Djay Adx

Amandeep Singh, artistically known as Djay Adx, is a singer of rap music and hip hop and Indian producer, he is originally from the city of New Delhi, the capital of India. He has reissued a song from the 80s, to the rhythm of hip hop written and composed by Michael Jackson entitled We Are The World. Musical theme, which has been interpreted by several English speaking artist, which was recorded in the United States in 1985 and which was a dedication for the terrible ambruna that happened for Africa. His musical career began in 2007 and to this day he is considered an established artist within the Indian music industry. He is also a renowned DJ and has worked for other artists in his country, such as versioning the songs with other styles of musical rhythms. Considered also as one of the best DJ in India, he has been certified by the brand of musical equipment of the Japanese industry of Pioneer Corporation.

Top 10 Rappers in India - Ten Most Popular Indian Pop Artist List

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