Courage the Cowardly Dog

"Courage - the cowardly dog" - American cartoon animated series. Based on a horror style comedy nominated for the Academy Award, created by John Dilworth. The animated series is about a dog named Courage and its owners: Muriel Bagg, a gracious old Scottish woman, and Eustace Bagge, a grouchy and irritable old farmer who lives together on a farm in the central part of the fictional city of Nowhere, Kansas.

The plot of the animated series

The plot revolves around the exploits and courage of a small dog, which, despite its name (English Courage - courage), is afraid of the most prosaic thing. His fears, as a rule, are justified, because Muriel and Eustace are constantly attacked by various dangers in which Courage must gain courage and save Muriel, Eustace and himself.

Each series begins with a story about Courage's past: "Muriel, who lives in the city of Nowhere with her husband Eustace Bagg, found him a little puppy. Strange things are happening in the city, only Courage will save his new home".

Season 1

Series No.Series NamePlot
1Overnight at Kotz MotelCourage, Muriel and Eustace stay at the motel, but not everything is as simple as it seems, because the owner of this motel is the insidious villain Kotz.
2Grandma's StewThe fox cook abducts Muriel's grandmother when she is taking a nap on a park bench to make her a stew.
3Shadow of CourageThe evil capitalist dies alone, and his shadow settles on the farm of Eustace and Muriel.
4Dr. Le Crack, Amnesia SpecialistThe liar and robber Le Kryak decides to deceive Muriel, taking advantage of the fact that she lost her memory.
5Courage and the SnowmanThe Museum Nowhere awards a reward for the capture of a mysterious Bigfoot, who turns out to be a simple boy.
6HotheadEustace takes out an experimental hair-growing product, but Courage finds out about its dangerous side effects.
7Demon from the mattressEustace buys a new mattress from stray rat merchants, but a demon lives in it.
8Crazy fredMuriel's nephew arrives at the farm - a barber- maniac Fred, who escaped from a psychiatric hospital.
9Werewolf MoleOn the full moon night, a mole-werewolf appears, which eats rabbits and bites people. One of them bit Muriel...
10Mother's dayEustace is going to visit his mother, and the relationship between them is very tense.
11The Crack BrothersAlien ducks fly to save their little brother.
12Shirley MediumIn order to open a box with money, Eustace and Muriel call Shirley (the fortuneteller) in order to call the late brother Eustace and find out how to open the box. But when Eustace opened the box, he did not even expect that there would be "something" in it.
13The Curse of Pharaoh RamsesCourage finds the ancient Egyptian plate, buried the day before by robbers. Eustace learns that this ancient stove costs a million dollars and wants to sell it to become a millionaire. But this plate must be returned to its original place, otherwise Eustace, Muriel and Courage will suffer the terrible curse of Pharaoh Ramses. But the greedy Eustace categorically does not want to part with such a valuable stove.
14Big footEustace has a very strange fungus. As a result, his big leg tightened, which threatened Courage to kill Muriel if he did not fulfill her conditions.
15Hunchback from the city of NowhereThe ugly, but very kind hunchback asked to spend the night on the farm. Muriel and Courage are not against this, which cannot be said about Eustace.
16Goose gods are crazyThe goose god falls in love with Muriel and wants her to reciprocate.
17Queen of the Black PuddleAn evil spirit, living in a puddle, leads Eustace away, pretending to be a beautiful woman. Muriel suffers so much and cries because of Eustace’s disappearance that Courage decides to find Eustace and bring him back home.
18How do you want to be a directorThe dead man pretending to be director Bentin Tarantella wants to kill Muriel.
19Snowman is comingThe living talking Snowman refuses to melt due to global warming. He invents a machine that can extract a gene from a person, with which you can prevent your melting and live on. Snowman wants to get this gene from Eustace Bagg.
20Cute, charming and adorable duckling.The little duckling considers Eustace his parent and loves him very much. But the duckling wants to get rid of Muriel, who also loves Eustace. He is trying to kill her, although he pretends to care about her and behaves very helpful.
21Bull HeadsEustace and Courage are having dinner at the restaurant as Muriel fell ill. Courage begins to suspect the owners of the institution in cannibalism.
22Club KotzWhen Eustace, Muriel and Courage went on a cruise, a shipwreck occurred, after which they were thrown onto a desert island, where they were waiting for a meeting with Kotz.
23The return of the alien invaderAfter the previous attempt to conquer the world by an alien chicken ended in failure (Courage using a chicken blaster turned it into fried chicken), she returns to earth to find her head, namely to remove it from Muriel.
24Journey to the center of NowhereDuring a drought, rampaging intelligent eggplants are about to attack and eat Muriel.
25Muriel girlA destructive hurricane-swivel flies onto the farm, which Muriel took a mile away and made her a 3.5-year-old wreck.
26Great FusilliAlligator Great Fusilli invites all three to play in his theater. But Courage learns that Fusilli turns all his actors into puppets.

