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Aaj Tak is a Hindi news TV channel. It is owned by TV Today Network Limited. Aaj Tak is one of the most watched Hindi news channels in India. Aaj Tak's headquarter is located in New Delhi, India.

Aaj Tak has also been awarded as the best news channel by Limca Book of Records.


Aaj Tak was first broadcast on DD Metro of Doordarshan in the year 1995. It was then broadcast as a news program at 10:20 pm. Aaj Tak came into existence in December 1999 as an independent news channel and then it became the first complete Hindi news channel in the country to be broadcast twenty four hours. By the time the Aaj Tak channel came into existence, it had a reach of 52 lakh households and since then it has become the channel to broadcast in 3 crore households and its viewership in news channels is 55%.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2001 -
    • Selected as the News Channel of the Year at the Indian Television Academy Award.
  • 2002 -
    • Aaj Tak received the Indian Television Academy Award for Best News Channel.
    • Aaj Tak was chosen as the News Channel of the Year at the Indian Tele Award.
  • 2003 -
    • Aaj Tak received the Indian Tele Award for Best News Channel.
    • Aaj Tak got ITA Award.
  • 2004 -
    • Aaj Tak received the Best Media Campaign Award.
    • Aaj Tak received the Hero Honda ITA Award.
    • Aaj Tak became a super brand for the second consecutive year.
    • Aaj Tak won the Indian Tele Award for Best News Channel.
  • 2006 -
    • Super Brand India selected Aaj Tak as the best Super Brand.
    • Aaj Tak received the Indian Tele Award for the fourth consecutive year.
  • 2008 -
    • Aaj Tak received the Best News Channel award at the Gold Award ceremony.
    • Aaj Tak received the Most Popular Hindi News News Channel at the NT Award.
  • 2009 -
    • The World Brand Congress honored Aaj Tak with the Global Award for Brand Excellence.
  • 2011 -
    • Aaj Tak received the Best Hindi News Channel Award for the eleventh consecutive year.

The people

Some of the people currently (2019) associated with Aaj Tak are:

  • Anjana Om Kashyap
  • Neha Batham
  • Meenakshi Kandwal
  • Rohit Sardana
  • Nishant Chaturvedi
  • Saeed Ansari
  • Arun Puri (Chief Managing Director)
  • Ritul Joshi (News Presenter)
  • Rahul Kanwal (Anchor)
  • Shweta Singh (News Presenter)
  • Chitra Tripathi (news presenter and anchor)

Currently airing programs

Some of the programs aired on Aaj Tak till August 2012 are as follows:

  • Dharm - Programs related to religion and spirituality.
  • Chakke Pe Chakka - Programs related to trains.
  • Movie Masala - Events related to Hindi films or Bollywood.
  • Vardaat - events related to the world of crime.
  • Vishesh - A program presenting information related to any one issue, topic, event etc.
  • Sidhi Baat - A program on which a celebrity is discussed on issues related to their field.
  • Saas Bahu Aur Betiyan - programs related to the cast and programs of Hindi entertainment channels.

"Aaj Tak" is at the 59th Position in this list.

Aaj Tak
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56% Up votes
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