CatDog is a very popular cartoon show on the Nickelodeon channel. This cartoon was created by Peter Hannan. This cartoon is from the United States. This cartoon revolve around the life of a dog and a cat attached to their body. Their home is shaped by bone and fish grafting.

Cat by Jim Cummings: It is the wiser and the cunning among the two. Cat always uses the Dog to reach his or her own interests, and often consumes himself. Cat more defeats between the two. He (and the Dogs) are often excluded from the community because of themselves, but Cat keeps him, especially with Greasers Dogs. Paints are more defensive and hotter due to their brilliant brain and antiquarian properties. Behind Cat's poor behavior to the Dog, but he still loves and cares about the Dog after feeling guilty.

Cat craves to become rich and famous, and strive to get it. He is very intelligent and loves reading, gardening and listening to classical music, and is very concerned with cleanliness. Like the other cat, the phobic Cat will be water. Cat is 26 years old.

Dog by Tom Kenny: Be more cheerful and naive between the two. Dogs are also the source of drowsiness. He was so devastating when Cat or other characters told him to do something and he did it earnestly. Dog are very loyal, easy to say and easy to believe the words they hear. Dog are attracted to their outrageous balls, trash, bones, food and imagery. Due to the lack of functional brains, Dog often bring trouble to themselves.

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