Season 2

Series No.Series NamePlot
27Magic treeA wish-fulfilling magic tree has grown on the farm, but Eustace wants to get rid of it, because with the magic tree Muriel is no longer dependent on his help and does not beg him to help her with the housework.
28Randy RobotSpace robots are very cruel, but Randy is not like that.
29Shirley CurseShirley cast a curse on Eustace for his greed.
30Courage in the big cityMuriel sent an invitation to the "Music Hall" to play on the sitar since she won the competition. And so they all went to New York together. Near the "Music Hall" they were waiting for a large cockroach Bushwick who took them to a pseudo rehearsal room, and Kurazhu said that he would bring him a package before the start of the performance, otherwise Muriel would end.
31Family businessA mentally ill thug escaping from the chase unexpectedly breaks into the Bagg’s house, who then takes the inhabitants of the house for their relatives and sets off to rob Mount Rushmore with them.
321000 years to goAn asteroid that lands on Earth throws Eustace, Muriel and Courage in 3001, in which reasonable bananas live.
33Courage and the mummyAn archaeologist comes to the farm to Muriel and Eustace and tells an ancient story about a baker who baked cookies for the princess and then this cookie was taken to her by the court sneak, but before he brought the cookies, he stole it and said that it was all a baker. After that, the princess ordered the baker to pluck her eyebrows, sew up her lips and mummify. And now the spirit of the baker is not calm and he wants revenge.
34Muriel the InvisibleThe stone that Courage finds turns Muriel into invisibility.
35Publicity stuntDr. Gerbill with a vacuum cleaner reduces Muriel and Eustace.
36Mission in the sunThe sun is about to go out.
37Courage flyThe neighboring teenager turns Courage into a fly.
38Sweet Kotz recipeKotz avenges Muriel for the fact that he constantly takes second places in culinary competitions, and the first places are always given to Muriel.
39Incredible tvLe Crack is back! He mesmerizes Muriel and Eustace using the TV to steal money from the lottery headquarters.
40Gorgeous Mega MurielCourage's computer decides to show what it means to be brave.
41Bath day
42Forbidden Gold CapEustace really wants to take possession of the forbidden gold cap.
43Dragon on the river of evilEustace, Muriel and Courage embark on a sea voyage. But by order of the pirate captain, they must catch the dragon that lives on the river of evil.
44TransplantEustace broke his back. Dr. Vindal needs a transplant to operate on Eustace. Courage gives him a bone, but it was the bone of a kangaroo monster.
45Crash - Call YesAn alien comes into the house and takes kindness from Muriel.
46Courage CowboyCourage has a dream. He is a Cowboy and he needs to defeat the mysterious Knut
47Tricky bugEustace knocks down a bug on his way home, and Muriel offers the bug to heal at their home. The beetle suckers to the owners of the house, and under the guise of massage, takes away their vitality.
48Phantom MakuzhasThe ghost of a wife whose husband was eaten by a Loch Ness monster settles on the farm, the ghost thinks that it’s great-grandmother Muriel threw him, and this is great-grandmother of Mom Eustace.
49Our anxiety houseThe spirit of the autumn moon appears in the house of Muriel and Eustace. He confronts them with the condition that before midnight they must grow at least something on their farm, or must leave their home.
50Sand whale attackThe late father of Eustace is a debtor. Will Eustace pay for his father?
51Dr. Pity Tower The evil Doctor makes everyone unhappy.

