Windows 7

Windows 7 is an operating system of the Microsoft Windows family. This computer software is the new operating system released by Microsoft Company on October 23, 2009. Microsoft has made several improvements to make it more user-friendly than its previous operating system 'Vista'. Microsoft says it's the simplest and best operating system in its history.

Some features are:- 1. Finding this can be done at a fast pace. 2. Browsing is easier than ever. 3. Better networks - Wi-Fi, mobile broadband corporate VPN etc. can be opened with the help of just one click. 4. Device-friendly - With this help camera, printer etc. can be easily added. 5. Less driver requirement - Most drivers are installed in Windows 7.


Great operating system! The best Microsoft ever bult. A shame it will be discontinued. Windows 10 is, unfortunately, crap.

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