On July 21, 2003, Red Hat launched Red Hat Linux 9.0.93. On September 25 in the same year the first release of Fedora Core was born, the FC 0.94, also known as Fedora Core 1 test 2 and with the code name Severn. The Fedora project was born from the Warren Togami initiative which needed to create high quality RPM Package Manager packages for Red Hat Linux.

Fedora is an RPM based Linux distribution. The goal of the developers of the distribution is to promote Free Software and to design an operating system for as diverse a target group as possible. The development is being organized in the online community of the Fedora project, led by Red Hat. Fedora is the direct successor to Red Hat Linux. The Red Hat company provides jobs to many developers of Fedora, but the company does not provide any business support or services for the distribution.


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