Season 3

Series No.Series NamePlot
52Muriel meets an opponentThief Marie framed Muriel, throwing her family documents at the crime scene.
53Courage versus Mega CourageThe neighbor teenager made a mechanical dog Mega Courage, which well replaces the real Courage family.
54Horror campThe whole family went to rest in a tent camp in the city of Nowhere. At night, Eustace was lured far into the forest, when Muriel went to look for him, she was attacked and kidnapped by small raccoons, and they chained Courage to a tree. But as it turned out, they were just looking for a family.
55Record FadsEustace finds a plate of Velvet Vic and brings it home. When he listens to her, Velvet Vick himself crawls out of the gramophone and starts playing the family piano. He asks Muriel to play along with him, and he turns off the music. Muriel sucked into the gramophone.
56Bad weatherThe girl lost her dog, but she needs love, and when meeting Courage falls in love with him. Muriel is jealous, and all this comes to an argument, until Courage went in search of a dog.
57Sweet DreamsThe villain of dreams can no longer fall asleep. He stole a dream from Muriel and disappeared.
58Courage is a computer geniusA viral attack was committed on Courage's computer. Muriel pressed a button and was pulled into a computer. Courage went to the computer world to save Muriel.
59Valkyrie FlightThe four sisters of the Valkyries are fighting against the trolls. One of them (Bronhilda), fell in love with the troll and secretly plays a wedding in the shelter. Meanwhile, the sisters found Muriel and thought it was Bronhild. When the next battle begins between the trolls and the Valkyrie sisters, they accidentally find the place where the wedding takes place. Love won.
60Blue menBlue men live in their coral. Eustace's mother began to hunt for their corals, then to make wigs from them. Courage and Muriel save the coral.
61Conway DirtyConway claims that dust and dirt prolong life. He imposes these principles on the Courage family.
62Kotz under waterCaptain Kotz lures people (in particular, Muriel) on a cruise on a submarine, after which he intends to blow it up.
63Curtain of crueltyA wave of cruelty passed throughout the city, all the inhabitants became angry and disrespectful, but this did not affect Muriel and Kurazh. Muriel is accused of kindness, and trying to re-educate. Courage finds a source of cruelty and tries to confront it.
64Toad feastThe toad pond dried up, in search of a new pond, they came to the house of Courage. Having arranged a pond in the house, they decided to eat, but Courage will give them a delicious dinner, which they will remember for a long time.
65Worm and RoseCourage finds a worm in the courtyard, and after some time some two fly on a flying saucer behind the worm. When they got it out of the ground, it turned out that the worm was incredible in size. The worm eats Muriel and those two so that they can be rescued before they are digested, it is necessary to fly to another galaxy to the mistress of the worm. Courage does not lose hope, lures the worm onto a flying saucer, and takes a course to another planet.
66And here we are in the LouvreThe Courage family received a ticket to Paris. It so happened that they remained locked in the Louvre for the night. Venus and Mars became unlikely, which revived Mona Lisa and the Thinker sculpture, they got out into the wild, and Eustace and Muriel were put into place. Courage awaited incredible adventures in the museum.
67Scarecrow nightThe scarecrow has forgotten how to scare, as he did not try - nothing comes out, but Muriel reassures him. At night, the scarecrow worked on himself and began to experiment on the Courage family with his strength, defending Muriel instead of the garden.
68Mondo MagicSome unknown creature, hiding behind a magician, entered the house of Courage and his family. This creature is trying to make Muriel his wife, similar in appearance to him.
69Look after the birdsMuriel is abducted by a huge bird, she forces her to look after the chicks while she is at a bachelor party.
70Slippery fishFish offers the Courage family a free trip to Muriel’s homeland. But he brings them to the underwater tribunal at the bottom of the ocean, who wants to re-educate everyone who breathes air.
71Ugly, evil peopleQuentin Tarantelo is back. Now he is making a film about the Courage family and is trying to create a prototype of the ugly, evil farmer.
72Death domeEustace and Muriel haven’t grown anything on the farm for a long time. When they see the advertisement, they order a dome that promises an incredible harvest throughout their lives. But the vegetables that Eustace wants to eat want to eat himself, and not only him.
73Snowman RevengeThe living talking Snowman is back. Now he is in the house of Courage, and wants to turn the city of Nowhere into the North Pole.
74Quilts ClubThe Stitch sisters made Muriel a part of their blanket.
75Wind cheatingEustace deceived medium Shirley, for which she sent a curse on him and Muriel. Now they are deceiving each other.
76King of flanA madman, calling himself King of Flan, hypnotizes people, forcing him to buy food that attracts and attracts everything.
77Courage inside the volcanoCourage must find the god of the volcano or Muriel end.

