Yo Yo Honey Singh

Honey Singh (also known as Yo Yo Honey Singh) is an Indian Punjabi rap singer, musician, singer and film actor. Honey Singh started his singing as a session and recording artist in 2006 and soon became a Bhangra musician. Honey Singh has also tried his hand in Bollywood and at present he has become the highest paid artist. Nowadays, he has a song in almost every movie. He learned Rap singing at Trinity University in England.

After the 2012 Delhi gangrape case, they sang a vulgar song in which women were insulted and due to this the report was lodged against Honey Singh and the matter reached the High Court. Similarly, in Akshay Kumar's film boss, he sang a song party All Night, in which some obscene words were spoken which were later removed.


Honey singh is dope

No 1 hai

He is the best.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Paji is Babbarsher Of Music......🤘🤘

He is the best

The most overrated shit of India. He's a good music composer but in terms of Rap, he's a kid in front of legends like Bohemia, Raftaar and Brodha V. Period. Hope indian public comes out of illiteracy to understand real rap

I think he bring rap in india and he is the real liom or u can say a king, jaisa ki malhna dong me bhi bola h usne - kyuki mai hu dher ghas cjarta nahi

I think he brings rap revolution in india and only he is a lion or you can say king of pop,probably most of the indian celebrities eg.AMITABH BACCHAN a huge celebrity awarded him at her home 😎😎😎😎

gjb meri jzaan;

Honey Singh is the best rapper in asia

He is Legend


Best rapper 😍

Bhangra-hip hop King Yo Yo !!! Jabardast

Honey is best

he is best

He is very tallented man

Yo Yo Honey singer

Yo Yo Honey Singh is back

No 1 best in the world

Rapping sirf honey singh ki wajha se india mai famous hui..or gana super hit krne ke liye sirf naam hi kafi hai

He not that good and doesn't upload video regularly

no one is the competetor of honey paaji

hip-hop rapper from mumbai

Superstar rap king sher 🦁🦁🦁

Honey Singh is a  flop star now

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