Jesus Christ


well i feel Christ is much more sacrificing and moralizing after Muhammad

Hazrat Eisa..A.S

Bieng a muslim it is my duty to beleive in him {A.S} as a prophet of god. He is not God but GOD,S Prophet

Thanks you you know who is jesus

Christians believe that while dying on the cross, Christ had taken away all the sins of all humans, and therefore whoever believes in Jesus will receive heaven.

Did u mean u r free to do everything? come on man, muslims lover Jessus(AS) too but we believe he was a prophet and he will return back to world...! in sha Allah..

Jesus is the best


1st place

dont tell me

The grat prophet of islam

Yes absolutely . A great messenger not the son of god ( the Holly quran

thanks for the loved❤️

Jesus christ est un prophete comme les autre prophete.Dieu a toujoure dit dans le coran lui (Dieu il n'est pas nè et il na pas de fils il est unique il ne ressemble pas a une personne ni autre chose).

i believe him


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