Season 4

Series No.Series NamePlot
78Why beaver tailBeaver built a dam and this led to the river Nowhere overflowing. The house of Courage is already standing in the water, and the water is coming and coming.
79NutcrackerCourage family delves into a local dump, Courage finds a nutcracker. Night is approaching, and rats appear throughout the landfill, they will try to cook the Courage family for dinner.
80Rampled kiltskinThe Scottish relative Muriel is dead, now only she knows how to weave a family kilt. Courage and Muriel set off for Scotland, where the pseudo-tradesman Angus forces her to weave 5,000 kilos before sunrise.
81House callLonely Dr. Gerhord revived his home with music, but he was boring, so Gerhord dreams of neighbors. With the help of music, he lures the House of Courage to himself. Everything would have been nice if his house had not been jealous of his neighbors.
82Air pirateSneaky and treacherous thief Le Kryak palm off recipes for Swedish dishes at Eustace’s house. The obsessed Muriel wants to cook one of the dishes, and here Le Crack offers to go to Sweden, but not at all for the recipe...
83Mill vandalsEustace’s mill broke and he decides to fix it. But during the repair terrible things happen: our heroes are attacked by a dead army of vandals.
84Unusual coldMuriel picks up a strange cold that can only be cured with one remedy. Courage sets off on a dangerous journey.
85Farmer-hunter and farmer-preyEustace goes hunting, but by his stupidity becomes prey for other hunters.
86Swamp Monster BrideThe swamp monster woke up and mistook Muriel for his bride.
87Goat painMuriel has a joint pain, she can only be cured by a hot spring on top of the mountain Nowhere, but no one came back from there.
88Muriel explodesMuriel eats carrots, which grow and explode inside her. Courage has some time to save his mistress.
89Courage and silhouettesThe old master seeks to bring life to his creations - paper silhouettes. He copies the form of Eustace and Muriel and creates new living creations.
90Mask An unusual stranger in a mask tells our heroes her fate - her gangster abducted her friend and since then she hates dogs. Courage has to be sweet, but he decides to help her.
91Crouching tiger hiding dogThe Empress of China needs the bones of the kindest man, and she turns out to be Muriel.
92Silence murielMuriel decided to shut up due to the fact that Eustace is rude and does not listen to her. Courage will try to take measures so that the hostess speaks, otherwise it will be bad...
93Swimmer FarmerEustace wants to defeat the dolphin. The first time, Eustace loses and takes revenge. Muriel persuades Courage to help Eustace defeat the dolphin.
94Dragon lunchCourage decided to help the dragon learn to fly, otherwise he would eat his family.
95Why are the stars lit in the skyAlien octopuses make stars in the sky. Meanwhile, one octopus lands on Earth. The military learns about the octopus and sets experiments on it. Courage must lay the eggs of her cubs with her, because if you do not lay her eggs, then there will be no other stars in the sky.
96Outer Space ChickenThe sons of an alien chicken fly to avenge Courage for their father.
97Experimental dog
98Terrible revengeLong-time enemies of Courage dream of revenge and kidnap Muriel. Can a dog save his mistress.
99Courage on stage
100Librarian's angerCourage did not return the library book on time. The librarian furiously cast a spell on Eustace and his wife turning them into book heroes.
101Childhood memoriesCourage recalls his family, who was abducted by an evil veterinarian. Accidentally finding himself in the same clinic, he himself almost repeats the fate of his parents.
102How to get betterCourage learns what it means to be the best.

