Java is a programming language that can be run on various computers including mobile phones. This language was originally created by James Gosling while still joining Sun Microsystems when it was part of Oracle and released in 1995. This language adopts a lot of syntax found in C and C++ but with simpler syntax of object models and minimal support for low-level routines. Java-based applications are generally compiled into p-code (bytecode) and can be run in various Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Java is a programming language that is general, non-specific (general purpose), and specifically designed to utilize the implementation dependencies to a minimum. Because of its functionality that allows java applications to be able to run on several different operating system platforms, Java is also known as the slogan "Write once, run anywhere". Currently java is the most popular programming language used, and is widely used in developing various types of application software or applications.

The main advantage of Java is that it can be run on several computer operating systems, platforms, according to the principle of writing once, run anywhere. With this advantage, programmers simply write a Java program and compile (change, from a language understood by humans to machine language / bytecode) once the results can be run on multiple platforms without change. This advantage allows a java-based program to be done on a Linux operating system but runs well on Microsoft Windows. Platforms supported to date are Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Sun Solaris. The reason is that each operating system uses its own program (which can be downloaded from the Java site) to interpret the bytecode.


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