NTDIOS - Network Disk Operating System

What is NTDIOS?

NTDIOS (Network Disk Operating System), Disk and network operating system. Like Windows, Linux, BeOs, MsDos, its purpose was to manage and process the fundamental functions of a microcomputer. NTDIOS was an operating system for AT Compatible under X86 compatible microprocessor. It was fully developed in assembler and compiled with NASM / TASM. When the kernel is finished, it hope to progress towards a port to C / C ++ and the like.

What does NTDIOS do?

What NTDIOS is doing today is little. NTDIOS is more or less at the stage of an MSDOS (apparently) not too finished but in 32 bit mode. This is why they are only in the ALPHA phase of the project.

Developments made

1. Bootstrap

The bootstrap is located on the 1st sector of the boot disk and is responsible for launching the primary kernel of NTDIOS. It contains information about the structure of the drive and the settings for encryption and locking the drive. Anti-virus Boot-Checksum technique.

2. Protected Mode Kernel

Management of LDT tables GDT IDT TSS ect... Switching from real mode to protected mode and vice versa. Management of general protection errors, stack overflow, etc.

3. Multitasking Kernel

Management of tasks, task-gates, time clock, CPU time, ...

4. CPU and multiprocessor identification

Identifies X86 compatible processors: from 8086 to 6x86 (pentium II) Xeon. Intel: "GenuineIntel" AMD: "AuthenticAMD" Cyrix: "CyrixInstead" NexGen: "NexGenDriven" UMC: "UMC UMC UMC" Cache management, pipeline. Multi CPU architecture detection.

5. Keyboard driver

Management of scancodes, ascii tables, special combinations (ctrl-alt-sup).

6. Text mode graphics card driver

Management of the CRT controller, screen frequency, cursor, ...

7. Driver controller floppy

Management of the NEC PD765 controller, collaboration with the DMA controller.

8. Serial port driver

RS232 protocol, Microsoft compatible serial mouse, ...

9. Parallel port driver

Black and white text mode printer.

10. Speaker driver

beep, beep.

11. Internal clock timer driver

Date, Time, Stopwatch,...

Ongoing developments

1. FAT file system

Management of Microsoft's FAT file system (MSDOS). Soon the VFAT and FAT32.

2. VGA / SVGA graphics mode

Management of bit plans, bank switches for (Tseng; Trident; Video7; Paradise; AcuMos; Chips & Tech; ATI; Everex; Ahead; Oak; genoa; ncr; compaq)

3. Modem driver

AT&T modem; Compatible on serial port.

4. Remote machine connection

Connection via RTC modem, BBS, internet.

5. Task manager

Timestamp and management of subtasks (tread / process).

6. NTDIOS Shell

NTDIOS Shell Script, command line interpreter.

7. 32-bit virtual bios

Bios reconstruction in protected mode, plug & play bios management, VESA function, ...

8. Memory pagination

Management of 4 GB of RAM, and 64 TB of virtual memory!

9. Multi-user management

Root, guest, ect...

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