Main Characters


Courage is the most cowardly dog in the world. As a small puppy, he was separated from his parents (see the penultimate series of 4 seasons). But the good lady Muriel Bagg found and sheltered him. And now he lives in the city of Nowhere with Muriel and Eustace, his master. Eustace always scolds Courage. Courage is always stuck in history! Despite his brave name, Courage is afraid of everything and everything and always unmistakably feels the approach of danger. However, when his family is in danger, he always overcomes his fear and saves the owners. Often, when Courage is forced to take risks for the sake of his neighbors, he accompanies his actions with the phrase: "What you will not do for love!". Courage often gets injured and injured, but on it everything "heals like a dog". He hates all kinds of adventures and dubious adventures, preferring a calm and quiet pastime. More than anything, Courage loves to nap on Muriel's lap when she is resting in a rocking chair. Hobby Courage - the digging of various objects (for the most part, bones) in the vicinity of the house with their subsequent search. (Sometimes this entertainment leads to new troubles: for example, in one episode ("The Librarian’s Anger") Courage finds a buried book that he had to return to the library a long time ago, in another ("Journey to the Center Nowhere"), he discovers an underground population of rational and aggressive eggplants, in the third ("The Curse of Pharaoh Ramses") - an ancient Egyptian stove, buried the day before by robbers. He knows how to work on a computer, whose tips often help him in dealing with various kinds of problems. Special signs of Courage - lilac coat, dark -bordovy language he sometimes uses as a "third hand", and a front tooth with a hollow. Also, this character has 2 unique properties: the first is the ability to take various forms when he explains to someone about the impending danger or if he needs to go unnoticed to a well-guarded object, the second is the loss of any part of his body when he first sees danger with his own eyes.

Muriel Bagg

An elderly lady living on a lonely farm with her husband Eustace and Courage. Muriel is a very kind, generous, compassionate and sympathetic woman who simply adores her beloved dog and loves her husband, despite the constant grunts and discontent of the latter. However, despite this, Muriel can easily crack someone with a rolling pin on the head for bad behavior (most often, Eustace himself becomes this "someone"). In terms of appearance, she personifies the symbol of kindness, simplicity and peacefulness. Muriel - a full-bodied grandmother with curly gray hair and a very kind smile, wears round glasses, through which it is impossible to see her eyes, but in the series "Muriel meets a rival" she walks without glasses for some time. Muriel loves to cook: in all his dishes (including jam) invariably adds vinegarin different quantities, which sometimes causes a feeling of disgust in her pet when he hears about it. Muriel knows how to cook delicious sweets, for which he constantly gets first places in culinary contests. According to the plot of the cartoon, Muriel often becomes the victim of some kind of crime, but in most cases he does not even suspect it. As a result, Courage saves her and ends with the fact that he sits on her lap while she watches TV, swaying in her rocking chair.

Eustace Bagg

Old farmerliving in his own home far from the city. Eustace is married to Muriel. They say that a husband and wife become similar to each other over time. In the situation between Eustace and Muriel, this conventional wisdom is not valid. The only things that the husband and wife are alike are the glasses, which they have exactly the same, although in the series "Curse of Shirley" and "Air Pirate" Eustace can be seen without glasses. Eustace has a nasty grumbling character, he does not care about anyone around, and therefore he prefers to sit in his big chair and read a fresh newspaper. However, the old man sometimes wakes up with a sense of black cruel humor towards the dog Muriel Kurazhu (whom he does not like and calls a stupid dog). He knows how cowardly this dog is, so sometimes it scares him, making it hysterical (a favorite joke is a sharp and unexpected donning of an ugly scary mask or bloating big eyes). Eustace is also very greedy and ready to sacrifice a lot in order to preserve something important or get something valuable. In terms of appearance, Eustace is the exact opposite of Muriel. He is terribly thin, there is no hair on the head, so the head, according to Eustace's mother, looks like a billiard ball, there are no teeth either, when Eustace screams, a hideous pimple tongue is visible.



Kotz is the series’s most recurring negative character: a lean, upright, bright red cat. Appears in the series four times (not counting the series "Terrible Revenge", where some villains get together), starting with the very first series ("Night at the Kotz Motel"): his appearance is always accompanied by sinister music. In almost every episode, Kotz appears as a service worker: administrator at a motel, club owner on tropical islands, organizer of sea cruises. His entire business invariably pursues a sinister goal. Outwardly, Kotz may seem a well-mannered character: he is polite, helpful, and intelligent. However, behind this shell lies an evil cold mind and rude manners. Kotts hates dogs: all of his business ventures are based on one principle - "No service for dogs". He is one of the most stubborn enemies of Courage and always seeks to humiliate and insult the dog. He is unkind to Muriel - because along with her she takes part in culinary contests and every year invariably takes only the second place, while she gets the first place.

