Manj Musik

Manjeet Singh Ral, better known by his stage name as Manj Musik, is an Indian singer, songwriter and music producer. He was vocalist of a Punjabi music band called "RDB", which was formed with his two brothers, Surjeet Singh and Kuljeet Ral in 1997.

Later he separated from the group and went on to produce his own singles solo. He has also started producing music for Bollywood and has worked with renowned actors such as Saif Ali Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and others.

His musical career began with the RDB group, singing in the Gurudwara, he used to help his father with his brothers in performing in front of the community in his local gurudwara. This gave him a great understanding about musical creativity. He really got involved in music because of his brother Kuljeet Ral (Kuli Paji). He used to sit around day and night and see his brother how he worked with software and other machines.


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