear "Dung" or the wild boar "Ladillas" / "Scraps" the warty pig). Invented words, but he says them badly and does not even know what they mean, he hates to drink cow's milk, but he loves to eat pork butts and potatoes. Child always has problems that for humans are only children's things, but for him they are big riddles (for example, when driven by doubt goes at night with his friends Flem and Earl to see what is in the girls bathroom).

Red, Red Man Without Pants: Also called Red Butt. It is a pathetic version of the devil that acts mainly as an antagonist and sometimes helps all the characters becoming their friend, his character is somewhat effeminate, but at the same time abrupt. He lives with the sole purpose of annoying and finds a deep pleasure in it. He always dresses in multiple personal identities (for example, being director of the school of Vaca y Pollito, prison director, policeman, fireman, or even mayor of the city, he also uses feminine identities such as dressmaker, flight attendant, school cook, etc.). When Rojo appears in each chapter he says "Hello, it's me ... The Red Man without Pants!", Says his name or profession, also interacts with Jaimico and I am the weasel helping them or being their enemy. It is known that there can be more than one (an example in an episode where two of them are talking). His name usually refers to the fact of not wearing pants (Captain without Pants), his huge red butt (hence the name) or some fact related to it (General Calzon in Rajaculo), even as a woman ("Hi, it's me, the Red Woman without pants!", even if she wears a skirt or dress). What stands out most Red apart from not having pants and his huge red butt, is that he walks almost all the time with it, and sometimes it usually rolls on the floor. In an episode appeared two of different color, and in an episode of Soy La Comadreja appeared four (one large and three small), and in another episode it was said that his name was "Lucifernandez".

Secondary Characters: Fathers of Cow and Chick: Dad and Mom are their real names, but they are not seen from the waist up, in fact they only do everything with their feet. According to the original introductory theme, they are the biological parents of Vaca y Pollito / Vaca y Pollo although in Latin America this contradicts itself ("Daddy tells me Pollito, Mama tells me Cow, when Papa adopted us, Mama fainted"), but it's just about of a dubbing error. In the pilot episode No Smoking and in an episode of I am Weasel, at the end, they see their complete bodies, which lack a torso. In an episode you can see its shadows and there is nothing above the waist. It is a parody of the human characters that appear in series of cartoons starring animals, which are not usually observed more than the legs, as with the owner of Tom (Mammy Two Shoes) in the series Tom and Jerry or with Nanny, from Muppets Baby, also the shorts of the Magic Godfathers.

Flem and Earl: They are two friends of Pollito, who love to play with the action figures and fit the prototype of "nerd" of the American series. In the Spanish version their names are abbreviations of "Flemón" and "Earl-Lefante" (respectively), although they are not usually used. In an episode it is discovered that both are in love with Vaca.

Boned Bonus, Boneless Chick: It is the closest relative of Vaca y Pollito that has practically no bones, besides having good attitudes for comedy being the funniest comedian of the city.

Teacher: She is the school teacher of Vaca, Pollito, Flem and Earl. She is a woman with red hair, glasses and very screaming.

Father of Flem: He is the father of Flem, is sociable and mentally equal to his son, and always dresses as an explorer.

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