Big leg

Another negative character of this animated series, found in the series "Big Foot" and "Terrible Revenge". This character appeared as a result of exacerbation of a fungal infection that arose on Eustace's left leg. In terms of appearance, it is an expanded human foot, each finger of which has a mouth, eyes and is able to talk, and basically speaks the thumb, which has a nail and a bright area around the mouth, lilac color, covered with many yellow blisters. Her main meaning of life is robbery and robbery.

Le crack

The second most frequent negative character, appearing in three episodes of his own and one in common (Terrible Revenge). It looks like a goose, most likely - comes from France, as it speaks with an accent. His eyebrows are always frowned, which is what he is "betraying" as a swindler. In each series, he performs certain services, such as amnesia treatment.

Cruel Veterinarian

The insignificant but important villain of Courage is a cowardly dog, he was the person who was responsible for taking Courage's parents and launching them into space when he was an infant for the experiment (which later failed) and made the latter an orphan while he was adopted Muriel He captured them, put them on a rocket ship launched from his so-called "animal hospital" called "Pets of tomorrow", and sent them into space as part of his breeding experiment to see that they would turn into super dogs. However, Courage escaped this fate and was adopted by Muriel. Years later, he tries to do the same with Courage, learning from the past. When Muriel and Eustache try to save Courage and discover his experiment, he decides that he cannot allow his operation and research to be discovered and compromised by the public. Therefore, he decides to throw Muriel and Eustache into a rocket to send them into space. However, Courage rescues its owners and locks the Cruel Veterinarian inside the rocket. After the T-0, rocket engines light up under it, and the rocket launches, sending the veterinarian into space. During an emergency landing on the planet, he discovered that all the dogs survived, including Kuradzh's parents, which meant that his breeding experiment to see that they would turn into super dogs was a failure. Then he petrified when he was dragged into the net and attacked by revengeful dogs off-screen for his actions. He heard screams of pain during the attack. However, Courage rescues its owners and locks the Cruel Veterinarian inside the rocket. After the T-0, rocket engines light up under it, and the rocket launches, sending the veterinarian into space. During an emergency landing on the planet, he discovered that all the dogs survived, including Kuradzh's parents, which meant that his breeding experiment to see that they would turn into super dogs was a failure. Then he petrified when he was dragged into the net and attacked by revengeful dogs off-screen for his actions. He heard screams of pain during the attack. However, Courage rescues its owners and locks the Cruel Veterinarian inside the rocket. After the T-0, rocket engines light up under it, and the rocket launches, sending the veterinarian into space. During an emergency landing on the planet, he discovered that all the dogs survived, including Kuradzh's parents, which meant that his breeding experiment to see that they would turn into super dogs was a failure. Then he petrified when he was dragged into the net and attacked by revengeful dogs off-screen for his actions. He heard screams of pain during the attack to see that they turn into super dogs, failed. Then he petrified when he was dragged into the net and attacked by revengeful dogs off-screen for his actions. He heard screams of pain during the attack. To see that they turn into super dogs, failed. Then he petrified when he was dragged into the net and attacked by revengeful dogs off-screen for his actions. He heard screams of pain during the attack.

Others Characters


Courage's personal computer installed in the attic of Eustace’s house. Courage always turns to him for advice when he needs help in the fight against another misfortune. The capabilities of this computer far exceed the capabilities of a simple one: for example, it is endowed with speech (while speaking with a strong British accent), and it often accompanies its advice with caustic remarks or jokes in the genre of black humor. He has a webcam, for example, in the series "Magnificent Mega-Muriel", he can see how Courage turns it off. It is able to use some of its devices for other purposes (for example, in one of the series ("Big Foot") it uses CD-rom to analyze a tissue sample).

