Karamchand is a famous TV serial of the 80's. This serial made in 1985, which was possibly India's first detective stream, was broadcast on Doordarshan at a time when Indian audiences were unaware of satellite channels. In this serial produced by Pankaj Parashar, the courtesy of Sunil Sharma's continuous shaking camera and the music of Anand Milind with the music of Karamchand and the cases of crime being settled by the kitty. It has been a Tilismi presentation and quite popular, which is mentioned in the golden days of Doordarshan.

Karamchand's role in the serial was done by Pankaj Kapoor and Kitty's character Sushmita Mukherjee. Another important role was with Inspector Khan who was played by Deepak Kazir. In the serial, Karamchand used to always show chewing carrots and at the end of almost every tale Kitty's dialogue was "You're Really A Genius Sir!" Whose karmangand responded by shouting "Shut Up".

In February 2007, the Sony Television Channel tried to revive the serial. In this new incarnation directed by Parashar, Karamchand's character is playing Pankaj, but Suneeta Khanna plays Kitty's role. The first episode of the new serial was broadcast on 9 February 2007 at 9 p.m.


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