Lake Vadkert, Soltvadkert, Hungary

Lake Vadkert is a lake in Hungary, near the town of Soltvadkert. In Hungary, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Although the lake has similar features to Lake Balaton, it is cheaper to enter and is not so crowded. Lake Vadkert was first depicted on military maps in 1780. Although the lake is further polluted and dry, it is now nationally known for its clean water and great beaches. The lake contains about 70 hectares of water.

Some beaches are reserved for fishermen, remaining for swimmers. Around the lake there are dozens of bungalows and a dozen restaurants. There are many campsites around the lake, mainly used by young people.

The lake is known for its clear water and great beaches. The lake from one coast is intended for fishing, and from another for bathing and family rest, beaches, bungalow, several restaurants are located. Every year in May there is a gathering of the Hungarian bikers club, rock concerts and various festivals and events are held.


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