Shirley Medium

Shirley - a small dog breed Chihuahua: Its distinguishing features - a pale green color, sharp ears and big eyes. Shirley always dresses like a gypsy fortune teller. She lives in a small van, littered with all sorts of rubbish from the inside (including the occult nature), which she bargains with. Shirley has a real gift of a medium: she is able to communicate with the spirits of the dead and is a specialist in the field of everything beyond. Courage turns to her if he needs advice on something paranormal. During a conversation with him, Shirley often plays the saxophone in pauses between sentences, sometimes ending the game with a long solo. Unlike most of the characters in the series, he always understands the speech of Courage.

Dr. Vindalu

A mustachioed doctor originally from India, speaking with a strong accent. He works in a clinic in the city of Nowhere: the Bagg family often turns to him for medical help. Usually he declares to the patient that either everything is in order with him, or he can do nothing to help.


Bigfoot from the Courage and the Bigfoot series. His real name is Theodore. Appeared in the edges of Nowhere and began to terrorize the city. The museum of the city of Nowhere offered an award for its capture. According to the Channel Nowhere, a bigfoot sank the Titanic, beat off the nose of the Sphinx and destroyed the Colosseum.

The hunchback

The hunchback is a small dwarf creature that seeks refuge in the city of Nowhere. This character is found in the series "The Hunchback of Nowhere". Many people do not want to shelter him because of his ugly appearance: one eye is noticeably different from the other and has a very twisted back, for which they called this character. Finally, he finds shelter with the Begg family, in which he immediately became friends with Muriel and, above all, with Courage. His favorite hobby is playing on the bells with which Courage tried to play.

Eustace's mother

Eustace's mother is another character that is quite common in some episodes. She first meets in the series "Mother's Day". This is a short woman who lives in a trailer away from the city. Given the fact that her son Eustace is already elderly, she is a very old woman. However, for unknown reasons, Eustace's mother clearly looks much younger than her age. The only thing that unites her and Eustace is the presence of glasses (they are not round, like Eustace's, but thin and rectangular) and the absence of hair on the head. Therefore, she, like her son, wears a cap, wears a tall wig of red-pink color, because she suffers from an inferiority complex: Eustace's mother believes that without this wig she looks just awful. If the wig falls from her head, she immediately begins to cry and shouts: "I am ugly!" Despite the old age of Eustace, she calls him "baby" and constantly commands him. Eustace’s mother is more gentle towards Courage than her son, although he sometimes calls him a "stupid dog" if he has done something wrong. Muriel does not want to communicate with Eustace's mother and believes that she is a bad woman. Eustace's mother works for a company that produces wigs, performs various experiments on her hair, and in one of the series Muriel became a victim of her experiments.


Crazy Fred (most likely "Crazy" - the nickname) is a minor character in the animated series (in the episode "Crazy Fred" - the key one). He is Muriel’s nephew, and most likely he has previously undergone treatment in psychiatric hospitals (as evidenced by the bandage on his arm, which has the phone number of one of the mental hospitals). He works with a shaver, and most likely has a specific reflex: starting to cut or shave someone, he cannot stop until he removes all the client’s hair. So, for example, he shaved his hamster, his girlfriend, a visitor to his hairdresser and, in the episode "Mad Fred", Courage. He treats his family with tenderness, always thinks in verse (adhering to a specific keynote - he repeats the word "strange" at the end of each stanza).

Charlie Mouse

Big rat, a salesman and a waiter in a cafe in the city of Nowhere. A good friend of Courage, often helps Courage in difficult situations. Charlie has a tattoo in the form of an anchor on his arm. Charlie Mouse is quite common in many episodes.

Jean Bon

Pig who works as a butcher and cook in the city of Nowhere. Pretty kind and generous. His wife makes amazing hamburger pieces, she also works as a cook (judging by the "Bull Heads" series). Jean Bon is quite common in many episodes.

Dee Loon

A teenager of Sino-American descent, quite intelligent and gifted, but narcissistic. He has somewhat sloppy black hair and wears black sunglasses. It can usually be seen with a white tank top, blue shorts and sandals with flowers on them. His aunts are the evil and good Empress of China. He likes to get ahead of anyone and ahead of him shouts: Look where you are going or look where you are going! In Chinese, his name (大 龍, Di Lung, Di Lun) means "Big Dragon", which probably confirms the fact that he is the royal heir (nephew of the Chinese empresses). Di Lune is very common in many episodes.

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Courage the Cowardly Dog
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